Having ridden two-wheelers of different types & makes for around forty years (I am …years of age and your guess is as good as mine! Let it pass as a personal favour to a junky old timer), In this review have the following to say about TVS Jive motorcycle that I bought some five months ago, a day ahead of my birthday. Needless to say, I am not as young and agile as most of you are, but have always been as much enthusiastic of these machines as you all are.

I needed to change my old bike with another good enough one that suited my requisites. While taking a preference I definitely was not swayed by the “Jive – the clutch-less wonder bla…bla…bla…” having witnessed enough of marketing gimmickry these many long years. Neither can one call the Jive a wonder nor is it the first one without a clutch (clutch-lever to be precise), there being a predecessor of a nice little angel, the HH Street gracing our urban streets till a little while ago.

Let’s delve for a few moments on what this Street was. Thereon of course, we can see what Jive is about. Both belong to the same league of 100-110cc segment.

A rather small & compact frame – a crossover of a scooter (step-through) and a motorcycle (foot tapped gears & rear-brake), Street as a city commuter bike was the most convenient one to ride and handle, endowed with a smooth refined engine delivering adequate power & mileage (65kmpl approx) and with cycle parts of the quality one can find on HH bikes alone. Don’t miss out on the fact that it’s only a city commuter bike and a pretty convenient and competent one at that.

Sadly, most of us tend to lose out on clarity when it comes to taking a preference to one over the others, on what we need basically and then, such factors like looks and other adds-on. Like I said, people often are driven by misconceptions and misplaced preferences. I personally feel very sad that the bygone generation failed to appreciate the worth of Street – a cute n sweet city commuter – that was lost for ever.

Thank the Lord or the Stars, whichever you feel like… Here comes the TVS Jive in the avatar of a proper motorcycle packaging. (sans the step-through convenience though!)

I am commuting in my home town Hyderabad on the new Jive for the past four odd months and clocked about four thousand on the Odo. I would like to share my assessment of the bike and my ownership experience thus far.

It is to the credit of the guys at TVS that they came out with a good enough product with all the traits one reasonably expects of a comfortable commuter two-wheeler. What I would say is that Jive overall is a neat and well thought-out & made-out package from TVS. Yes, they did a pretty good job. What they altered from the bikes they sell in places like Indonesia is replacement of the step-through frame to that of a normal motorcycle one. A good looking bike (though not an eye-catcher as such) with all basic paraphernalia plus electric starter at a very competitive price is a real good buy.

With the claimed figures of 8.4bhp & 8.3nm torque apart, you will clearly experience the engine generating superior torque when compared to its peers (except of course, the Honda Twister which I refuse to consider for a commuting bike for reasons of comfort, and safety is also a little suspect on wet surfaces, what with its skinny rear tyre!). The engine purr of Jive is smooth and silent. The bike has good agronomics and the ride comfort is pretty good.

One can expect a fuel efficiency of 60kmpl approx. in city traffic from TVS Jive. You would definitely not find any aspect that can even remotely disqualify it from being called the ideal city commuter bike. The only thing needed is that one has to get used to drive without clutch operation which may take about a day or two, and no matter of concern at all.

I wish that all our bike makers offer commuter bikes with similar or even improved mechanism that would make two-wheeler driving in dense city traffic a whole lot easier! There is another little point contributory to safety in a certain way – engine stalling on that rare occasion when a novice or even a seasoned driver fails to apply the clutch during very sudden braking, or may depress/release the clutch a tad late/early while shifting gears – this aspect is eliminated too.

To all those prospective city commuter-bike buyers who wish to have comfortable hassle-free ride on our crowded roads requiring very frequent gear-shifting and clutch application, I strongly recommend Jive for the sheer convenience and comfort it offers, which I can personally vouch for.

And obviously of course, it is a definite NO to the clan of hot blooded youth brigade, who anyway wouldn’t ever even bother to glance at a non-sporty bike such as Jive.

That’s it for the TVS Jive review. I think that more or less sums up it all!

– ABS Rama Krishna Rao

P.S. Over to our esteemed bike users whose comments are most welcome! 🙂

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    • Dear Sachin,
      Lemme clarify that it’s just my ownership review of the bike.
      Yeah, sure Activa is a wonderful product and it has come through thumbs up for around a decade on customer satisfaction and product quality front!
      Nevertheless, I should’nt hesitate to express that the ride comfort of a motorcycle would always be superior to that of any good scooter. That is my point.
      Rama Krishna

      • Dear Samir,
        My intention was not to find fault and belittle bikes of other makes nor those who own them! After all it is all one’s own choice! What I expressed was something in the course of saying why I chose Jive for my biking needs over others among the currently available lot in that segment. None, in fact can point out anything in dis-favour of a honda product in so far as engine refinement & performance are concerned. I was only voicing my concern about the agronomics of Twister which is more a sporty kind of bike that essentially suits young bikers! I am sure you didn’t miss out on my appreciation of the HH Street which too was honda designed one for that matter. Hope you understand my point of view.

  1. That’s a good review. The TVS Jive is certainly not something that many people would be interested in, especially the young generation. It seems like something that people in the age group of > 35 would be interested in. If the build quality of the bike is good enough and the bike is efficient enough, I think it’s not a bad deal. However, I think the mileage that Mr. Rao has stated (60 Kmpl) seems a bit lower that what is expected from a bike of this nature. However, this almost always depends on the riding style of any individual.

    • Dear Chetan,
      The mileage as you say, depends on factors such as the individual driving habits, the terrain and density of traffic one encounters on his commuting area among others. But I think around 60 kmpl in city traffic for a 110cc bike is not bad as such.

      Rama krishna

    • I am not so sure of your second sentence right there Mr. Chetan. I am 16 now, and when you posted this comment, I was 14. Even since then I have been interested in the Jive, a clutch free bike does seem a bit comfy when you are going to have to start learning how to drive one soon. Also I am receiving my scooter license soon ( the one for 16 year old’s ), and I was wondering if I could buy one of these. I do like the Jive like I mentioned earlier.

  2. Well said sir,

    what you said on the HH Street is 100 % true a well made product failed to click

    Yeah people tend to have misconception over every brand despite the bike have good quality

    • Dear Madhu,
      We witness real good products of repute brands do not always find favour with the targeted segment in the market place.

  3. “…Honda Twister which I refuse to consider for a commuting bike for reasons of comfort, and safety is also a little suspect on wet surfaces, what with its skinny rear tyre!).”
    – Sir, I STRONGLY disagree with this misconception. I’ve been using Twister for past 7 months and comfort has never been an issue. The seat and suspension is really good and comfortable which I can vouch for.
    For the skinny tyre part, please compare the tyre specs of ur bike with Twister before making such comments. BOTH USE 2.75×17 for FRONT and 3.00×17 for REAR wheels. Its the design of the rear part of Twister (pillion seat and rear fender) that makes the rear wheel and tyre LOOK skinny. Besides, Twister uses Tubeless MRF Nylogrip Zappers which provide very good grip on both dry & wet surfaces and also gives protection from sudden punctures. Does Jive offer these ?????
    [Some Explanation: TVS Jive uses 2.75×17 for Front and 3.00×17 for Rear which can be seen on their website.
    Honda Twister uses 70/100×17 for Front and 80/100×17 for Rear (seen on website). Now 25.4mm=1inch. That means 70/25.4= 2.75inch for Front and 80/25.4= 3.14inch for Rear. I hope this removes ur suspense, Sir.]

    • Dear Dipdadip,
      I might have been off the mark in expressing my apprehension on Twister’s rear tyre size and its grip on wet surfaces and thanks for the clarification!
      However, after taking a ride on the Twister, I personally opine that if one has to be on the saddle for long in the congested city roads, I prefer Jive to Twister.
      Happy riding to you on your beloved Twister!
      Rama krishna

      • Thank you, Sir, for your wish. Yes, I do love my Twister very much. But I must agree with u that IT IS one’s own choice. Happy riding to u too,Sir.

    • There sure is, and I’ll try to differentiate!
      Better or instant throttle response is the factor generally in favour of a bike with conventional clutch, while that little extra punch derived when the clutch lever is released would be absent on a clutch-less bike such as Jive or Street (because of the centrifugal clutch). True, that takes away some fun and also might cause a very negligible loss of fuel efficiency too!
      Here, I would make a comparison, though not exactly identical to the issue on hand (clutch n clutch-less bike).
      You would have found sharper initial pick-up on a shaft-driven scooter like Bajaj Chetak where power transmission to the wheels is direct and hence instantaneous while the same being a little slower and gradual on a chain-driven scooter like Lamby, the power transmission to the wheels being indirect via the chain-drive.
      I hope to have addressed your query with this little comparison.
      Fun apart, looking at and taking into account all relevant factors would always be a wiser bet, and makes better sense, I believe.
      Thanks my young friend!

    • Dear fas,
      Sure gears and clutch thrill us, bikers as a general rule!
      But individuals like me prefer not to ignore practicality in the kind of traffic we drive nowadays!

      • Dear sir,

        Its really a nice review of the bike.

        For all those who say clutch less = scooters, i’d like to tell one thing. You should first throw out your thought of comparing jive with activa or so.

        A personal example:

        My dad is 49 now. He is using bikes since 30 years. Now his age compels him to move to a smoother ride and commute with ease. And hope you all know, riding a scooter or a scootret after long long years of biking is not easy. You will accept this. So, now he feels comfortable using a Jive than a scooter.

        If you own a bike and are using it for atleast 2 years, then try riding a scooter and Jive. You will understand what Mr. Rama Krishna Rao is trying to explain.

        Don’t look for a large tooth in a cat, just because it belongs to a cat family to which tigers belong.

    • Dear bikeshunt.com,
      It’s but natural that you keep off this kind of a bike and I respect your young spirit!
      As I already acknowledged in the review, Jive kind of a motorcycle can never catch the imagination of young minds!
      Rama krishna

  4. Dear MR.Rao
    Good review sir. Please clarify us about mileage u got on highway rides, and also about pulling power when riding with heavy pillion, & at slope roads, engine-breaking. Is it suite well for rough terrains.
    *your reply would help many readers while choosing their comutters*

    • Dear Mr.Prabakar,
      Nice that you liked the review!
      The mileage I am getting in city driving conditions is between 60-63kmpl.
      I didn’t do much highway driving on Jive as yet, but on the only occassion I did, the bike returned 68kmpl.
      The haulage of Jive with a heavily built pillion rider is no different from other bikes, in fact it has better torque than most in its segment (the only exception being the Honda Twister which has exceptional power/torque of 9bhp/9nm as mentioned in my review).
      Equipped with the standard 110/130 drums on the rear/front wheels, the braking is adequate on Jive, for the speeds we generally go at.
      I find the braking basics of most people faulty. The front & rear brakes should be applied concurrently in their right proportion (which is vital) for safe braking. It’s never too late to learn and practise proper biking habits.
      Jive, with its shocks on the softer side, aquits well on city roads and also takes admirably in its stride the bumps and potholes while negotiating the occassional rough stretches which we cannot escape from even in our urban/semi-urban environs.
      However, I cannot venture a guess on how well Jive can withstand or how good it behaves if the regular commuting is on a real rough n tough terrain. No normal bike can stay fit when perennially subjected to such hostile terrains. I suggest that one should invariably insist for, and take a test ride on a terrain similar to the one over which any bike is intended to be used, before decideing on the bike. That applies to Jive too!
      Usually heavier bikes with stiff shock absobers fare better on rough terrains.

    • Hi,

      I have been using this bike for a year now, and neither am I a middle aged person and I bought this bike for these reasons:
      1. Smooth to ride i heavy traffic…. My fingers do not pain now which earlier used to while Depressing the Clutch lever everytime when trapped in traffic.
      2. Got rid of Knocking and engine stalling problem when halting at signal and traffic Jam.
      3. I can suddenly slow down from top gear in case an animal pops up suddenly in middle of the crossing or there is a speed breaker or a deep pit.
      4. The ride becomes a joy when riding over an uneven land or terrain, for bad roads, this is a boon.
      5. Most important, the engines do not shut off when slowed or on slope. Even if the bike is on 4th gear, and decelerated to lower speed, the bike doesnt knock!

  5. Dear Mr.Rama Krishna Rao

    Good to go thru a nice review posted by an experienced bike rider. You really analyzed the topic very well and I totally agree with your comments. Your writing skills are awesome, amazing and excellent as mentioned by someone else also here. I enjoyed reading the review more than the contents.

    • Dear Mr.Raja Gopala Krishna,
      You really do flatter me!
      But then, it’s just a review of the bike’s performance and my ownership experience with it so far, aimed at providing information which could act as some guidance to prospective buyers of urban commuter bikes of this segment.
      Rama krishna

  6. Dear ABS Rama Krishna Rao,
    Very good review. I am thinking of buying this bike for my father (age 62). He will not be able to change gears. Will it be possible for him to drive this bike only in 4th gear without changing gears. He was used to drive (Kinetic ?)”Luna”. He will be using the bike on rough village roads. Is it possible to drive this bike as a gear-less scooter (that is without changing gears).

    • I wish you would go for TVS Wego.

      It has 110cc engine which is powerful and butter smooth. Its taller tyres will support any bumps in the road. Since it is tall, the body balance is also towards the front which makes it the best handler in its class.

      Since he was using Luna, this will be more comfortable for him to adapt.

  7. Dear Rameshar Shelke,

    Though Jive doesn’t stall at whichever speed and in however disproportionate a gear it is driven, it is ill-advisable to ride continuously in any single gear.
    It is practically impossible to commute that way and the engine simply can’t take it.
    Gear shifting should be appropriate to the speed, load and the gradient. Which is not just to achieve fuel efficiency but to save the engine from being subjected to undue stress & strain that would remarkably shorten its performance & lifespan. Any geared vehicle has to be ridden in its proper gear.

    It’s convenience aside, Jive still is a geared bike and has to be driven like one.

    Jive therefore is not suitable to an elderly gentleman like your dear father who is not used to geared bikes/scooters any time earlier.

    I find the advice of our young friend Mr.Saran to be quite sound and sensible.

    However, before going to buy Wego or any scooter for that matter, I suggest a couple of points which you would better check out on:
    1. Proximity of the dealership/agency to your father’s place of residence;
    2. Reputation of the dealership/company with regard to availability of spares & after sales service – which shouldn’t pose a problem in the aftermath.
    3. Make sure & ascertain that your father feels comfortable when he takes the test ride of the vehicle.
    I sincerely wish your father safe & happy riding on his new two-wheeler!
    Rama Krishna

  8. Krishna, Why you are very reluctant to disclose your age.? You says that U r riding for the last 40 years. Your review about your jive is good. I am aged 60. I have been riding bikes for the last 35 years. My latest addition is Pulsar135LS Ride in Red and Black. T ride him nearly 100kms every day through all kinds of roads to and fro for my job.

    • Dear George,
      I am definitely not reluctant to disclose my age, nor is it something of a state secret!
      I have completed 58 years on the First of this June. It’s just kind of fun and in a lighter vein that I left it blank, and there absolutely is nothing more to it.

      I used to ride on and off whichever bike/scooter I could lay hands on, from an early age like any other youngster would. I am a regular since the time I bought my own two-wheeler some thirty four years back, and I could say that I rode long and hard. Hope your curisiosity is satiated!

      Thanks that you say my review is good!

      It’s commendable that you are able to do about 100km of biking a day on regular basis for your job at your age!
      I guess you embarrass many a young man, who ought to turn red in their faces to learn the kind of daily commuting you are able to do!

      Gungho! Great going and all the best!

      Rama Krishna

  9. Dear ABS Rama Krishna Rao,
    Hi i have just booked Jive. It will be delivered in 10-12 days. I want to know a few things:
    1. What precautions should i take during the running-in period?
    2. How can i maximise the mileage?


  10. Dear Rama Krishna Sir

    I would like to introduce myself as Rahul, from Chennai. I had been looking out for a lot of reviews on Jive for quite a long time and I’m really glad that I have found one which satisfied or rather cleared most of my doubts even though I still have some more which I would like to clarify from you.

    First of all, I am really flattered by the way you have written the review and the kind of language you have used. I really appreciate you for taking all the time in writing such a wonderful review giving a clear picture for every reader on this page.

    Coming back to my clarifications I’d like to start off. I had read in a few comments above where you had stated that a person who is not used to geared bikes/scooters might have a bit of difficulty in getting used to a bike like Jive. I have been using a “Honda Activa” for the last 6 years & ever since I have always been loyal with an activa. But, I have always had in interest in bikes and I had wanted to learn how to drive them. Ofcourse I have learnt driving one now but not frequently though. Now the thing how far would Jive be suitable for me ? I had actually taken a “Test Drive” & found the drive absolutely comfortable and infact it was quite impressive for what I was actually having in mind before I took the test drive.

    As you said, most of the youngsters would not have the picture of Jive stored in their memories & that’s quite common. I also belong to the same cadre (aged 25) but off late, looking at the hectic traffic congestion and the roads I felt I was rather more comfortable focusing in the ergonomics rather than looking into styling. Personally I do not feel Jive gives such an old look. It’s quite stylish and I believe at the end of the day it all depends on how we carry ourselves with the bike. Do correct me if I’m wrong with that statement.

    Well I guess I have been talking to much now and I would like to come to the point. I would like to know whether it is really worth investing in a Jive since I’m still complicated and I am not able to make up my mind even though I have taken two test drives. I keep hearing a lot of negative comments and at the same time a few positive comments too except that the percentage of negative comments is more. I do not find a lot of Jive’s plying on the road which makes me uncomfortable in taking a decision. I am also not aware of the after sales service given by TVS though I have always heard from my dad that TVS has been a trademark company and the quality can be assured.

    It would be really helpful if you could advise me on this complication. Expecting your reply at the earliest.

    Thanks and Regards

    • Dear Rahul Ram,
      Please have no doubts with regard to facing any problem driving Jive!
      I suggested against Jive only for a 62 year old elderly gentleman with no earlier knowledge of a geared two-wheeler while replying the query from Mr.Rameshwar Shelke.
      It doesn’t at all apply to an young man like you!
      You can well go ahead to buy Jive if you like it otherwise.
      As regards to after-sales service, I don’t see any problem as you are located in Chennai.
      No company worth its salt can afford to overlook after-sales service and be indifferent to its customers if it wishes to survive in to-day’s cut-throat competitive environment!
      I am sure TVS managers like their counterparts of other companies can’t be ignorant of this very basic and vital factor!
      Rama Krishna

      • Dear Sir

        Thanks for your prompt reply.

        I just have one last clarification to do. Out of reviews which I have been reading I noticed a lot of them writing about the downshift of gears. Everyone had written that there was a jerk, and that the wheel locked itself for a second or so. I didn’t seem to understand that properly. When are the times we are supposed to downshift ? Is it safe to do that when we come to a complete halt traveling in a speed of say around 60kmph in the fourth gear or are we supposed to downshift when are slowing down. I am kinda confused with the concept of changing gears in this bike. Just a clear picture of this would make my clarifications complete.

        Thanks and Regards

  11. Dear Rahul Ram,
    1. As I understand, the jerk experienced by riders was obviously because they failed to lower the speed of the bike to fall within the operating range of lower the gear before they down-shifted, as it happens with any other geared bike/car.
    (Basics tell us that the gear should correspond with the speed, and vice-versa)
    2. And what of this momentary locking of wheel reported?
    How come the wheel gets locked? And also gets released too?? All this happening in a seond or so ???!!!!
    I cannot fathom the veracity of such reports, and I never experienced such mysterious phenomenon on any of my earlier scooter/bikes nor on the Jive, and I am not one to subscribe to such….ideas!
    3. It is perfectly safe to come to a dead-stop from 60kmph stying in the 4th gear itself on the Jive. To move again from stand-still position, one has to shift from 4th-Neutral-1st (OR from 4th-3rd-2nd-1st which is more a round about way). That exacly is one good conveneience with Jive!
    4. Gear-shifting is learnt in very less time by any youngster, which should not pose a problem at all.
    Rama Krishna

  12. Sir,
    Thank u for your elaborate review. I am 29 years of age. . i want to purchase a Zive but everybody around me told that tvs zive i not a good one. i am feeling bad. So i have not purchased it yet . Can it is agood choice for me to purchase a Zive because i feel afraid of riding th clutch bike.Or i i can purchase a activa.

    • Dear Sambit and All,

      All said and done, I rate TVS Jive as the Best Urban Commuter Bike among the whole lot in the 100-110cc segment , if only one wants the most convenient and comfortable one on the offer.

      My rating is based on the fact that I have driven all other bikes at some time or the other and I don’t have a second opinion on this count!

      I believe that I have covered all aspects related to Jive at length in my review as well as during the course of replying queries from some of our friends , on this very page.

      I reckon there is nothing left on what I might need to futher clarify or to substantiate the merits I see in this bike! And I invite our friends to scrutinize each word closely once again if they feel like.

      To go for Jive or not, of course, would purely be an individual choice!

      Wishing all the best and Safe & Comfortable commutes to one and all!

      Rama Krishna

  13. Ramakrishnan Sir,

    Thank you very much for your good analysis and responding to all the queries we made.
    I bought Jive last week and i am having mixed feelings(good and bad) with the ride

    +ves I feel

    Tensionless travel in Heavy traffic(No tension of the bike gets stopped in between which is a common issue in all other gear bikes)

    -ves I feel

    I am feeling a jerk mainly in the front portion of the bike(handle bar and the front wheel).Whenever i am raising throttle(accelerate) i feel a jerk just like the front portion of the bike gets like moving forward.

    I am feeling more shakes when i am travelling bad roads(this also i am feeling in the fron portion only).Just like there is no shock absorption

    What can i do to solve this

  14. Sir, Good review.

    I just wanted to know two things

    1. The level of comfort on Jive when we are talking about a longer drive of more than 40 Kms.

    2. Could a dynamic lady think of a possibility of driving this one in alternate to a ungeared Scooter.

    Hope to get matured reply as have seen through out.

  15. Dear Mitesh,

    1. Jive, as an urban commuter is the most comfortable and the least stressful bike, as I have been saying for the umpteenth time.
    The sitting posture, soft seat & shocks afford good comfort to the rider, while the clutch-free driving translates into absolute hassle-free & safe rides.
    The comfort level on Jive is good even for a longer than 40 Km drive.
    In fact Jive is a boon for those who regularly travel more than 40km in dense traffic.
    Even on highways, cruising @ 55-60 kmph one can log a few hundreds on Jive comfortably (which i did very recently) with the usual breaks one takes here and there.
    That’s about the comfort part.

    2. I used to see a certain lady commuting regularly on a Yezdi some decades back, wearing Jeans & shoes, which was quite unorthodox for a lady those days.

    Gear-shifting can be learnt by any lady which basically is proper operation of the clutch lever.
    It’s a lot more simpler affair on Jive which is clutch-free.
    But one should always bring down the bike to lower speed before shifting to the lower gear. She needs a little practice to learn this.
    But if Jive is to be used by the lady for regular commutes, she has to be in the proper attire for a motorcycle.
    (1) In the absence of a step-through facility, she has to be in trousers/jeans
    (2) She can’t wear high-heels as on a scooter, since gear-shifts & rear-braking are not possible with such foot-wear.
    (3) It’s okay if she is very tall, but it is better that the saddle height is checked out for suitability.
    If none of the above pose a constraint, the lady can quite happily commute on a Jive!

    Rama krishna

  16. Hi

    I am driving Jive for two months.Initially i feeldifficulty in learning this type of vehicle,but after first service i find it very easy and more comfort level and i love driving.

    But i am having one issue.While we are at 4th gear say 55kmph , i want to lower the speed (not fully stopping ,,just in a turning) to 3rd gear, i face difficulty in that. Only if i lower the speed fully i am able to come down to 3rd gear,Otherwise if i am applying tp 3rd gear at 30 kmph i feel jerk.Can you please tell ur suggestion in that

    Other than the above, i feel everything good

    • Dear Muthu,

      U have to lower your speed before you down-shift the gear.
      It is common to any & every geared vehicle – scooter,motorcycle,car……
      U will be used to it over time.

      Yes, everything is perfectly alright with your Jive, have no doubts!

  17. Wonderful review sir.Thank you and Deepak as well for posting this kind of review from a veteran bike enthusiastic.
    I had a doubt whether Jive is able to perform as the commuter bikes with cluth like Discover,but your information has cleared the doubt. I found it doesn’t has much difference in its segment ,rather better for not only new biker or old age persons but also for anybody wants smooth commuting.It has some good technologies which made the bike up to date.
    All the best.

    • Dear Riaz,

      Thanks that you liked the review and found what all information you wanted to know!

      Yes, Jive is a real good option in 100cc segment not only for new & elderly people, but to one and all who prefer smooth & stress-free commuting in the crowded urban traffic.

  18. Friends,
    i rode from banglore to waynad (Kerla) and back with a pillion rider. It never gave me problems. The only thing here is to get accustomed with that clutch less technology.

  19. Hi friends,

    My Jive completed it’s first year of “convenience-on-a-platter” service quite commedably the other day, and it leaves me a contented soul. IJive doubtless could be the best in its segment of commuter-friendly bikes.

    Rama Krishna

  20. It was nice going thru Ramakrishna Rao’s review of TVS Jive. My first two wheeler was the Viariable drive from PEUOGET[ Which died a n premature death] Then rode IND-SUZUKI for 12yrs without changing a single part. Now I’m mostly with four wheelers in Gulf. Since long time I’m looking cor a convenient City commuting bike. Gearless Bike?? When I saw the Jive ad I was impressed. I’m planning to buy one. Due to following reasons. It is clutcless, so precise shift of gear[ Speed to Gear] is not required, large tyres, to negotiate Hyd’s potholes, upright seating position.
    I had experienced some false neutral issues in my IndSuz, how is the gear shift in Jive.
    Also comment on the Ergonomics,like the upright seating position. As most of existing bikes with forward tilt position strains your shoulders.

  21. Hello Sir,

    I really loved reading your experienced reviews and thank you very much for sorting my problem to buy a new bike for city conditions. I personally own 3 SUZUKI Fieros, 2 YAMAHA 5 Speeds, 1 RD 350, 1 ROYAL ENFIELD, and 2 HH Streets; each superb in their own way and making no comparison with each other.

    I truly appreciate the way you explain things; obviously nobody can deny the fact that you have loads of experience of riding/driving.

    Thank you for the wonderful review and a happy and safe riding.

    Just to ask you one question; please let me know if you can provide me with the reviews of any other bikes if requested.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Rahul S

    • Dear Rahul,

      I am on to Bikeadvice after quite a while, and many thanks for your kind appreciation.

      I really am surprised at your seeking my advice – one who owned so many bikes of different makes of repute, each one with its unique place in the Indian two-wheeler world.

      I really don’t know if I can provide you with a review of any other bike that you may wish me to! After all, besides having driven most models through my driving years at some time or the other, I couldn’t have owned each one of them, you see!

      However, I shall make an earnest attempt, provided if I knew something substantial about the bike that you may ask me to review.

      By the way, there is an up-date on my ‘Jive’ which I would like to share with our friends over here!

      Fourteen months and ten thousands on the odo, I am really glad that Jive is delivering 67-68kmpl in my home town Hyderabad!

      In fact, centrifugal clutch that Jive has, effects fuel efficiency marginally. But Jive has proved that it is the best in its segment (110cc). I couldn’t have expected better mileage from any of its more popular models plying around. The biggest plus is the huge convenience factor associated with clutch-free driving in city traffic.

      What with my time tested running-in procedure which I apply religiously on each of my two-wheeler, timely maintenance (& appropriate tuning by self), and good enough driving habits (please ignore my not being modest enough), I am pretty happy with Jive and the convenience associated.

      Jive is a geared bike and needs to be driven as such, which factor I feel is being ignored by some of friends.

      All the best to you, Rahul,

      Rama Krishna

  22. i traveled on this bike from Bangalore to wayanad (To and Fro) , no problems at all.
    You need to be cautious about this bike in 2 ways
    1) It moves even it is in the gear
    2) while riding higher inclined roads

    Mileage was very good . I got 65+ (as i kept my speed not beyond 60).

    Its a different technology bike and it wont let you down.

  23. i have a service center and i send people on site to attend complaints.i am looking for a bike which will have good fuel efficiency and also have low low low maintenance. i have looked for herohonda cd delux, tvs sports, star city & jive and bajaj platina , all of them 100cc-110 cc bikes. i dont want to spend for looks or graphics. i was almist about to buy sports or platina, for fuel efficiency than some one reminded of maintenance too.
    now i am looking at platina, jive and sports. still confused…….
    i have to buy two bikes and one of them have to be bought in a day or two.

    about jive i drove it, i drove any two wheeler after 4-5 years, ealrier i drove scooter for about 20 years, but bike i hardly drive. but jive was kool to handle, it dont shuts down even if i am not a good biker cant handle foot gears and for safety and comfort want to keep mylegs on ground while on busy roads.
    than i drove platina/sports for test drive. i cant drive them, first for i dont have a habit to remember foot gears second this bike is meant for my staff not me..
    the cost of sports/platina with self start is around 44-45k, jive is landing for 51k.

    additional 6k cost is worht or not?? i am more concerned about maintenance bill. though an average of petrol cost will be 15-20% more in jive.

  24. Mr. Rao, i want to buy a bike for city commute of dail 50 km in Mumbai. Which one you would suggest between Jive and Discover 125… PS: i havent owned any bike yet.

    • Mr. Shah,

      Now that you have short-listed, I strongly suggest you to test drive both and arrive at a decision yourself. Even better it would be if you can take two or three test rides (from different dealers of course, since a single dealer may not be willing to extend the test ride facility again and again).

      Convenience is the buzzword for ‘Jive’ in urban traffic while superior power & mileage is for ‘Discover 125’.

      Choice is yours!

  25. Mr.Shah,

    Jive is the buzzword for city commuting, and Discover 125 for superior power and fuel efficiency. In case U short-listed these two, I strongly suggest that you take more than two (if possible) test rides on each one of these two before you arrive at a decision, which better should be your own! U may have to visit two or more of TVS & Bajaj dealers to do this since no single dealer would allow more than one test ride per customer!

  26. Hi

    I have bought Jive around 10months back and you cansee my earlier post here. Initially i felt some problems to suit to jive.Later i felt easy. But there are two main problems i am having this bike.

    The front tyre grip is not that much good and i fell down twice while turning.Not only me,my friends also told the same problem.

    Second thing is intially i got around 60 kmpl (I am not in city,I am in outer side only). But now my milege is only 42kmpl. I am worrying more a lot for investing in this.


  27. Hi

    I have bought Jive around 10months back and you cansee my earlier post here. Initially i felt some problems to suit to jive.Later i felt easy. But there are two main problems i am having this bike.

    The front tyre grip is not that much good and i fell down twice while turning.Not only me,my friends also told the same problem.

    Second thing is intially i got around 60 kmpl (I am not in city,I am in outer side only). But now my milege is only 42kmpl. I am worrying more a lot for investing in this.

  28. Hello Mr. ABS Rama Krishna Rao,
    I want to buy TVS JIVE. I have read this review.
    But, I have a question.

    Question 1. : Can I modify this bike with a front disk brake?
    Question 2. : Can I put an additional small speedo meter(just shows the running speed on Km/h) with the remaining console.
    * I know this is a new bike with unique console. But, I want to put an additional small digital console for the displaying the running speed in digital. I want to keep both two meter default one & the small new one.

    Question 3. : Can I set an anti-theft alarm on this bike?

    Please help me(if possible answer me with pics & links)…


    – Maruf Hasan Jami.

  29. Dear Shah,
    Myself Naushad Farooqi,I amfrom Chandigarh. Yesterday I visited to TVS Showroom and saw the JIVE. The salesman of the company told me that JIVE will give the average of 70 KM per liter. But in their showroom there was no company document to show the mileage of TVS Bike even not on their booklet of any bike.
    I have checked the views of the user of JIVE on NET. I found some irregularities:-
    1. One written that he has JIVE bike purchased from Hyderabad but his bike giving mileage of
    40 Km. per liter.
    2. Another told that if speed exceed to 60 Km.per hour it will vibrate.
    3. Somebody told me that Engine of JIVE is new and reliability of engine will be know after 4-5 years.
    4. Somebody told me that Star city in reference to Power, mileage is very good compared to JIVE i.e. Start City giving mileage of 70-80 Km.P.Liter.

    I want to purchase, but i am very confused, some body told me instead of JIVE, bye Discover 100/125 cc or Passion Pro.
    Plz. guide me.
    with regards,

    Naushad Farooqi.

  30. Hi Maruf,

    I personally don’t think you need a disc brake on the kind of bike Jive is.
    The 110 & 130 drums on the rear & front wheels are adequate enough for the speed it is ridden at.
    Of course you can have an anti-theft alarm if you wish.
    However, your queries on modifications you want to make could be better answered by a professional – a workshop mechanic !
    Rama Krishna

  31. dear sir RKR
    I had purchased my first two wheeler – Mahindra Rodeo, used it for 2 year & sold it bcoz of very low mileage, now recently purchased TVS Jive, reason like vehicle which are comfortable driving in Mumbai Traffic & Roads.
    So need to take some advice from you regarding the mileage & riding on different gears, I get only 40kmpl & find it difficult while shifting to different gears, there is no smoothness & also which standing in traffic the bike automatically shuts down.
    The service centre have told me that let 1 or 2 service go, if have the same mileage problem, will make the adjustment for that.
    Will need your tips & suggestion

    • Dear Mani Nair,

      From what you wrote, I see that the guys at your TVS service center are either an incompetent or a negligent lot!

      The two things – engine shutting off while in traffic and 40kmpl – both tell just the the same and the blame lies squarely on them and not of anything bad about the Jive!

      Please demand the TVS service chaps to attend at once. You don’t need to wait till completion of 1st or 2nd service and don’t heed to such crap.

      Particularly, the ‘engine shutting off’ part clearly tells what rotten lot those people must be! And the silly asses have the audacity to advise you to wait till completion of 2 services!!! If I were you, I would just go blast the buggers….

      You have a feedback / complaint kind of a card attached in your user manual/service coupon booklet. If the defect is not remedied immediately, you can just fill in your complaint (take a photo copy) and mail the card.

      If that doesn’t bring any positive response, there always are other ways and means to get them pretty fast into action!

      Just keep posting the run of events in this regard….

      All the best,

      Rama krishna

  32. Mr.Mani Nair,

    Please go through the 17-must read tips for New bike owners for general guidance.

    If the bike is shutting down automatically which should not happen at all, the problem is with the service people at TVS.
    40kmpl is too low even for a brand new bike.

    These two aspects should have to be set right by the service guys.

    You please insist on them and demand for proper servicing immediately.

    You don’t have to wait for the 1st or 2nd servicing for that!

    All the best

    Rama Krishna

  33. @abs krishna rao:
    sir i ve the same problem as mr.muthu said
    while turning its skidding
    mileage i got 60-65 in normal traffic
    now i am getting only 45 kmpl .. seriously worried .otherwise its good as u mentioned .. is der any solution for this and if i ride my bike in a constant speed ll it change ..no use in service centres.. is der any good service centre .. iam doin in ramkay tvs velachery… chennai

    • Prescribed air pressure for Jive is 25 & 35 ps for the front & rear wheels.
      When air pressure is more, not only the ride becomes bumpy but the road grip suffers & skidding too is possible.
      Please ensure correct air pressure every time and it would better be at the same bunk to avoid variation in meter-readings.
      I see people filling like 35/40 ps as if their two-wheeler is a a cargo carrier or an auto to carry for some ten people. God bless them!!

    • Hi Jagannathan,

      I am on this page after a long time…

      Well, the bike shouldn’t skid if the air pressure is right – as recommended.
      There is a wrong notion with many people that air pressure should be some 5 ps or so more than the prescribed. Please stick to the prescribed pressure always.

      What I have seen is – the front quarters of Jive is a little more light-weight than is ideal – may be for easy maoverability in city traffic.

      Excess air pressure = less road grip. If you take a sharp turn at a speed higher than is safe, you sure are inviting a skid. I didn’t face such a problem so far (I am riding Jive for two years).

      Regarding low fuel efficiency, I suggest you to give the bike for servicing at Castrol Bike Zone once and see. I hear that they do a better job than most company service stations.

      all the best,
      Rama krishna

  34. After reading Mr. A.B.S Rao’s glowing tribute about the
    Jive, I visited the Pune dealer Century TVS, who said they don’t keep any stock as the sales of this model is low, and if I order one, I can get it in 15 days. This got me worried as to why no one in opting for it ? I saw a model on Internet TVS Neo, which is made by TVS Indonesia, which has the clutchless feature , self starter plus disc brakes, and is also a step through design, only limitation being a low petrol tank capacity of 4 litres. Is Neo available in India ?

    • Yes, no wonder the dealer keeps stock of Jive any more.
      The same sad repeat story that I have been anticipating!

      Well, having seen the demise of many a great product and brand in the past, I can only feel sorry that people are more fanciful than meaningful in most things they do or cherish in life!

      ABS Rama Krishna Rao

  35. Thank you Mr. Rao, I decided to buy one after the monsoons !
    Recently I met a Jive user in Sholapur who was quite happy with his 6 month experience of using it. He gave me his most liked benefit of the Jive which was quite shocking. He says his left hand was free to use his cell phone ! I of course told him not to do so, in the interest of his own life ! But well this is our India !

  36. hi , i am from cochin, kerala..i wish to have this jive..so i asked the tvs showroom …but they says jive production stopped…so i am confused now…as you said…..how can i get one..?

    • Dear Biju, you can contact Mr.Shyam +918870006682, I talked to him in July and he assured me that Jive is an excellent and reliable bike, and available. He is marketing group of TVS. Regards L.V.

      • Today I placed an order for a TVS Jive on Century Automobiles, Pune, and I must thank Mr.A.B.S. Ramakrishna Rao’s detailed and objective analysis of this bike, which convinced me to look beyond the surface of the product. Thanks of course to the forum created for interaction by Bike Advice without which we couldn’t have shared our views.

  37. Hi Mr. Venkateswaran,

    Thanks for your compliment (I am taking it as one).

    But then a word of caution, if you wouldn’t mind!

    If production of jive is stopped, then it might be prudent on your part not to buy it. You are likely to face problems after a few years when your bike starts needing spares.

    Please confirm whether production of this bike is really stopped. If it were so, you would better cancel your booking and take back the deposit amount – whatever has been paid. Instead, you may consider buying TVS Starcity / sport, which I gather have very good fuel economy. You needn’t worry about availability of spares, since these are well moving models in the market.

    All the best,

    Rama krishna

    All the best

    • Dear Mr.Rao, Thank you for your response. No production is not stopped. The dealer says, since the demand cannot be predicted, he places order on TVS only after he gets a firm booking. If you visit the web site tvsjive.com, they have improved the aesthetics too. Since this engine and gear box is also used on the TVS Neo x3i which they make for Indonesian market, I don’t think, there is a risk on Spares. Only the resale value would be less. Thank you for your concern and a Happy Jiving on Dussera day !

      • Dear Mr.Venkateswaran,

        I am sure you won’t ever regret for having bought a Jive.

        As I have been telling all the while, it’s the best city commuter bike in 100-110 cc segment. In fact, there is no purpose served in going for a higher cc bike.

        Yes, the engine is the same one as on their Indonesian model which is a step-through bike marketed earlier to the introduction of Jive in India.

        Please do follow the recommended tips strictly during the running-in period.

        Hearty congrats and happy commuting!

        Rama Krishna

  38. Dear ABS Rama Krishna Rao Sir,

    I was planning to buy TVS JIVE for my dad.i want to remodel it with left hand accelerator because he lost all his right hand fingers upto palm. its difficult for him to ride bike with wire brakes. according to me jive has the option of clutch free as well as foot brake which will be more helpful for him. Please kindly help me regarding this. is it a good choice???

    Thanks & regards,

    • Dear Mr.Mahendran,

      I am very sorry that your father lost his fingers on his right hand.

      Kindly excuse me for saying so, but it is not at all good for your father to drive any vehicle…It is neither safe for him nor for others. An extremely dangerous proposition. Had I hurt your feelings, I once again seek your excuse.

      I most sincerely request you to just drop this very idea, once for ever!


      Rama Krishna

    • Dear Mr.Mahendran,

      You may have to contact TVS. Mr.Shyam whose number is in the mail of Oct 12 (scroll up) may be able to help. About losing the power of right hand, prosthetic devices are available. We gave one to a worker who lost his hand wrist up and he could drive a normal motorcycle with it. The institute which provided the device is one Momuksha Kshetrium based in Indore. You can contact your doctor or orthopaedic surgeon who attended your father.

  39. This is not to discourage or hurt anyone, but I wish to bring the following to light:

    Legal acceptance is necessary for any modification to be carried out on any automobile.

    Any modifications made should not nullify the Warranty on an automobile.

    Certain modifications, of course, are legally accepted.

    Then pops up the question of a valid Driving Licence.
    I am pretty doubtful of the RTA regulations allowing it.

    There again is the question provisions of, and acceptance by the insurance company.

    Apart from the above, there is this question of the ability of the person to drive the vehicle with absolute control on the roads.
    To drive in a different pattern altogether (the very opposite way) than the one he has been used all through his earlier life may not be that easy.

    I feel that these and any other related aspects are to be checked out.

    However, a suitable prosthetic device as suggested by Mr. Venkateswaran could practically do a world of good to the gentleman apart from adding cosmetic value.

    Rama Krishna

    • Dear Mr. Rao,

      I must inform you about my order placed for Jive was returned by the dealer with full refund of advance, as TVS was busy manufacturing the new bike Phoenix and could not commit a firm delivery. However I booked and took delivery of TVS Sport last Saturday at on road price of Rs.49,600. I am simply delighted with the ease with which I got familar with riding it on my first trip home from the dealer in Wakdewadi Pune. The engine purrs like a kitten, the gear shifts are smooth with a light click and clutch operation is effortless. It is the lightest bike in its class weighing 95 kg only, and it has come out in a new colour (Dazzling White). Another new colour is Mercury Grey. You don’t find many TVS Sports in Pune, as the herd opts for Discover or Passion. The all up gear pattern with a light for neutral is a relief for any new rider and the Electric start further reduces the effort to ride it. Do you know TVS is voted one of the Top Trusted Brands in 2012 ? And if most of its discerning customers are south indians, well, that’s no small achievement !

      • Mr.Venkateswaran,

        So, my apprehensions from the very early days the “Jive” was launched proved true…. So much for our wisdom!

        I witnessed this phenomenon for four decades – many a worthy product and brand have bitten the dust across a wide array of industries….all to our credit!

        Then of the two-wheeler models made and sold by our manufacturers, let me speak out my mind. Manufacturers would always try to play on the psyche of our rather immature masses. The result of which are the many pseudo sporty bikes we see now, which can neither be categorized as true sports bikes nor commuter bikes. Alas, we live in a fools’ paradise!

        What with the roads we have in India, most youngsters riding the bikes of the kind nowadays would very likely end up with medical problems, some of which could be irreversible. Let them consult Orthopedic doctors / Neurologists or Physiotherapists for confirmation, if they care to!

        Coming to TVS as a brand, the quality of their bikes is quite decent and not flimsy like…(I can’t dare to name the other brand for fear of my skin). Their pricing is right too!

        You took the right choice….TVS Sport serves you well for long (provided you treat it proper) and delivers a far better mileage than any of its peers!

        All the best,

        Rama Krishna

  40. Dear Mr. Mahendran,

    Rather than a bike remodelled with the accelerator on the left (I don’t know how feasible it is ), I think you should consider a prosthetic device. As I said about the clinic which supplied the device is in Indore by name Momocha Kshetrimayum (Web Site http://www.kmomocha.com)
    I think they will be able to supply a device which your father can fix and drive the bike

    • ……..and regarding your advice to Mr.Mahendran to allow his dear father drive a bike with a prosthetic device, I am all against such a dangerous proposition! I am really very sorry….

      Rama Krishna

  41. Mr.Krishana,
    I really loved reading your experienced reviews and thank you very much for spending time in writing and helping others.
    I am from hyderabad and planing to buy a TVS Jive Clutchless bike as I am afraid of using Clutched bikes.
    Could you please suggest me which showroom and service centers are best in kukatpally or balanagar area to get vehicle. I am not sure about waiting period for Jive, anyway I will find out from dealer based on your suggestion.

    I am very thankful to get your advice on this.

  42. Hi

    Now Delar say JIVE is stopped. I have been use last 6 month. Can i know how many year spare parts are available in market.


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