DATA OUT: Karizma a BIG Failure in Export Markets As Well

Karizma sales in exports have fallen from 272 units in FY 2017-18 to paltry 80 in last financial year!

Many manufacturers have models which do not perform in the domestic market but they do fairly well in some export markets… which gives them a push to keep producing them. Ever since the re-launch of the Karizma brand in India last year, in exactly the same old format (which has been an established failure), we have been trying to understand the logic behind it.

When we got our hands on the the official SIAM sales data for the full last financial year, we tried to check if Karizma was doing well in export markets. And unfortunately, the motorcycle has been an equally bad a sales dud as it is in the domestic market.

In terms of numbers, Hero lost 70 percent of its export volumes for the model and managed to sell only 80 units in the complete fiscal. This number is just a tad bit higher than 76 units which is what Hero managed to sell in the domestic market; remember these are complete financial year numbers!!!

Karizma Sales (FY 2018-19)

Domestic Sales76 units
Exports80 units

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Extrapolated… this counts to 13 unit sales of the motorcycle on an average every month in the whole world. We are unsure of the motorcycle’s price in other markets so let us only talk about its revenue earned in India. In all Karizma earned about 84 Lakhs in the complete fiscal domestically, averaging roughly Rs 7 lakh every month, only!

Karizma Sales

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The question that gets repeated every time is – What was Hero thinking when it announced Karizma’s re-launch, without an iota of change?

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Nonetheless, the current model which was updated in 2014 has not seen an ABS version so far which probably hints at the possibility that Hero may finally shave it off the line-up. But recent spy pics have suggested a possible re-incarnation of the brand…