TEASED: RC390 Rival BMW G310 RR Supersport

BMW G310 RR teasers are all that the biking community can talk about at the moment… One of the teaser gives us a first look of the new bike…

So, BMW Motorrad India can’t stop teasing their upcoming G310 RR supersport bike; Yes, instead of S310 RR we believe it will continue to get that G prefix considering the nomenclature the company generally follows. 

It all started last week when they took to their Instagram and posted a short teaser video showing the rear ‘Devil Horns’ LED tail-light and captioning ‘Adrenaline Incoming’. 

Since then, BMW Motorrad India have posted 3 new teasers revealing a little more information every time. 

BMW ‘G310 RR’ New Teasers & Details

The first teaser image posted on 5th of June, tells us that the ‘RR Family is all set to Grow’

In the background of the image, we can see a Racing Track illuminated by the uncountable spot-lights indicating that the new BMW supersport will be at home at the race track. 

The second teaser is an exhilarating one. It is a short video which opens with a mouse cursor selecting the tab ‘models’ on the BMW Motorrad Official Site mock-up.

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The tab further opens the various criteria and the mouse scrolls on to the ‘Sport’ option. It opens the selection models of their flagship M1000 RR and S1000 RR superbikes with the third slot showing a loading animation and displaying the text ‘RR Loading’. 

This third slot is reserved for the new G310 RR which will join the line-up of their iconic supersport models. 

Now let’s talk about the latest teaser posted yesterday. 

The latest short teaser-video is set behind the rolling doors of a garage at a race track. The shutter is rolling open and we can see the emerging G310 RR in the shot, which cuts abruptly right as the door reaches the mid-length of the bike. 

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The first thing that catches our eye is the new paint scheme. From what is shown from the teaser, the base colour of the bike appears to be either Black or deep Blue contrasted with White colour. However, what we expect is that this is just a representative paint scheme for this teaser shoot and the real livery will be revealed during the launch. 

We predict one of the paint schemes will be very similar to BMW Motorrad Factory colours – Red, Blue & White – which the flagship models M1000 RR and S1000 RR wear proudly. 

Note the revealed section is extremely similar to the TVS Apache RR 310…

The other significant detail that has been revealed through the latest teaser is that the new G310 RR will be a rebadged TVS Apache RR 310. Other than the livery, the rest of the bike appeared very similar to the stock Apache RR 310 sportbike. 

The design of the alloys, the placement of the front & rear brake-discs, the fairing design, the front fork deflectors, all small and big design elements are the same as the Apache RR 310.

However, we would love to be wrong. We will be very happy to see slight changes and modifications on the new BMW G310 RR to make it an apt sibling of its bigger monstrous brothers. For instance, that exhaust appears to be slightly raised…

Finally, don’t be surprised if the new G310 RR carries a hefty premium over the current Apache RR 310. 

We predict the new BMW G310 RR will be asking Rs. 3.2 Lakh (ex-showroom) pan-India when launched on alleged July 15.