Spied: Another Day, Another Bajaj Discover Mule Caught

One day we must sit back and count how many Discover mules we have caught during a span of the last few months. We have yet another incident of getting encountered with ‘another’ Bajaj Discover mule on the streets of Pune, just yesterday.


All this is on the backdrop of Bajaj officially announcing tons of new Discover models for our market to strengthen their position in the entry level 100-125cc segment in India which has been dominated by Hero for the last decades.

Talking about the Discover mule we snapped, it appeared to be very similar to the Discover 100ccs we have in the market and had a different coloured ‘silverish’ fuel tank than the body parts.

This appears to be very similar (or same) as the Discover 100T with similar dual shock absorbers, bar-end weights, grey coloured side panels, chrome tip exhaust etc. And no it still doesn’t appear to carry disc brakes which are surprisingly offered as an option in the lesser Discover 100M variant.


We are unsure of what variant is this? If this is a regular Discover 100T endurance test vehicle or an upcoming new model of Discover 100-125 (A to Z except M and T). But what we do know is that Bajaj is preparing more models of Disocvers other than what are already in the market.

If you are confused, there are as many as 6 Discover models sold by Bajaj currently. And if you want to understand differences between a few of them read our following articles.