BIG: Yamaha Chairman Hints at Entry Level ADV for India

Are those Yamaha Tracer 150 launch hints? Or has Mr Chihana talked about something else? We try to discuss the possibilities…

It is extremely well known that the Adventure segment is sending ripple waves across the market. In fact, manufacturers like Hero MotoCorp have found this particular segment to penetrate in the premium motorcycle space – something which they have been finding hard with other products. And when we are at that, it is natural to expect makers like Yamaha to have one or two products in this space.

So far, Yamaha is present in the streetfighter and sports motorcycle segment apart from the recently introduced retro-designed FZ-X. Answering a question on whether Yamaha intends to offer an entry level ADV in India, Eishin Chihana, Chairman Yamaha India, cleared that the company is focusing completely on the 125cc to 155cc scooter and motorcycle segment and indirectly said that there won’t be any ADV model on the 250cc platform – which currently spawns the FZ25 and FZS25.

But what he said after that is interesting! Chihana added…

we will see if there is possibility to create an adventure version in this segment…

Two things that can be deciphered from his statements..

  • That the company is aware of the interest in the entry level ADV segment.
  • That the company is not keen on making a 250cc ADV on the FZ25’s utility platform (it is not doing a lot of sales for Yamaha).
  • That the company is possibly considering (or it may already be under development) an ADV either on the 150cc FZ platform (which has recently seen the FZ-X) or the performance-oriented 155 platform of the R15.

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Yamaha already has the WR155 on the R15 platform in the international markets, however, it is too off-road biased and may not really get them a lot of sales here. And considering their current mindset for our market, offering a very niche product on a mass platform is one thing that they may not consider.

Tracer 150 launch
Yamaha sells this R15-platform based WR155 off-roader in few markets, however, it may be too niche for India…

That brings us to the Tracer 155 – a motorcycle that has been speculatively under development. It is purported to be Yamaha’s most affordable ADV based on the immensely potent R15’s platform that it can sell in various markets like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and/or India. However, there is nothing official or concrete on it yet. What adds fuel to this speculation is the fact that Yamaha has also patented the TRACER moniker in India, few years ago (more details).

There is another possibility of an India-based ADV that Yamaha may make for our market on the more utilitarian 150cc FZ platform (similar to the FZ-X).

A lot of ifs and buts at this point but the potential of Tracer 155 looks brutal to us…!