16 Must Read Basic Tips for New Bike Owners: Reader Share

One of our reader shares his 16 quick tips on how should new bike owners maintain their brand new machines. Read them out and take care of your bikes…

I have always believed in following the recommended tips after buying each of my new two-wheelers and I must say that I always saw results exceeded manufacturer’s claimed efficiencies. Here are a few tips I am sharing based on my experience of riding and owning motorcycles…

  • Ride smooth and do not cross 40-50 kmph for the first 1000 km (however boring it may be!).
  • Take one or two long rides of say 100/150 km or more, involving a few high gradients.
  • Always ride in the appropriate gear so as not to strain the engine.
  • Shift gears smoothly
  • Avoid jerky acceleration. Also, do not flip open the throttle suddenly.
  • Do not alter carburetor settings (by setting for a lean mixture) even if you don’t get the expected fuel efficiency at the early stage of a bike’s life.
  • DO NOT ever lend your new bike to any one else during the running-in-period. Tell gently & excuse yourself. If unavoidable, ride yourself taking him pillion.
  • Avoid pillion riding to the extent possible.
  • Follow service schedules, specially the first two!
  • After second service – generally 2000-2500 kms you can gradually start accelerating to higher speeds which could be, say 60-70-80…. and so on, after every 75/100 km.

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  • Understand your bike and love it for what it is!
  • Don’t bother to compare it with others, since each bike is built to meet and deliver certain expectations. Obviously, not everything can be packed in one machine at a competitive price!
  • Treat the new bike like your partner during specially during running-in period, and you sure will have a real good partner in the years ahead!
  • As far as possible, fill fuel from a reliable petrol pump. Always check air pressure every two weeks and try to stick to the recommended levels. Higher octane fuel is not required for small capacity motorcycles.
  • Remember, with proper care & timely maintenance, any bike of any make would return good fuel efficiency and serve you for long.
  • Even the most rugged bikes in wrong hands will flop within no time.

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This is my inference after so many years of riding. All the best and wish you long, long years of Safe & Happy rides!

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– Rama Krishna

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