Yamaha Considering a 150-250cc ADV…? ‘FZ-X’ Name Patented

Yamaha FZ-X could be an entry level Adventure motorcycle in the quarter liter space – based on the FZ25’s platform and engine….

In a big development, Yamaha has filed for exclusive usage of the brand name ‘FZ-X‘. We all know that the company’s FZ range has been phenomenal sellers and in fact it is one of the biggest reasons why we see premium 150-160cc motorcycles in the country.

Yamaha also sells the quarter liter 250cc FZ in two variants but it is slipping down the sales chart of late. We have discussed it in this story. Now, FZ-X is definitely happening and generally the ‘X’ suffix is used by makers on their Adventure motorcycles. This leads us to believe that Yamaha may be considering an entry level ADV because of the fast growing interest of customers towards this segment.

Apart from the possibility of a proper, locally made, ADV the other likelihood is simply a variant of the current FZ with minor niptucks, graphics, backed by a lot of promotion!

Yamaha FZ-X
Pic of Tracer 700 used for representation…

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Whatever it would be, there are high chances that the upcoming FZ-X may be based on the company’s 250cc engine. Simply because Yamaha would want to increase its usage of the 250cc platform and this will help it in improving economies of scale.

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There are no other giveaways at the moment but since the trademark has already been applied, we expect to hear more on the motorcycle soon – either officially or probably through some spy pics.