So, after truck loads of camouflaged spyshots and snazzy renderings of the upcoming full-faired Pulsar, here we have the real deal – uncamouflaged sneaking frontal spyshot of the motorcycle courtesy Powerdrift.


As you can make out, we have an aggressive face looking right at you with a couple of projector eyes, two eyebrow parking lights and sharp side blinkers.

This spyshot also gives us a clear hint that Bajaj will offer Pulsar 200SS in dual tone shades and at least this yellow-white dual tone combo will, for sure, be present. And, by now, you must have already noticed the ugly positioning of the number plate which gets its roots from the rear view mirror housings!

Unfortunately, this also confirms that Bajaj is carrying forward the same Eurogrips forward. Also visible are the petal discs and toe-shifter from the Pulsar 200NS.

What this also reveals is the good news; that the motorcycle is production ready and Bajaj is all set to unleash it in the market; an Auto Expo unveil is definitely on the cards.

Along with Pulsar 375, Pulsar 200SS is Bajaj’s next bet to fame in this higher capacity segment and will feature Pulsar 200NS’ 200cc liquid cooled engine in about similar tune to what it belts out currently. However, what is speculated, for good, is the presence of Fuel injection to the motor as well as ABS (which is not present on this mule).

Pulsar 200SS will be Bajaj’s first faired motorcycle in India and it will be launched very soon after the Auto Expo.

So, how many of you have your downpayments ready?

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  1. It has got eyebrows?!?!?!?! I think Bajaj hired a lady engineer to design the front look ha ha!! Jokes apart, this is an ambitious design by Bajaj. Lots of curves and lights and twinkles …. they could have done a plain design like Yamaha R1, but go on, lets see what it has got.


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