I have always followed the following on buying each of my new two-wheelers and was quite gratified to see the results generally far exceeding the manufacturer’s claimed efficeincies.

  1. Ride smooth and Do not allow the Speedo to cross 40kmph for the first 2000km (however boring it may be!).
  2. Take one or two long rides of say 100/150km or more, involving a few high gradients.
  3. Always drive in the appropriate Gear so as not to strain the engine.
  4. Shift Gears smoothly and accelerate in moderation (not sharp & sudden).
  5. Do not disturb Carburettor setting (by setting for a lean mixture) even if you don’t get the expected mileage at this stage of the bike’s life.
  6. DO NOT ever lend the bike to any one else during the running-in-period. Tell gently & excuse yourself. If unavoidable, drive yourself taking him pillion.
  7. Avoid pillion riding to the extent possible.
  8. Get serviced immediately on running 500km & 2000km.
  9. After 2nd servicing (2000km), you can gradually start accelerating to higher speeds which could be, say 50…55…60…. and so on, after every 75/100km.
  10. It’s fine if your mechanic is good, but better you learn how to do appropriate carburettor setting yourself, which you can master by trail and error. (You may please refer to the article on this aspect in bikeadvice.in).
  11. This, you may resort to, in case you are not happy with the bike’s fuel efficiency, and only after the 2nd service.
  12. Understand your bike and love it for what it is!
  13. Don’t bother to compare it with others, since each bike is built to meet and deliver a certain of your expectations and definitely not all the best under the Sun!
  14. Treat the new bike like a bride during the running-in period, and you sure will have a real good partner in the years ahead!
  15. As far as possible, fill fuel of uniform quantity (and always check air pressure within a week -25/35-front/rear-for your Jive) at a selected bunk known for good quality petrol. Do not go for higher octane fuel, it’s not advisable.
  16. Remember, with proper care & timely maintenance, any Bike of whichever Make would rerurn good mileage and serve you for long.
  17. Even the best of a bike in wrong hands will flop within no time.

This is my inference after these many years! All the best and long, long years of Safe & Happy commutes!

– Rama Krishna

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