Age-Old Splendor Goes Modern – List of 9 Sensors it Now Comes With

We discuss what is Hero XSENS Technology and the list and tasks of utility sensors the new Splendor and other motorcycles come with…

It may not have been easy for Hero to convert a 1980s engine to Bharat Stage 6 emission norms. Nonetheless, the updated 97 cc engine has gone to the Splendor as well as the HF Deluxe and they are already in the showrooms. Alongwith, both these motorcycles have received Programmed Fuel Injection with what Hero calls as XSENS Technology.

What is Hero XSENS Technology?

XSENS technology is a bouquet of sensors which send important data in different conditions. Here is a list of few interesting sensors along with their tasks…

  • Bank Angle Sensor – The engine cuts off when the motorcycle falls; very helpful during accidents.
  • Oxygen Sensor, Crank Position Sensor – They enable precise fuel consumption for healthier fuel efficiency.
  • Throttle Position Sensor – Hero claims this helps in instant pick-up.
  • Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor – This helps in uphill climbs.
  • Engine Oil Temperature Sensor – Detects and prevents from high temperature.

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what is Hero XSENS
The new Glamour and other Hero motorcycles also come with this XSENS tech…

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  • i3s Sensor – It shuts the motorcycle when idle and restarts it upon a press of the clutch. This helps in better fuel economy.
  • Intake Air Temperature Sensor – This helps in all weather easy start of the motorcycle and when you are riding at higher altitudes.
  • Vehicle Speed Sensor – It helps in bettering the pulling power of the motorcycle under different loads.

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This XSENS tech is now equipped in almost all the BS6 compliant Hero motorcycles and scooters. And quite obviously this has also led to the considerable increment in their prices.