This FZ is Yamaha’s 10 Millionth Vehicle in India

Yamaha 10 Million production milestone has come in 34 years…

Yamaha has achieved the 10 million production milestone in India. Yamaha began its operations in 1985 and currently has three production facilities – 2 in the North – Surajpur and Faridabad and 1 in South – in Chennai, which is the newest!

Yamaha 10 Million Production – Quick Stats

Here are a few quick stats..

  • Motorcycles formed 77.88 lakh units of this milestone whereas scooters were 22.12 lakh in number.
  • Out of the total production numbers, the north facilities contributed 80 percent of units whereas the remaining 20 percent were built in Chennai.
  • The Surajpur facility achieved the 1 million unit production milestone in 1999. In 2012 (thirteen years later), Yamaha produced its 5 millionth two-wheeler which was also achieved at Surajpur.
  • The last five million units have come only in the last seven years from 2012 to 2019. Interestingly, scooters contributed 44 percent to the overall numbers.
  • In 2016, Yamaha achieved 1 million unit production of scooters.

The 10 millionth vehicle is Yamaha FZS FI version 3 which is also the largest seller for the brand. Currently, the R15 version is adding a lot of numbers for the Yamaha and they will also be hoping for its naked sibling, MT15 to replicate its success.

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Recently, Yamaha R15 and FZ also won the award for the best in quality by J.D. Power survey which was conducted among 85 different two-wheeler buyers (more details).