With such a mix mangle of different Discovers (and many more to come) and a change of alphabets and numbers here and there, Bajaj is ending up confusing buyers. Quite often we receive queries from our readers requesting us to point out differences between various Discover motorcycles.


We have shared 10 differences (big and small) between the 125cc Discover siblings – Discover 125ST and Discover 125T. (Read them here). Today we share 12 differences (again big and small) between the 100cc siblings – Discover 100T and the latest Discover 100M.

12 Differences Between Bajaj Discover 100T and Discover 100M

1. Power Figures: Both the motorcycles share the same engine. However, to create some differentiation, Bajaj has tuned the same engine differently on both the motorcycles. While the costlier Discover 100T produces 10.2PS of power output at 9000rpm, the cheaper Discover 100M manages to make 9.3PS at 8000 rpm.

So, there is a power deficit of 0.9ps however, Discover 100M makes it up by producing this power 1000 rpm earlier.

2. Torque Figures: Similar story is observed for the torque figures. According to the official spec sheet shared by Bajaj, new Discover 100M produces 9.02Nm of torque at 6000 rpm and Discover 100T makes 9.2Nm at 6500 rpm. So, Discover 100M produces a wee bit of lesser torque, however, it produces it 500rpm earlier.

3. Optional Disc Brakes: Surprisingly, the costlier Discover 100T gets regular 130mm drum brakes whereas the cheaper Discover 100M gets an optional 200mm disc brakes.

4. Fuel Tank Capacity: Discover 100T comes with a fuel tank capacity of 10 liters with 3.5L reserve. On the other hand Discover 100M gets a smaller 9.5L tank with 1.6L usable reserve.


5. Gearbox: This is possibly a big differentiating factor between these two siblings. While the Discover 100T has got a 5-speed all-up gearbox, the Discover 100M makes do with a 4-speed all-up transmission.

6. Fuel Efficiency: This is a big change! Detuning of the engine, reduction in weight and other measures have resulted in significant betterments on the fuel efficiency front. While the more powerful Discover 100T has a fuel efficiency of 70kmpl whereas for the new Discover 100M the CMVR approved fuel efficiency figures stand at 84kmpl.

7. Wheelbase: While it doesn’t appear looking at the bikes, the Discover 100M has a smaller wheelbase than Discover 100T. Respective figures for both the motorcycles are 1255mm and 1305mm.

8. Weight: Discover 100M is lighter at 114kgs and Discover 100T weighs 121kgs.

9. Seat: While the Discover 100T comes with a sportier and ergonomic seat, the Discover 100M gets a more utilitarian and regular seat.


10. Silencer: Discover 100T gets a posher chrome exhaust tip. Discover 100M gets the regular exhaust colored black tip.

11. Side Panels: Discover 100T comes with sportier grey colored side panels. New Discover 100M gets body colored side panels.

12. Bar-End Weights: Discover 100M also doesn’t get the bar-end weights that are standard on the Discover 100T.

Price difference between Discover 100M and Discover 100T

So for all these differences, there has to be a price difference to create proper segmentation between these two motorcycles.

  • Discover 100T Price: Rs 49,000
  • Discover 100M Price: 45,996

*Both prices ex-showroom Delhi.

So, the entry level variant of Discover 100M is Rs 3000 cheaper than the Discover 100T. Weigh what you are missing and what you getting and choose wisely between these two, if these are the two you are confused in.

And if you have wider spectrum of choices, you always have very competitive motorcycles Dream Neo, Dream Yuga from Honda and others.

So, which one are you choosing?

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  • Design changes yes, but not a world apart. At this rate, all 26 alphabets will soon get exhausted for Bajaj’s Discover range.

  • Ashwin

    I really don’t understand if these kind of Questions are being asked in any Automobile Industry or even in Bajaj Recruitment or Training Centers.
    We really don’t need this Kind of Difference chart to be Posted for same bikes on BA which doesn’t help in any way. No one is interested to read Differences chart of Same Bikes & Especially all bike news readers know that Discover series bikes would be launched with all 26 Alphabets added to their 100cc tags & they might even come up with combination of Alphabets like Discover 100AB (Advance braking) , 100BC (Best Comfort) , 100** , So please don’t post this Kind of NEWS..

  • hemnadh

    I am not as intelligible as ashwin so i found this info very useful.

  • D S

    Agree with Hemnadh. The post is the best I could find over the net differentiating betwen two Bajaj siblings. Bajaj themselves are not able to give customers this much clear picture. Found this page very-very helpful in finalizing my purchase. Ashwin, you should not comment so negative on someone’s good effort.

  • udana

    Thankz buddy!

  • vignesh

    hellow pls tell me about which is the best bike for getting more milage, is that 100m or 1oot

  • Pavan

    Thank for posting.

    Now I could find the difference between the two Bajaj discover 100 T & M.

  • prem

    very helpful
    The bad thing is…. 100T is good but lacks disc brake … deal breaker for me.
    Just for disc … 100M suits me now

  • kusmaker

    who cares, they both will disappear soon. Honda dream for me.

  • Prem Soni


    Discover 100T has Full DC flicker free headlamp.

    is it same in 100M also

    i heard 100m doesnt have dc flicker free headlamp.

    also please confirm is tvs phoenix headlamp flicker free.

  • kallu

    tell me the total fuel capacity in 100m is 9.5 or 9.5+1.6=11.11 litre..mean is the reserve fuel tank is separate than the main tank..plzz tell me