Yamaha R25 Video: Rossi Ride it, Says “This bike really packs a punch!!”

This bike really packs a punch!!

These are the words that Valentino Rossi’s parted lips let out after taking the Yamaha R25 Prototype vehicle for a test spin.┬áThe breaking news for the day is the official unveiling of the most awaited bike from Yamaha – a 250cc, quite naturally called the R25. It has been unwrapped at the ongoing Tokyo Motor Show in Japan.


R25 comes equipped with a 249cc in-line 2-cylinder liquid cooled engine mated to a 6 speed gearbox. As you can see, R25 is heavily inspired from Yamaha’s MotoGP machine the M1!

Considering what we see in the prototype form now, the production R25 is definitely expected to leave us spellbound with its flowing creases and handling prowess (taking R15’s handiwork in mind).

Yamaha Motor has uploaded a video of the same at their official YouTube channel; you can watch it below and do share how many of you have started saving for this beast…