The bike which we all have been waiting for – a quarter liter from Yamaha, was present at the Auto Expo in its concept form. However, Yamaha did not even care to talk about it or have any details in the press release they have shared.


But what we saw with our naked eyes was a treat to watch. It looked magnanimous and built well and if Yamaha can carry over the same design onto the production version, we expect this to be the best looking quarter liter in town. This concept did not carry any headlamp, side blinkers and sported Akrapovic exhaust and meaty Michelins. The front carried 150/60 and 110/70, both 17 inchers.

It would be interesting to see if Yamaha puts a single unit headlamp or a dual one like the R15 in the production version. R25 is an all-new motorcycle which comes with a 249cc inline 2 cylinder liquid cooled petrol engine which is mated to a 6 speed gearbox and is big time inspired by Yamaha’s M1 MotoGP machine.


R25, when it will be launched in India will go head on with the Ninja 300 and the Inazuma and if you include single cylinders, then consider the Duke 390 as well as the CBR 250R. Now that it has come down to India at the Auto Expo, we expect to hear something concrete from the Japanese manufacturer which can well be accused of being too late in the segment.

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  • metalmask

    no comments!

  • metalmask

    ages passed away, no update on launch date!

  • a looker yet if stood by side to an RC 390, I am afraid it would look, well just mediocre, though aesthetics are subjective. or this might just be my loss of interest in R25 after waiting for it for so long and still I get to see only the concept in Auto Expo.
    Also, I fail to understand why all these manufacturers, as moving ahead in the engine displacement, are giving a miss to the perimeter frame (or deltabox as Yamaha calls it)… first CBR and now R25.

    PS: you might want to correct the tyre sizes, front and rear I mean.