Gixxer 250 – 7 Exclusive Sneaking Bits

Upcoming Gixxer 250 details include bits on engine, ABS and even colours…

Update SCOOP – Suzuki Gixxer 250 Leaked

Remember, BikeAdvice revealed the launch date of Gixxer 250 first on April 9th – here is our link to the story. Now, our source who leaked this date to us has revealed some sneaking bits about the upcoming Gixxer 250. We are listing them down for you..

Gixxer 250 Details

  • Branding: As was expected, our source, confirms that Suzuki will continue with the ‘Gixxer’ brand for its quarter liter – the motorcycle will be commercially called as Gixxer 250! Will they add a suffix of ‘SF’ or something else needs to be seen.
  • Only Faired Version – There will not be a naked version of the motorcycle upon launch which means Suzuki will debut the new brand as a full-faired motorcycle.
  • LEDs – The motorcycle will feature wide LED headlights as well as LED tail lamps.
  • Engine – This will be a single cylinder engine with 4-valves.
  • Exhaust – Gixxer will feature dual-barrel exhaust like the 150s.
  • ABS – As is the norm, Gixxer 250 will get ABS but the good news is that it will be plonked with a full-fledged dual-channel ABS.
  • Colours – Our source tells us that the motorcycle will come in (at least) three colours – grey, blue and silver.
Gixxer 250 details
This is the teaser image purported to be the Gixxer 250 recently shared by Suzuki

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The launch date, as we said, is May 20th and Suzuki has used words like “Save the date for the most exciting launch of the year” which clearly hints at the fact that it won’t be a customary introduction but a grand debut.

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So far the image that we had about the motorcycle was that of a cost-cut quarter liter like Yamaha FZ25, however, these sneaking bits have probably meant that we can expect a ‘sportier’ offering and let us hope Suzuki strikes – because the Gixxer 150, to us, is still the ‘best 150cc‘ in the market!