Xpulse Rally Kit comprises of seven parts which Hero says, will transform the adventure motorcycle into an off-roader – all of that at an expected attractive price tag…

At the ongoing EICMA 2019, Hero has unveiled an off-roader kit for its Xpulse 200 ADV which comprises of some real good rally friendly stuff. We are listing all the parts that this kit comes with…

Hero Xpulse Rally Kit

  • Suspension: On offer is a fully adjustable and taller front and rear suspension. This will provide a higher suspension travel which is so much needed during off-road excursions. It will also prevent bottoming out on high flights.
  • Seat: It also comes with a flat seat which will aid in quick position changes during off-roading.
  • Gear Pedal: Xpulse off-road kit also comes with an extended gear pedal making it friendly for off-road boots.
  • Handlebar Risers – This will help riding while standing up.
  • New Sprockets – Front is a 12 teeth sprocket whereas the rear will get a 40 teeth sprocket. Hero says this will help in greater grunt.
  • Ground clearance – Hero has extended the side stand on this one which will offer additional ground clearance.
  • Rally tyres – This kit comes with knobby tyres for much higher grip on off-roads.
Xpulse rally kit

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There is also an Akrapovic aftermarket exhaust plonked on the display machine, however, Hero has not mentioned anything about it. It may or may not be a part of the kit or Hero may offer it as an additional extra. This kit can be fitted on any Xpulse 200 but do remember that it is not road-legal which means you can not ride the Xpulse rally on the roads.

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Hero has not revealed the launch timelines or the price but we expect it to be available soon and at an affordable tag.