How Petrol Pump Attendants Cheat You – Quick Pointers

We list a few quick and very basic pointers on how petrol pumps cheat you and if you are not vigilant you may end up getting much lesser fuel in your bike than what you have paid for…

Ran out of fuel while going to office or during an urgent call? Obviously, in such a state of urgency you do not give much of a thought to the attendant at the gas station who is waiting for an ideal opportunity to cheat you. Getting cheated in a petrol pump could be an experience that every rider/driver must have gone through at least once in his life. And, unfortunately, there could be a few who get conned quite regularly.

There may be some lucky alert ones who know to deal with such fraudulent attendants and then many others are completely ignorant kinds who simply do not pay heed to it. Let us get aware of these cheat tricks so that the next time around you are at a lesser chance of getting conned…

How Petrol Pumps Cheat – Pointers

The first common trick that the petrol attendants use is to engage you in small talks while appearing to set the meter to zero. In fact you may not notice if the fuel started from zero level or not. For example, he may ask you – “Sir, will you pay through cash or card?” or ask you for some change, etc. This is precisely when you need to get alert and make sure to see the meter actually ticking from zero level.

The other trick is that the attendant may not reset the meter after the previous customer’s bike is refueled. For example, the bike rider in front of you filled 1 litre of fuel and leaves. You enter the pump and ask the attendant to fill 5 liters in your bike. If you are not alert he may not reset the meter and continue filling after the 1 liter of fuel in your bike. In the end, you will see that your bike has gulped down five liters in its tank on the meter, but in reality only four liters have reached in.

Distraction is the most commonly used weapon by the attendants and the only solution for this is pretty simple – you need to be alert and have a good presence of mind. Irrespective of the fact that you may be in a hurry, but at that instant when you are about to get your bike refueled, be wary of the attendant and his antics. If not, remember that you will let the attendant take full advantage of your casual approach and he may continue to con hundreds of unsuspecting customers everyday.

how petrol pumps cheat
Pay attention while refueling your motorcycle. Do not get distracted by the attendants…

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Most of the times two guys try to cheat you- one guy has the fuel nozzle ready and the other guy comes from the opposite direction to keep you occupied in a talk for change, card, oil or something else.

The other trick is the fuel may start flowing from zero but stops half way through to what you have actually asked for. You need to check for such deceptions as well as once the fuel gets flowing it should happen continuously until your requirement is fulfilled.

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So friends beware of such petrol pumps and attendants who are on the prowl to cheat on the customers. It is always better to go to reliable petrol stations, do not use your mobile phones and be all eyes and ears once you enter the fuel zone for it will save your money, fuel, and be peace of mind.

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