Yamaha R25: What Was Shown & What Came Out; The Counter-View!

Whatever it is, Yamaha’s R25 has been a big point of debate, not only among your friends but between the team of BikeAdvice as well. While, I have liked the looks of it but my team mate Sufi just doesn’t seem to be impressed, let me say, at all!


He has sent his ethos to me in a small note and here I am sharing them with you. But I agree with one thing, the concept that Yamaha showcased at the Auto Expo and the production model are as different as a child born in America and the other one in Japan! Here is how he puts his words across…


Apart from the R25 launched in Indonesia, there is a pinching rumor going around on the interweb that India may get a single cylinder version of the R25! As soon as I read that one, I shuddered at the ghastly claim. It said that the India bound version of R25 is likely to get a single cylinder 250cc motor, to ensure price competitiveness for the market.

That did it. It was a kick in the family jewels. And that happened while I was still trying to figure out why the ‘eff’ did Yamaha screw up the spectacular R25 that Rossi rode and said, “This bike really packs a punch!!” (Check here).

Don’t get me wrong there. The R25 launched in Indonesia must be real good in bed, agreed. But won’t the bedroom scene come later? The first impressions are looks, for God’s sake. Try as hard as I may, I am not able to reconcile with the bike’s looks. My 250cc honeymoon, it seems, has been postponed again without a time limit placed on it.

So, what’s next? I ask. Two possible ways out.

One, wait for Triumph to launch its baby Daytona. Or, two, go out and tell Yamaha that you aren’t impressed with the looks of the R25 that’s gone on sale in Indonesia. If you happen to agree, which you will if you got a right hand and a heart in the right place, you say it now. Yamaha better launch in India the eye-popping concept it has been showcasing at various Auto Shows.

I, like many of my discerning readers, have been waiting for a corker 250cc steed from Yamaha for many a year now. They said they will launch a 250 after all and launch they did. Cheers! And mighty impressive data sheet the bike comes along with. But the looks!? It just doesn’t cut the bloody mustard. In my style book, the R25 launched in Indonesian looks nothing like a corker. It is mundane. Style wise, it’s a wet towel.

Place that right hand on the heart guys. Come out and say it – which one of the two looks better?

This is what India was shown and expects


*R25 Concept. Click on the pic for more images

This is what Indonesia’s got


Of course, all this goes null if, God forbid, Yamaha brings in a single cylinder R25. Don’t do!

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