Analysis: 125cc Bike Sales FY21 – Honda Beats Hero; Bajaj Grows NINE Times

In this 125cc bike sales FY21 data table check out which maker performed and who failed in the last three years. It is one of the few segments to see growth!

While the scooter market is completely dominated by Honda, it is the same story for the entry level 100-110cc motorcycle for Hero. However, it is the 125cc segment that has been seeing fierce rivalry between these two arch rivals.

Interestingly, from around five players in this segment (111 to 125cc) we are only left with three – Hero, Honda and Bajaj. Yamaha and Suzuki are no more a part of this segment and in fact even TVS is, for some reason, avoiding it.

125cc Bike Sales FY21

So, let check out the individual numbers…

Honda 2 Wheelers9,90,3159,48,3849,88,201
Hero MotoCorp7,55,02711,72,2759,63,159
Bajaj Auto52,9251,94,7564,71,403

Quick Analysis

  • Sales in this 125cc segment have grown from 19.37 Lakh units in 2018-19 to 24.23 lakh in the last financial year corresponding to an increase of 25 percent.
  • This makes it one of the only few sub-segments that have witnessed growth when overall sales have fallen big time.
  • Hero witnessed a terrific turnaround in fiscal 2020 when it outsold Honda with its Glamours and Super Splendors. It grew whopping 55 percent in that year. However, it registered a downfall of almost 18 percent last year to finish below Honda. In the last three years we are talking about, Hero witnessed sales hike of 27 percent.
125cc bike sales fy21
Despite being priced slightly more competitively than Hondas, the new Glamour and Super Splendor are not as big hits as their older versions…

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  • Honda’s sales have remained flat but since it managed to keep itself there last fiscal, it was ahead of Hero and regained the top selling 125cc motorcycle maker tag. Stripping ‘Shine’ tag from SP125 working?
125cc bike sales fy21
Honda is selling an updated SP125 and has taken the ‘Shine’ branding off it. It is the costliest motorcycle in this segment.

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  • Look at Bajaj! Entry of Pulsar in this segment has clearly worked for them big time. From a fringe player, it has become a big threat to reckon with. From 50k units in FY19, sales have grown 800 percent to 4.70 Lakh units – a big big achievement! It is one major reason why this segment has witnessed growth in adverse times.
  • It is unlikely that TVS will remain absent from this 24 lakh a year segment for long. It has patented the tag “Fiero 125” in India and chances are that it will re-enter with the resurrection of this once-popular brand.
  • Yamaha and Suzuki are not likely to be a part of this segment as they have moved to bigger, premium motorcycles.

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It will be very interesting to see how will this segment pan out this year. At one end, we have Honda which does not want to let go off even a single unit to its rivals at the other we have the very aggressive Bajaj which has branched out different variants of its Pulsar brand. And then, if TVS enters this segment this year, it will definitely be fun…

Note – Sales mentioned in this story are official SIAM shared wholesale numbers