Hero Xpulse 200 BS6 – List of 8 Changes

Xpulse 200 BS6 changes include addition of an oil cooler, exhaust and engine tweaks for adherence of stricter emission norms…

After discontinuing the Karizma, Hero did not have a single motorcycle in the 200cc space. However, within a short span of time it grew its portfolio to as many as four motorcycles in this segment – all catering to different tastes. Earlier this year, Hero had to withdraw all of them because of the Bharat Stage 6 emission norms.

However, with the launch announcement of the 2020 Xpulse 200, Hero has signaled that the engine is ready and other two updated motorcycles – Xtreme 200S and Xpulse 200T will be launched soon. Xtreme 200R is getting axed in the process though, in all probability (more details)!

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Xpulse 200 BS6 Changes

Coming back to the ADV, let us list the changes it has got in this BS4 to BS6 transition.

  • Power – The new Xpulse 200 produces 17.18 bhp of peak power at 8500 rpm. The BS4 model churned 18.14 bhp at 8000 rpm. This means that there has been a minor drop of 0.34 bhp and peak power also comes 500 rpm later in the rev range.
  • Torque – New Xpulse belts out 16.45 Nm of max torque at 6500 rpm whereas the older version was good for 17.1 Nm. So, at the same rpm, max torque has dropped by 0.65 Nm.
  • Single Variant – In the BS4 era, Hero used to offer the Xpulse in two variants – one with fuel injection and the other one with carburetor. Under the current tighter emission norms, the carburetted version has been discontinued.
  • Oil Cooling – From conventional air cooled engine in BS4, the new Xpulse 200 comes with an additional oil cooler similar to the Karizma ZMR. This should result in better cooling and efficiency of the engine.
Xpulse 200 BS6 changes

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  • Exhaust – There is a new big cat con to work on the emissions. Because of that the exhaust pipe has been routed from under the engine now. On the BS4 model, it crept from the side of the motor. The canister is also slightly modified.
  • Bash Plate – Because of the re-routing of the exhaust pipe, the underbelly engine bash plate has also been modified to accommodate the change.
  • Weight – In the process, Xpulse has received a weight hike of 3 kilos. It now weighs 157 kg kerb.
  • Price – From a price tag of around Rs 1.06 Lakh, the new Xpulse 200 now costs Rs 1.12 Lakh – a price hike of almost Rs 6000. This is a very reasonable increment of only 5-6 percent and makes it a pretty value for money offering.

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Xpulse 200 is India’s most affordable ADV (list of 3 cheapest ADVs here) and if you want more fun, you can also consider upgrading it with a rally kit which makes it a purposeful off-roader. You can check out the parts under the rally kit along with their prices here.