Of all the motorcycles showcased by Hero in the last two Auto Expos, some out of the world concepts, the only big (bigger than 150cc) capacity motorcycle officially confirmed for launch is the Xtreme 200S! From the day the world saw it, people have been labelling it as ‘too commuterish’ and ‘unexciting’ and we agree! That ‘fun-to-look-at’ factor is missing, further aggravated by its dismal specs.

While we hope Hero does something to up its power and torque outputs, one of our reader, Sachindra Gamage, has shared his rendering of the 200cc Xtreme and it definitely looks better than Hero’s version. This also proves that a little niptuck and Xtreme 200S could look fairly sporty – a trait we believe is required for motorcycles of this segment!

First up, Sachindra has removed a lot of ‘red-ness’ from the motorcycle showcased at the Auto Expo 2016. The seat and the front alloy wheel are proper black in colour, the red decals on the headlamp have also been blackened and we believe there could have been something done for that sore red spark plug as well! This takes care of the gaudiness Hero’s designers loaded the bike with.

Then he has lent the motorcycle with very subtle changes which add sportiness to the overall looks, like – there is a bigger visor and the traditional rear registration plate holder cum mudguard has been removed and this suddenly presents a neat(er) and pointed rear.

Instead of this, he has extended the tyre hugger all the way to the back which also holds the side blinkers. That is about it! See for yourself how better the Xtreme 200S could look!

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We hope Hero looks at this and incorporates some or all of these very doable changes. Looking at the debacles of 2014 Karizmas and the very latest 2017 range of scooters (specially the dual coloured Maestro Edge and Pleasure), we can safely say that Hero’s designers need to learn a thing or two from Yamaha!

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  1. What kind of a post is this… U are sharing someone’s personal render… Is this a news?…. Tomorrow I will draw something and u will publish that also? Pls post something useful…These types of posts are good for Facebook groups… Not websites..Seems like u are out of stock…

  2. So stupid, even the render is very similar to hero’s version yet you call it differently designed,much better, A stupid article IMO

  3. Both the designs are ugly. Its a high time HERO hires a good designer team and work on the product. Any news about HX 250 ?

  4. It was very useful to mention what was the difference between hero’s &sachindra’s versions. Other wise it would have been a very hard ‘spot the difference’ game.


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