After Perak, Two Other Upcoming Jawa Motorcycles Are…

Upcoming Jawa motorcycles will come with the bigger and more powerful 334cc engine which was recently introduced on Perak….

Classic Legends has managed to strike the right chord with its Jawa branded motorcycles in India. Backed by the very strong Mahindra group, the reincarnation of ‘Jawa’ has just been perfect with both the retro classics – Jawa and Forty Two, inciting a lot of interest in the market.

Upcoming Jawa Motorcycles

Launched just a few days back, its third motorcycle – Perak bobber is even more exciting. But what are the other two motorcycles Jawa announced to disclose at its first anniversary?

The answer, according to an online portal, is – Jawa and Forty Two!

The difference will be the ‘engine size’.

What Classic Legends has done is – it has carved out a slightly bigger 334 cc engine from the same 293 cc motor of the existing Jawa and Forty Two. This has been made possible by using a bigger bore with the stroke remaining the same. As a result of this, power has gone up to 30 bhp and maximum torque has also increased to 31 Nm. These are 3 bhp and 3 Nm higher than the 293 cc engined motorcycles. Apart from this, Classic Legends has also made this bigger motor Bharat Stage VI compliant.

Upcoming Jawa Motorcycles
Perak is the first product with the bigger 334cc engine….

The fabulous looking Perak is the first motorcycle to get this engine (check price & details) and Jawa and Forty Two will also be equipped with this bigger motor to form two different, slightly more powerful versions in the lineup. The existing versions are likely to continue to be on sale. The bigger versions may probably be differentiated by adding a suffix at the end of the names (Jawa 334 or Jawa 350 etc)

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It is not clear when will they officially be launched but a timeline after April, most probably around mid-2020, is when we can expect them to be in the nearest showrooms.

Source – Bikedekho