SEVEN Upcoming Motorcycles Launching Immediately After Lockdown

This list of upcoming motorcycle launches after lockdown includes 150cc to 650cc motorcycles. We may also get to see some surprises as soon as things open…

The second wave of COVID has disrupted everything and has forced us to get locked in our homes again, due to the restrictions and lockdowns that have been enforced by the various governments. This has also caused a lot of stress to the economic activities and has impacted the 2-wheeler market as well.

Many manufacturers have postponed their product launches. But now with the daily infection ratio going down it is believed that the current strain has weakened and things will open up slowly and gradually. Amid all this gloom, if there is one bit that will make you excited is the number of motorcycles that are lined up for launch just after the lockdown. Here, take a look…

Upcoming Motorcycle Launches After Lockdown

Yamaha FZX

  • Expected Launch – June-July 2021
  • Expected Price – Around Rs 1.05-1.15 Lakh
yamaha xsr155 pics
This is the international XSR155 based on the R15 platform… Our Indian model is inspired from this but is completely different…

Yamaha FZX is ready for launch. We get to know this since Yamaha has already conducted its promotional shoots and it was revealed right from there! The FZX could be called as the Indianized version of the international XSR155. However, unlike the XSR (which is R15-based), our Indian model is based on the 150cc FZ.

Check out pics and details here

New-Generation KTM RC390

  • Expected Launch – July-August 2021
  • Expected Price – Around Rs 2.70 Lakh

KTM has been readying its next-generation RC range and it will be a big departure from the current super-aggressive hooligan design. Not many have appraised the new styling though, however, all assumptions are based on the unclear spyshots or prototypes.

Among new features, the RC390 is expected to get the smartphone compatible colored TFT screen that is expected to raise the prices by a fair bit. Reports claim that few dealers have started taking unofficial bookings of the model.

New-Generation KTM RC200

  • Expected Launch – July-August 2021
  • Expected Price – Around Rs 2.10 Lakh
upcoming motorcycle launches after lockdown

Like the elder sibling, the 200 will also be watered down in terms of styling and it may also get a slightly relaxed seating posture – to present it as a more usable motorcycle. Chances are that it will be launched simultaneously with the RC390.

TVS Apache RR 310

  • Expected Launch – June-July 2021
  • Expected Price – Around Rs 2.55-2.60 Lakh
The upcoming RR 310

TVS was so ready with the new 310 that it had sent us media invites for its ride at the MMRT, Chennai in April. However, due to the growing COVID caseload, it had to postpone the event. However, it was said that the company will organize the ride later in the year but it will announce a digital launch shortly.

Here is a list of five expected changes on the 2021 model

CFMoto 650NK

  • Expected Launch – June-Aug 2021
  • Expected Price – Around Rs 4-4.5 Lakh
upcoming motorcycle launches after lockdown
This is the updated 650NK that has been unveiled internationally…

The NK is the streetfighter version in the 650 range and it came at a shocking price tag of Rs 3.99 Lakh last year. If CFMoto can keep its price, like it did for the 300NK, we could have a real decent seller in the mid-capacity range from the Chinese maker.

Check the 2021 650NK here

CFMoto 650GT

  • Expected Launch – June-Aug 2021
  • Expected Price – Around Rs 5.5-5.80 Lakh
This is what CFMoto teased recently…

The GT is the sports tourer of the range and is probably the best looking motorcycle of the lot. It was introduced at Rs 5.49 Lakh last year and undercut Ninja 650 by a fairly decent margin. CFMoto has already teased its launch and it should be here very soon.

Honda CBR300R

  • Expected Launch – June-July 2021
  • Expected Price – Around Rs 2.30 Lakh
upcoming motorcycle launches after lockdown

This was a surprise actually. According to the latest SIAM sales data, Honda has already shipped 8 units of the CB300R to its dealerships in the month of April 2021. We have discussed about this in conjunction with Honda’s earlier statement on the motorcycle here.

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In addition to these, there may be a few products from various other makers including Benelli, which has been silent during this period.