Kawasaki Unveils 1st Electric Bike ‘Elektrode’; And It’s Interesting

Kawasaki Elektrode is a kids’ balance bike which is fully-electric.. It gets three ride modes, has aluminium chassis and runs for 2.5 hours..

So, Kawasaki have been teasing their foray into the electric mobility segment for a while now and, among the Big-4 Japanese manufacturers, Kawasaki is the one which is pursuing the next mobility solution very seriously. 

Few weeks ago, Kawasaki teased the arrival of their first full-electric bike with a short video showing ‘small’ riders taking a green coloured machine up and down motocross dunes. 

But surprise!! What Kawasaki have launched as their 1st electric solution is a kid’s balance bike called ‘Elektrode’. A ‘balance bike’ is basically a bi-cycle with pedals removed and closer to the ground so that the kids can get used to riding on two-wheels. 

Hence, the Kawasaki Elektrode electric balance bike is designed specifically for kids between 3-8 years of age. 

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Kawasaki Elektrode Electric Balance Bike – Highlights & Features

  • Kawasaki explains that the ‘Elektrode’ will bridge the gap between a pedal-powered bi-cycle and a small-displacement motorcycle. 
  • Since it is a balance bike, it is only meant for kids between 3-8 years of age. 
  • The Elektrode is built around an aluminium chassis that houses a Li-ion battery. 
  • The Li-ion battery is a 36V-5.1Ah unit which offers a ride time of 2.5 hours or 150 minutes. 
  • The 0-100 % charge time is around 2.5 hours. 
  • The power is transferred to the rear wheel through a 250W (0.34 HP) brushless, in-wheel motor. 
  • Kawasaki claims that the battery will perform optimally for 500 charge cycles after which the overall capacity of the battery will drop down to 80% of full capacity.
  • The Elektrode comes with 3 riding modes – Low, Medium & High.
  • The riding modes control the top speeds of the balance bike, capping it at 8km/h, 12km/h & 20 km/h respectively. 
  • For safety reasons, the modes can only be changed by the parent and/or guardian by putting in a passcode to unlock the controls and then proceed to change the settings. 
  • Fitted to the Aluminium chassis are 16” cast aluminium wheels and presence of no suspension at all. 
  • It comes in only 1 colour – Lime Green –  and weighs at 15 kg. 

Kawasaki have introduced the Elektrode in the international market at  $1,099 or Rs. 85,478/-. And it is unnecessary to state, but there is zero chance Kawasaki will bring this balance bike to our shores anytime soon (or maybe ever). 

The Elektrode is interesting and we, grown-up kids, wait patiently for our version of this…