Yamaha FZ25 Price Slashed by Almost 20,000; Now Cheaper Than MT15

Yamaha FZ25 price reduction has taken it precariously close to its BS4 price tag. This is a masterstroke which will bring the quarter liter back in the game…

FZ25, when it was launched in India back in 2017, was offered as a no-frills basic quarter liter motorcycle at great prices. Price and no-tantrums were its USPs. However, for some reason someone at Yamaha started believing that it could compete with much higher spec and better loaded 250ccs in the market.

From its debut price tag of Rs 1.19 Lakh, it had swelled up into the region of 1.54 and 1.59 Lakh. Considering that the FZ25 was already fuel injected there was no proper explanation of why it received a whopping increase of Rs 17,420 or almost 13 percent during this BS4 to BS6 transition.

As a result of this optimism, from being a pretty good seller, FZ25 has been reduced to almost a flop show. BikeAdvice had highlighted this issue earlier. We had talked about how things are slipping for Yamaha and a price correction is the need of the hour. You can check that story here.

And clearly, our story had an impact on Yamaha and it has announced a very significant slash on the FZ25s. Here are the new prices..

Yamaha FZ25 Price Reduction

VariantNew PriceOlder Price
FZ25Rs 1,34,800Rs 1,53,600
FZS 25Rs 1,39,300Rs 1,58,600
*all prices ex-showroom Delhi

This means that the entry variant FZ25 has received a slash of Rs 18,800 whereas the FZS is now cheaper by Rs 19,300. It must be noted that the price of FZ25 is almost similar to its last BS4 tag of Rs 1,34,680.

yamaha fz25 price reduction

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Moreover, in a dramatic turn of events the 250s now are placed lower than the mass selling premium 150s – R15 and MT15.

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Yamaha has given a very vague reason of this reduction – it says its team has managed to bring down the input costs for the FZ25 and hence, it is passing it onto the customers. At this price, Yamaha FZ25 comes right back in the game and it should start seeing positive sales momentum in the days to come.