Jawa Loses BIG Market Share in 2021; CB350 Effect…?

Jawa sales 2021 report reveals that Classic Legends has lost a very significant market share with sales almost halving in Feb…

Classic Legends, the seller of Jawa branded bikes in India, stopped sharing its monthly dispatch figures citing that it will re-start the exercise ‘when the time is right‘. However, even after completing more than two years in the market, the company still keeps them undisclosed.

It is then thanks to FADA – Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations, which has started sharing vehicle retail sales – a more reliable source of data, we get to know the real-world performance of all the makers in India. This report reveals the actual number of vehicles that get registered with RTOs in a particular month. And like every other maker, we also now know how Classic Legends is doing in the market, now that it claims to have settled down with its production issues.

And clearly, following data shows that Classic Legends has lost significant sales, specially in the last two months.

Jawa Sales 2021

January 2021January 2020February 2021February 2020
2285 units3911 units2191 units4142 units

For the month of February, Jawa sales have almost halved and it is a pretty similar story in January as well. Here is how it stood in terms of market share.

January 2021January 2020February 2021February 2020

As you can see, market share has fallen by about 0.12% points. In fact, it was back in September 2020 that Jawa last sold higher number of motorcycles than the corresponding month. But that was also due to very less sales in September 2019 (1492 units).

Jawa sales 2021
To fight back, Jawa recently launched this new sportier Forty Two. Click pic for details…

Unfortunately, we do not have the retail sales for H’Ness CB350 or Meteor 350 individually to understand if they have caused any direct discomforts to Jawas. But we can see that both Honda and Royal Enfield have increased their market shares in the last couple of months.

Expect Action On Yezdi and BSA Brands This Year: Jawa CEO

Jawa, on the other hand, is also trying to fight back. After the beautiful Perak, it recently launched the new Forty Two which also looks brilliant. It will be interesting to see how things turn around for this Mahindra owned brand…

Note – The above data is compiled from 1274 RTOs (out of 1481 RTOs) in India. It excludes numbers from AP, MP, TS and LD as they are NOT on Vahan 4.