Whatever it is, Yamaha’s R25 has been a big point of debate, not only among your friends but between the team of BikeAdvice as well. While, I have liked the looks of it but my team mate Sufi just doesn’t seem to be impressed, let me say, at all!


He has sent his ethos to me in a small note and here I am sharing them with you. But I agree with one thing, the concept that Yamaha showcased at the Auto Expo and the production model are as different as a child born in America and the other one in Japan! Here is how he puts his words across…


Apart from the R25 launched in Indonesia, there is a pinching rumor going around on the interweb that India may get a single cylinder version of the R25! As soon as I read that one, I shuddered at the ghastly claim. It said that the India bound version of R25 is likely to get a single cylinder 250cc motor, to ensure price competitiveness for the market.

That did it. It was a kick in the family jewels. And that happened while I was still trying to figure out why the ‘eff’ did Yamaha screw up the spectacular R25 that Rossi rode and said, “This bike really packs a punch!!” (Check here).

Don’t get me wrong there. The R25 launched in Indonesia must be real good in bed, agreed. But won’t the bedroom scene come later? The first impressions are looks, for God’s sake. Try as hard as I may, I am not able to reconcile with the bike’s looks. My 250cc honeymoon, it seems, has been postponed again without a time limit placed on it.

So, what’s next? I ask. Two possible ways out.

One, wait for Triumph to launch its baby Daytona. Or, two, go out and tell Yamaha that you aren’t impressed with the looks of the R25 that’s gone on sale in Indonesia. If you happen to agree, which you will if you got a right hand and a heart in the right place, you say it now. Yamaha better launch in India the eye-popping concept it has been showcasing at various Auto Shows.

I, like many of my discerning readers, have been waiting for a corker 250cc steed from Yamaha for many a year now. They said they will launch a 250 after all and launch they did. Cheers! And mighty impressive data sheet the bike comes along with. But the looks!? It just doesn’t cut the bloody mustard. In my style book, the R25 launched in Indonesian looks nothing like a corker. It is mundane. Style wise, it’s a wet towel.

Place that right hand on the heart guys. Come out and say it – which one of the two looks better?

This is what India was shown and expects


*R25 Concept. Click on the pic for more images

This is what Indonesia’s got


Of course, all this goes null if, God forbid, Yamaha brings in a single cylinder R25. Don’t do!

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  • Sreevals

    I’m also not impressed by the R25 launched in indonesia but the R25 which Rossy rode was awesome.,

  • Kadir

    If this going to happen from Yamaha get ready for your bad old days????

  • aj

    It is a story that was told in dreams and when you wake up to reality you either accept it or reject it…but it’s real…this bike is no way the one that was showcased and it was expected though. they want to make it rider friendly(ergonomically),hence the concept bike wouldn’t have augured well. This bike seem to be upright as compared to even R15…for reasons known best to buyers and Yamaha..I expect this bike to be more of a sport tourer …if they got it wrong they might wither but i guess all in all they atleast got it..

  • aj

    and always take the concept with a pinch of salt,that’s my sincere advice to bikeadvice before you put up staggering notes about a bike such as this…

    Reality sometimes bites harder than the disc brakes

  • Patrick

    When the concept bike was displayed, my friends went crazy about the bike.
    I just told them, boss – it’s Yamaha – the company currently interested ONLY in cosmetic upgrades – wait till the actual bike comes out.

    And lo and behold !

    • aj

      oh yeah, stranglehold…


  • Nishanth

    I seriously was taken aback by the looks of the Rossi R25 and was waiting for it to hit the market, i was even wondering how they will insert headlights in the bike’s fairing with such a
    design (LOL) . But when the actual product showed up in the numerous spyshots it was a bit disappointing and I hoped that it wont be the final product.All that ended when the launch at Indonesia happened i was not impressed very much as the bike looked exactly like a bigger R15, though the performance would be breathtaking for sure and the top speed nearly 200kmph (As R15 goes 140+ easily). Manufacturers such as Yamaha, Honda etc should start working on a new design instead of making miniature versions of their own Litre class bikes such as CBR or R1

  • DC

    Totally agree with whatever SUFI has said. He took the words out of my mouth. Gotta wait for CBR 300r….that seems the next decent choice left. Ofcourse there is RC390 coming up….but according to what i have gathered in the net…..its not going to be comfortable for long rides due to its seating position….and neither gonna be smooth in traffic due to its heating problem (seen in duke 390….same machine in RC390). Word is they are testing the overheat issue as we speak, and hopefully will come out with a solution.
    CBR 300r – coming this November.
    KTM RC390 – anytime around July.

  • If yamaha bring single cylinder R25 Here then I go 4 hx250r or cbr250r 2014
    till wait & see wat yamaha do here…..
    parsley I say plzz dont that yamaha….
    we r waiting for baby monster 😉
    Yamaha r u LISTENING

  • Nick

    The frame of both the bikes, i.e. the Indonesian and the Indian concept bike are the same, and the swingarm is same as well. Only the tank and the fairings are different. Cant understand what Yamaha is up to?????

  • A single cylinder R25 for India makes sense for Yamaha in terms of sales volumes. The twin cylinder R25 if launched might just breach the Rs. 3 lakh mark, which may not translate to an actual buying proposition for many. There will be Yamaha fans who will fantasize a twin cylinder R25, but the pricing might leave most indulging in window shopping rather than a real-world purchase transaction. If Yamaha could tweak the looks and plonk a 300cc single cylinder engine, it will surely find many takers in India. Pricing was, is and always will hold the key to a product’s success in India.

  • Sagar

    No doubt that it is their own decision & bottlenecks that may came in-between while cancelling those jaw dropping curves on R25 Production Version (which is launched in Indonesia) but I would like to convey it to Yamaha that it is not expected by many fans of your’s like me that you have done such a worst make up to damn sexy looking concept R25.
    Keep in mind that you are playing with hundreds of millions of hearts all over the world….!!!

  • Nick

    As seen in the spy shots which were clicked in India, we can only come to a conclusion that Yamaha is only going to launch the Indonesian version of R25 in India. The Concept R25 which was showcased in the Auto Expo is out of the story. So don’t expect Yamaha to launch the concept version in India, considering the looks. The spy shots in India clearly tell us the story. We have to Live up With The Truth.

  • Vimal

    According to me,

    The one shown at auto expo wouldn’t have survived in actual market (read indian market). its coz of many reason one of them being its a insanely track oriented bike….look at the seating position of this one and HX250 or CBR250….look at the stance its too aggressive to be a production model and that’s y they made few tweaks to it and introduced it in to real market and i feel it to be completely awesm looking bike than any other currently.

    And coming back to single cylinder thing yes…it will b a stupid decision by Yamaha… coz 70% of buyers now look for power than pricing.

    • aj

      is not Rc390 a corker of a bike? track oriented?

      Do you know how they managed to (rumored) price it so well? It’s not because it is single cylinder…

      It is because of the subsidies that Bajaj managed to pull off..Have you seen the prices outside India for RC390..It’s insane…5lacs!

      • Vimal

        buddy… personally, i dint feel RC390 to be as aggressive and track oriented as R25 auto expo model….i found RC390 same like R15 v2 more or less…..but that auto expo model cudnt have brot the sales same as RC390…thats wat i feel…may b bcoz of that they changed its looks.

  • aj

    it’s not that bad really..just that the prototype got stuck int he minds of the ones who followed the whole story unfold to a rather damp squib..it still looks better than a lot of bikes around except ofcourse Ninja300

    • Vimal

      yes R25 comes 2nd to Ninja 300…. +1 to that…

  • i hope they bring out twin cylinders,but mileage ppl! so far the r15 is complained for mileage.imagine r25 with twins. they should brin out fuel injection as they will do for fz v2(maybe) and the pricing(affordable plz) . and the article srsly man no one wants a bike which has a shining paper strip on its body if that what the artciles about (design is fine, deifinitely looks better than many premium sports 150cc in india)

  • avsatishchandra

    I do not understand what this brouhaha is about. Are you serious when you thought that the concept version would be launched? Everybody knows that concepts are just that and the real production model will be different. Except the front fairing if you look, the lines of the bike are pretty much the same. And please what is this about a twin cylinder being hopeless in mileage? Who buys sports motorcycle for mileage? If you want mileage then go get a Super Splendor or Splendor+. Single cylinder 250? I will believe it when it comes. Till then hold your horses.

  • Shekh

    are you mad??
    SPLENDOR + gives only 65 Kmpl on extremly well conditions and SUPER SPLENDOR gives only 55 to 58 Kmpl.
    and the other thing that YAMAHA R15’s actual top whack is 128 Kmph not 140 Kmph, if it is going to 140 Kmph then it is speedo console error.
    Bajaj haters always blame pulsars for speedo error but they don’t blame Yamaha and honda bikes for this. Honda SHINE goes around 130 to 140 speedo displayed
    In India every bike whether it is 100 cc or 1000 cc they all have speedo error and fool indians believe that.

    • aj

      it’s not “fool” Indians…Speedo meter reading is always an approximation and it’s not 15% error we are talking about.. If that’s how you look at it,,put a post to have true speed via GPS…and shake off your opinion that is devoid of any gumption.

  • mukesh

    Ninja 300 rules them all, its the big daddy. Just priced a bit too much to my liking.
    Had that been priced @ 3 lac on road, that would have been the best pick !!
    RC390 sucks : they r trying to give a feeling that its Agni-V. But its totally impractical. No one can use that bike for more than 20,000 kms.