Legend Dies: Hero Finally Takes Karizma OUT of Its Website

Hero Karizma discontinued finally as the company takes it off from the official website. It was present till a few days back…

Hero MotoCorp launched comprehensively updated Karizmas back in 2014 and that is often labelled as the timeframe which killed the legendary brand. Sales fell to negligible levels and it was an established failure within a year or two.

It was then believed that Hero had put it on the backburner and moved on but out of nowhere it relaunched the ‘same’ old model without any mentionable changes at all in 2018. Nobody had any answer to why was the established failure model re-launched without any updates at all. However, to continue sales Karizma had to cross the ABS-ruling hurdle which came into effect on 1st April 2019.

But Hero did not consider it wise to invest on the motorcycle and ever since then it has not been on sale in the domestic market. In July 2019, Hero said that the Karizma wasn’t discontinued (more details). But in reality, as our report published in October 2019 (link to report) confirms, Hero did not produce a single unit of Karizma since April-May 2019. But the motorcycle continued to find a place on the official website for some reason at least till as late as 31st January 2020.

Hero Karizma discontinued
Karizma found a place on Hero’s website until at least January 2020 ie till a few days back

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But in a latest update, Hero has delisted the Karizma from its main menu and the ‘Product list‘ page on its official website finally. This puts an end to the dilution the legendary brand was subjected to by some unreasonable decisions from the company. It was not going to get the Bharat Stage 6 compliance ever and we believe it is the end of the ‘Karizma’ brand at least for now and in its current generation.

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Hero Karizma discontinued
Karizma is out on the live website

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Hero has developed two separate sub-brands Xpulse and Xtreme under which it is selling four new 200cc motorcycles and it is these names that will be the torchbearers for the largest seller in the coming times. Karizma will be missed by lakhs and lakhs of its patrons for it was India’s first ‘performance‘ 4-stroke motorcycle and was the childhood dream of many. Let us hope and wish Hero resurrects the brand 5-10 years later but with a deserving motorcycle!