Upcoming Pulsar 200SS Spotted Again; Is it Really a Supersport?

Something is not quite right with the upcoming Pulsar 200SS. It is either the supposed naming where ‘SS’ stands for ‘supersport’ or the motorcycle not rhyming with the name!


This mule was spotted by the generous Mr. Sood of Pixelworks.in, who have earlier also snapped a two-up mule of the 200SS. Going by multiple images of what is being claimed as the Pulsar 200SS, it seems like something is way off the mark. While the rider sits as upright as one would on a dressage horse, the full fairing on the bike screams that it had just been into a high-tech wind tunnel. Something here just does not gel.

To me, guys, the bike, if it is really named as Pulsar 200SS, looks like it is trying to wear one hat too many for its own good. Yeah, kick me for being a party-pooper, but I can’t help noticing. That handlebar should have been further forward and also a bit lower. The image shared with us today again makes the bike look like a long-legged, fast tourer masquerading as a sports bike.

Pulsar-200SS-Spy-Pics (3)

*An earlier snap of the bike ‘ON TEST’

Good people of Bajaj, if you happen to be reading this, you will have to tweak further the riding position to make it look aggressive and fast. Right now the bike looks weighted in the middle like a cruiser. It got to be forward heavy. Standard ‘commuter’ handlebar just won’t answer. The foot peg, again, needs to be a bit behind from the center.

You did the naked wonderfully. What I mean is, your ‘naked’ bike is stunning to look at. You call it and rightly so the NS or Naked Sport. What is being passed around as ‘The 200SS’ just doesn’t look like a legitimate child of a super sport. I am afraid a redo might be in order. But hey I just get the feeling that KTM RC200 will do what I have been talking about. So rather than doing the complete project again, name it FS (faired sport) or something but not ‘super sport’!

Then, of course, you can take it or leave it. 🙂

I know, all you tourers are smirking 😉

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