Breaking: 2-Wheeler Sales FALL to SIX Year LOWS in FY21

2-Wheeler sales India 2020-21 numbers in this story reveal a very sorry state for the makers. We are at multi-year lows and things do not look good in the future as well…

Last year, at around this timeframe, all of us were locked down in our homes. Showrooms were shut, dispatches from factories were closed and the whole country came to a standstill. The reason was the mysterious and deadly Coronavirus which is again lurking around, and at a more rapid pace.

This lockdown impacted the economic health of the country and precisely around this timeframe the Supreme Court of India declined to push the BS4 to BS6 transition deadline further causing a double whammy! There were no factory dispatches in the month of April 2020.

As a result of this, auto sales have suffered terrible declines in this last financial year. SIAM has shared the monthly and yearly auto sales with us and it is a cause of big concern. Here they are.

2-Wheeler Sales India 2020-21

Sales in 2020-21Sales in 2019-20
15,119,387 units17,416,432 units

Two-wheeler sales in 2020-21 are almost 23 Lakh lower than the last year, which was already a dreadful year for the industry. We are very slightly ahead of the 2013-14 numbers of 14,807,000 units but below the 16,005,000 units of 2015-15. Take a look…

2-Wheeler Sales India 2020-21

This means that 2-wheeler sales have fallen below the six year numbers in FY21. This is a massive downfall and with impending lockdowns we are staring at another dud year of FY22, if COVID does not get contained.

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Apart from the devastation caused by the virus, multiple regulations enforced by the government have led to massive price increments on each and every 2-wheeler in the country within a short span of time. Prices of a lot of motorcycles and scooters have risen by whopping 30+ percent in the last couple of years. This has directly impacted buying and people clearly have stayed away from picking 2-wheelers as their modes of transport.

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It would have been a better practice to distribute these regulations over a period of 4-6 years so that the impact on retail prices would have been scattered across different timelines. However, this is where we are – with ever-increasing 2-wheeler prices, amidst the fear of COVID-19, and at multi-year low sales.

PS: These are official wholesale numbers shared by SIAM