Hero Xpulse Rally Kit – Price & List of All 8 Features

Xpulse Rally Kit comprises of seven parts which Hero says, will transform the adventure motorcycle. Finally you have an off-roader at impressive prices!

Update – Hero has launched the new Rally Kit for Xpulse 400 4V. Check its details here. It has also introduced a Rally Edition – here are its details.

At last year’s EICMA, Hero unveiled an off-roader kit for its Xpulse 200 ADV which comprises of some real good rally friendly stuff. Yesterday, it announced its official launch. We are listing all the parts that this kit comes with along with their individual prices…

Hero Xpulse Rally Kit – with Prices

  • Suspension: Price – Rs 25,500

On offer is a fully adjustable front telescopic suspension. It can now travel 250 mm which is 60 mm of more cushioning than the stock (already high) Xpulse! The rear gets an adjustable monoshock which has a stroke of 220 mm – 50 mm more than the stock ADV. It will also prevent bottoming out of the motorcycle on high flights.

  • Seat: Price – Rs 2000

It also comes with a flat seat which will aid in quick position changes during off-roading. It is 110 mm higher.

  • Wheelbase

The Xpulse Rally will have a 1420 mm of wheelbase which is 10 mm more than before.

  • Gear Pedal: Price – Rs 800

Xpulse off-road kit also comes with an extended gear pedal making it friendly for off-road boots.

  • Handlebar Risers: Price – Rs 850

The risers add 40 mm of height to the handlebar. This will help riding while standing up.

  • Ground Clearance

As a result of the increase in height, the Xpulse rally has a 50 mm higher ground clearance.

  • Side Stand: Price – Rs 700

To compensate for the raised height, you will have to use a larger side stand which is a part of this package.

  • Rally Tyres: Price Rs 10,000

This kit comes with knobby tyres from Maxxis, for much higher grip on off-roads. On the roads they would be awful though!

Cost of complete Rally Kit – Rs 38,000

At the last unveiling, this rally kit also came with New Sprockets (12 teeth sprocket at the front and 40 teeth sprocket at the rear). Hero said this will help in greater grunt but the finally announced kit has no mention of these new sprockets. They are not part of the package.

There is also an Akrapovic aftermarket exhaust plonked on the display machine, however, it is also not being sold by the company as a part of this package.

Xpulse rally kit

Do note that this rally kit will make your motorcycle road-illegal and it can only be used in closed circuits for practices or actual races. Moreover, you can also order individual parts – whichever you like!

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How to install Xpulse Rally Kit?

This kit will be available from March onwards at select Hero dealerships. You will have to contact your dealership (and probably pre-order) and take your motorcycle to get these parts installed on your Xpulse.

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At a price of roughly 1.50 Lakhs, this is the cheapest it gets to own a rally motorcycle from an OEM. Even the 100cc off-roaders from Kawasaki cost Rs 3 Lakh!

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