BREAKING: Yamaha’s Quarter Liter 250cc R25 is Here: Pics & Details

Rejoice and dance to your feet! Its here and it is in front of you!

All you Yamaha fanatics, fans, fanboys, opponents, critics…here is something which you would cheer for. Looks like we have finally found salvation, after all those years of merciless speculations and rumours!!


Here is the much awaited Yamaha’s quarter liter 250cc motor that will (expected) to send shivers down the Ninjas and CBRs!

For years, the much-awaited Quarter-Litre motorcycle from the stables of Tuning Fork has been speculated and debated upon (heads banged to desks also appears appropriate!). It was supposed to be a learner motorcycle in advanced markets such as Europe and America, and a top-of-the-line bike in relatively cooler markets like India and Indonesia. It gave us a slip at the 2013 EICMA Show in Milan. However, it has finally emerged out of its coop when the showtime moved to Yamaha’s own backyard!
Since all this is unravelling at a pretty fast clip, here is a list of the important specifications that have been divulged till now :

  • Engine – 249 cc, In-Line 2-Cylinder, liquid-cooled engine (No word as of yet on the vital statistics)
  • Chassis – Claimed to be lightweight, slim and compact
  • Transmission – Constant mesh, 6-Speed gearbox
  • Looks and Styling – Heavily inspired from the Yamaha YZR-M1 MotoGP machine, even to the point that Yamaha decided to tease us with the bigger sibling’s view in the video till Mr. Rossi came over and started groping and cuddling the R25!!  🙂


*Here is the Doctor! He says he had a good time.

Yamaha also calls this machine a “Reference Vehicle”, which we believe is a synonym for ‘Concept’ vehicle. It will be good if Yamaha can accelerate matters and get this looker-of-a-bike into production in the earnest. The newly-developed In-Line 2-Cylinder engine should pack enough of Rev-happiness to justify Yamaha’s tagline of “Revs your Heart”. The suspension components should be good enough to make this machine easy to lean into corners, and coaxe her to maintain a straight, unwavering line thereafter.


However, it has also been claimed that the R25 will be “An all new street motorcycle injected with Yamaha Motor Racing’s pedigree”. It is, thus reasonable, to expect the power delivery and the gear ratios well sorted out to ensure no clunkiness in enduring the bumper-to-bumper traffic of urban areas. You might not get a peaky engine, but Yamaha’s pedigree should be enough to titillate you.

This is all we have on our hands at the moment. We will keep you updated as soon as anything springs up.

One real interesting comment we received at our Facebook postSau sonar ki….ek lohar ki“..

So, will you ditch the KTM’s RC series to buy one of these..?