Upcoming BMW G310 RR Will Get 2 Colours – New Teaser Reveals

BMW G310 RR will be the new sports motorcycle joining the legendary lineup of M1000 RR & S 1000 RR… It will sport two familiar colour schemes…

BMW Motorrad India are going all in when it comes to promoting their upcoming new G310 RR faired sports motorcycle. 

In the last 5 days, BMW have posted five different teasers of their upcoming G310 RR bike. You can read our coverage on all these teasers and the details we can make out of them here and here

Again, the Germans have posted a teaser video which has revealed that the new sports model will come in two colour options. 

Upcoming BMW G310 RR Will Get Two Colour Options

Notice the ‘RR’ moniker highlighted in the Teaser image

So, it is now confirmed that BMW India are adding a new 300cc sports model into their lineup, and it will be based on the existing TVS Apache RR 310. 

The new teaser posted on their social media shows two new G310 RRs racing on a race track. In-between the jerky shots we get the side glimpses of the machines and are able to make out the colours covering these full faired bikes. 

From the latest teaser we can make out that the new BMW G310 RR will come in (at least) two colour schemes. The first one will be inspired by the BMW Factory colours and will have White as the base shade with Red & Blue graphical accents added to the body panels. 

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The second colour scheme appears to have Black as the base colour and White is added to it to add contrast and styling. On both these colour schemes, the bike will sport ‘RR’ badge in bold Red colour, similar to the M1000 RR & S1000 RR big brothers. 

Another feature we noticed is that, unlike the existing Apache RR 310, the frame of the G310 RR will be painted in Black. The Apache RR’s visual feature is its frame which is painted in bright Red colour and bears ‘Race Spec’ font in White colour. 

Other than the interface and UI change in the TFT instrumentation, it is believed that the rest of the bike will be very similar to the current TVS Apache RR 310. However, these unclear screengrabs suggest that there may be a minor change in the face of the model.

But yes, it will continue to be powered by the same 312cc, single-cylinder, reversed incline engine that churns out 34 HP and 27.3 Nm of torque. It will be aided by a 6-speed transmission assisted by a Slipper Clutch system as standard. 

Expect a premium asking price as the new bike will be carrying the BMW and RR badge. We expect the new G310 RR to be priced somewhere around Rs. 3.2 Lakh (ex-showroom). 

Stay Tuned probably for a few more teasers….