Hero Refutes Karizma Axing; Then Doesn’t Produce a Single Unit!

Hero Karizma relaunch looks improbable but why is Hero contradicting its own stand on this ‘once-a-legend’ motorcycle?

Why is it so hard for Hero to accept that Karizma is not working and that the motorcycle has been discontinued from the lineup. It is obvious that since it doesn’t adhere to the mandatory ABS ruling which kicked in on the 1st April this year, it could not be sold in the domestic market. However, Hero refuted discontinuation reports by citing that the motorcycle has not been axed and it will be produced for international markets (link to report).

Few months back we revealed the deplorable condition of Karizma in the export markets as well (sales numbers here), which kind of, suggested that continuing production with such minuscule units will be a futile exercise. And contradictory to its own claims, Hero has NOT produced a single Karizma since April 2019, according to the latest sales and production report from Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturer (SIAM). Moreover, it has also not shipped a single motorcycle in the last six months.

The motorcycle, which is often labelled as the one which started it all for the performance enthusiasts in the four stroke era, was quashed by even the ardent fans of the brand when Hero introduced its indigenous version in 2014. Ever since then, it has not managed to strike back in the sales tally despite multiple attempts by the brand.

hero karizma relaunch
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Giving up on the brand, Hero recently introduced four new 200cc motorcycles under two new sub brands – Xpulse and Xtreme. Among them the Xpulse is doing well and has given Hero some kind of traction in the segment where they are not even talked about.

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But we still believe, Karizma brand holds a lot of potential and Hero should not let it die. Instead of creating confusion, it can launch a motorcycle worthy of the nameplate. Showcased first at the 2014 Auto Expo, HX250R would have been an apt product for the Karizma’s moniker, however, someone at Hero thought that the market has ‘moved on’ and that quarter liter concept remained a concept (more details)!

Via – Economic Times