Guess This Upcoming Bajaj Discover!

It is not humanly possible to froth at the mouth while talking about 100-125 cc commuter bikes, so I will refrain from trying it. What I will do instead is give you unadulterated facts regarding yet another spotting of a Bajaj Discover test bike at some place near Pune.


If you have been a regular at Bikeadvice you would probably know by now that there are about half a dozen Discover models in the Bajaj portfolio and many more are in pipeline. What we got today are a few shaky and grainy photographs of a Discover being test ridden obviously by some Bajaj Auto test rider. Like our earlier spotting, this test mule appears similar to Discover 100T hinting at a possibility of the next Discover variant being based on the same.

The photographs show the bike with saree guard, fully covered chain drive, slightly rakish angle of the exhaust pipe, and spindly tires. It all looks as exciting as…well…last year’s calendar. It appears that Bajaj Auto creates a ‘new’ Discover whenever it is left with unused and surplus spare parts from manufacturing other bikes. One ardently wishes that the company runs out of leftover spare parts sooner or it won’t be long before it runs out of English alphabets to name the profusion of Discovers it creates.


Of course, there will be takers for the new Discover. There always have been. The railways claim that they move the biggest number of people in any given year. But that’s plain braggadocio. The 100-125cc bikes are what really moves this country. And they do it without any airs. The new Discover will be introduced silently sometime during the year. We might fail to notice it, but it will be there doing it duties as it always has.

We expect to see some more clarity (and possibly visual presence) on these New upcoming Discovers at the upcoming Auto Expo.

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