Not Able to Meet Demand of FZ-X, Claims Yamaha Chairman

Yamaha FZX sales are impressive according to the company’s Chairman – so much so that it is unable to meet its demand at this point…

Yamaha made a retro styled motorcycle XSR155 which was based on the company’s immensely popular R15 platform, internationally. it was believed that it will also come to India considering the high sales of both the R15 as well as the MT15. However, Yamaha had other plans!

Instead, it made a similar motorcycle but on the utilitarian FZ (150cc) platform and called it the FZ-X, back in June 2021! It was an obvious disappointment for many but FZ has been a really good seller for Yamaha and the new FZ-X has been steady. According to Yamaha’s Chairman Eishin Chihana, the retro motorcycle has a lot of demand and it is unable to meet that due to the semi-conductor shortage.

There has been a lot of demand for the model in this year as well, but we were unable to meet those due to the semi-conductor shortage issue. 

He is hopeful of creating enough stock of FZ-X by next year so that nobody has to wait. Now, Mr Chihana hasn’t revealed any numbers and since Yamaha clubs sales of all 150cc FZs together, we do not know how much is each variant doing individually.

Yamaha FZX sales

So, we casually tried to check complete FZ’s numbers for the last fiscal as well as this year-to-date and here they are..

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Yamaha FZ Sales

  • Apr 2021-Mar 2022 – 1,49,577 (against 171504 units of last fiscal)
  • Apr 2022 – Nov 2022 – 1,38,219 (against 77,642 units of last fiscal during this period)

So, as you can see numbers for last fiscal are actually lower however, this year has seen a very impressive growth of over 60,000 units which corresponds to more than 78 percent. How much of this is added by the FZX is not known but an overall increase does correspond to the consolidation of the overall segment for the company.

Time and again Yamaha has said that its current focus is the 125cc scooters as well as the 150-155cc motorcycle segments. Chihana has also revealed that it may consider bringing an entry level ADV. And there are chances that it could be based on the 150cc FZ platform as well (more details).