Yamaha Electric Scooters Coming Soon; Timeline Revealed By Chairman

Yamaha Electric Scooter could make its debut by 2025… Yamaha Neo’s based scooter could be the 1st to come…

So, Mr. Eishin Chihana (Chairman, Yamaha Motor India) sat down and had a short conversation with a news portal regarding the India-specific plans of the company. 

It is during this conversation that he shared a surprising development of the company bringing the RX100 name back around 2026. Moving further in the conversation, Mr. Chihana shared the company’s EV plan for the next few years as well. 

By 2025, We Will Definitely Have An Electric Scooter In India – Mr. Chihana

Talking to the news portal regarding their EV plans, Mr. Eishin Chihana shared that Yamaha Motor India is currently running various tests, including durability tests, for their electric scooters destined for the Indian market. They are planning to add at least 1 electric scooter in the very competitive Indian e-scooter market in the next 3 years. 

Our engineers are working on it and by 2025, we will definitely have an electric scooter in India’ – added Mr. Chihana. 

He emphasised that the company is taking its time in order to better understand the conditions in which the electric scooter will be operated are strongly focused to offer a ‘reliable electric scooter

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Speaking on the manufacturing of the Electric Scooter, Mr. Chihana explained – “We are looking at all options right now – to import it as a completely built unit (CBU), completely knocked down unit (CKD) or assemble here with more localisation” 

Yamaha India manufacturers their vehicles in India utilising more than 90% locally-sourced material (localisation), at their 2 plants – Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh) & Tamil Nadu. Alongside fulfilling Indian demand, Yamaha also export finished vehicles to about 30 other countries. 

A few months back, Yamaha secretly showcased their range of electric scooters to their Indian dealerships partners, to gauge their response and get valuable input from them regarding how well the scooter could work or what modifications should be made. They received a positive response from the partners with many suggestions, but the rampant EV fire incidents and erratic temperatures of the country have put Yamaha in caution mode, where they will be taking their time to offer a better & robust product. 

Speaking from a global perspective, Mr. Chihana shared that Yamaha India is expected to become the second biggest export hub for Yamaha Global in the coming years, next to Indonesia. At present, Indonesia is catering to 55-60 countries. The export capacity of India today is around 3 Lakh two-wheelers, while Indonesia is exporting around 6.5-7 Lakh vehicles per year. 

“We want to increase the destinations, whether in the US, Europe or Japan, from the Indian hub.” – Mr. Chihana added.