This is an article by Hussain who has taken a ride in all the three 150cc segment bikes namely Honda Unicorn, Yamaha FZ16 and Suzuki GS150R and has shared his thoughts with us. (Thanks Hussain!)

Honda Unicorn 150cc

Honda Unicorn is the most balanced bike from the stable of Honda. The Handling is superb. The monoshock handles the potholes very well and provides excellent cornering and leaning ability. It feels heavy on the standstill and handles like a feather while moving. It glides where you want it to be in a straight line stability. If you are skinny you may feel the weight of the bike when standstill. Regarding the pickup it has got less initial pickup compared to other bikes in the same category but it becomes really fast once you cross 40kmph. If a bike has rapid initial pickup it sucks in top end performance resulting in vibrations or the engine not responding. That is the reason why Honda, Yamaha and even Suzuki lacks rapid initial pickup. In Unicorn, no vibrations or sound changes even after 100kmph. It is suitable for city riding as well as on highways. It has got ultra refined engine and the comfort level is top notch.

Yamaha FZ16

Yamaha FZ16 has got the best pickup in the 150CC category. The power increases in a smooth fashion as the power is distributed in the lower and mid torque range. It does not have the raw power like that of pulsar or Apache to give jerks or jolts of acceleration as mentioned by Amod. This bike too handles superbly due to large handlebar which makes it more flickable in the traffic and monoshock adds to better cornering and leaning ability. For the city riding it is the best bike. It is not suitable for highway due to very low top end performance and uncomfortable ride.

Suzuki GS150R

Suzuki GS150R is typical Unicorn with some extra weight. The engine seems to be very smooth but less than unicorn. It feels heavy at lower speeds and yes there are no vibrations at a speed of 80kmph but the engine sound began to change. The engine is not as refined as Unicorn but has digital instrumentation and gear change indicator. The instrument panels looks very good. It does’nt have a monoshock but handles the potholes easily. The initial pickup is more than unicorn and less than FZ16. While turning the bike it feels slighty heavy and the leaning angle is less due to the absence of monoshock. The comfort level is really good due to broader seat. The gear shifting is smooth. I ride the bike in the power mode. Overall it seems to be a good package.

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  • daksh

    hmmm, as far as i see it, the FZ 16 has really dropped a few marks down..
    when the bike was initially launched, i saw alteast 1-2 of those each day.. but now.. there just arnt any more adding upto the pile..
    i see more of unicorns, pulsars (yes, they are still selling), and HELL LOTTA HUNK!!!
    the HH Hunk sales are growing like hell… maybe u can compare the Hunk in this section too?

  • I would choose the FZ16 for the way it looks and how it manages to be different from all the other 150cc bikes. Trust me all the 150s have lots in common with each others except the FZ.


    HI All,
    YAMAHA FZ-16 bags the most prestigious Indian Automobile Awards ‘Bike Of the Year’ & Viewers Choice for FZ-16 @ UTVi and Auto car India Awards 2009……

    Nilesh Sharaf

  • M.Irfan

    I own a FZ-16 and it handles really well.It is really responsive to the throttle and the transmission is as smooth as silk.But the only disadvantage is the tiny rear seat it is really uncomfortable.As for the other bikes the Unicorn is really good.I don’t know about the GS150R.

  • daksh

    yea, i got a message from yamaha that stated the same thingy..
    gratz and hats off to yamaha for introducing such an awsome bike in the indian market…
    truly, the indian manufacturing firms have to introduce “something” to couter this baby!

  • hmmmm….
    i agree with all points mentioned about unicorn….
    dont know about others….FZ16 has more style….but i think unicorn has better service network compared to others….i would prefer people go either for FZ16 or unicorn…depending upon their style choice and city/highway use…but the suzuki bike would not be my fave choice because it maybe good….but its still average at everything including looks…

  • Andy

    Firstly,the suzuki bike isn’t for performance enthusiasts (i.e among 150-160 cc).The engine isn’t as good as that of the unicorn,the 6th gear is an overdrive,so you wont achieve top speeds in it and the gear ratios are very short.That means the bike wont have good top end performance.The looks of the suzuki is a bit of a let down,and its costlier than unicorn.So if u want style with good performance ,go for the yamaha fz16 ,the problem with the yamaha bike is its pricey.If you want good styling ,best engine of the 3 and good performance.Then its got to be unicorn.

  • Praveen

    i agree with u sankoobaba….
    fz16 has greater looks as compaired to othrs but
    as i think GS150r is the best choice for uniqueness.

  • Manglesh Sharma

    Yamaha FZ16 has got the best pickup in the 150CC category as we all know as compared to Suzuki GS150R and Honda Unicorn.
    our coming generation wants a Sporty look,comfortable seat, affordable price, solid engine, good average and excellent pickup in a bike 150cc bike and
    we can find all these features in yahama FZ16.

  • prabha mohanty

    I think Honda Unicorn is best bike because for the unique quality the handling is superb.I would prefer people to go for unicorn. But the disadvantage is no vibration and sound changes even after 100 kmph.

  • Sally scott

    Suzuki GS150R is really a good bike because it’s pick up is good,it has broader seat and and smoother shifting of gear in comparsion of Yamaha FZ16 and Honda Unicorn and I feel comfortable on ths bike.

  • hari om

    for the better comfort and style unicorn is the best with monoshock. yamaha and suzuki are also good but during driving no one would like to feel any vibration or sound unpleasant.

  • Aden clark

    Honda unicorn riding like a feather Handling is super it’s engine ultra refined and excellent cornering and leaning ability In Unicorn, no vibrations or sound changes even after 100kmph but back sit is not comfertable for siting. I prifer this bike.

  • Andrew barrow

    From the above discussion, i like unicorn, it has less maintainance and good looking with more service areas. It has bigger fuel tank than the Yamaha FZ16 and Suzuki GS150R.

  • salman

    I agree honda unicorn is the best package the only thing its lacking is weight and its looks if honda gives it more styling im sure it will be nightmare to yamaha fz16

  • daksh

    yea.. the only thing that didnt inspire me to buy inucorn was the bad styling.
    the unicorn is more of “old” now.. they need to give it a good facelift..
    then maybe, it can give head on competetion to FZ16 😀

  • Hussain

    Thanks Deepak for posting my comparison here.

    Many people are confused between Hero Honda Hunk and Honda Unicorn. Hunk has the same engine of Unicorn but tweaked for performance. Even Unicorn can be tweaked for performance but as I mentioned in the above comparison, If the initial pickup is more than the bike lacks top end performance that results in vibrations or unstability at higher speeds. Hunk is smooth and vibefree till 6500 rpm. After that it starts vibrating and you will feel the vibrations right from the footpegs to the handlebars. With a pillion rider the hunk seems to be a bit uncomfortable as the pillion weight is transfered to the handlebars. This effects the handling. Whereas Unicorn handles much better with a pillion rider. My brother owns Hunk and I own Unicorn, hence I am very much familiar with both the bikes. If you are looking for power and sporty looks then go for Hunk. If you prefer comfort, handling and mileage, go for Unicorn. As far as reliability is concern, both are reliable as they shares the honda engine known for long term reliability and almost zero maintainance. I hope this information will be helpful for others.

    I recommend you guys, take a long ride on the bikes you are considering, to know what suits you better before you buy it. Do not depend on the test rides alone as they are very short rides and you may not be able to judge it properly. Take a ride on the bike in your friends circle or someone like that. I hope the above information will be helpful for others.

    To know more about Honda Unicorn, do read my review posted at the below link.

  • John

    Thanks Hussain,

    U cleared a lot of confusion from my head, i want to buy a new bike, and was confused between unicorn & FZ 16, but after reading the above comments i will go for an unicorn.


  • daksh

    at the end of the road.. i chose pulsar 150 over unicorn and other 150 CC bikes..
    and im sorta happy with it…
    though i noticed vibrations above 5k RPM 🙁


    hey hussain….
    I am planning to buy a suzuki GS150R but as u said the engine is not as refined as Unicorn. I had taken a test drice and found that the engine sound remains smooth till 90kmph….but wen I rode Unicorn of my friend the sound started to creep at 80kmph. Moreover U forgot to mention the Engine Balancer system fitted in GS150R which makes it vibration free even at 90 whereas the vibration is transmitted to the body of the driver in case of Unicorn at 80…. Please ponder on these issues and guide me in my purchase…..

  • Sakthivel

    From the above comments, i was little bit confused.
    Finally i diside to buy Honda Unicorn.

    Many thanks for all of u


    • Hi,
      Why you guys still comparing with the old unicorn lets have a new look with unicorn dazzler .
      Lets have a look with all 150 ccs
      Pulsar 150- Strong,stylish,more maintenance
      apache 160- macho,good mileage, bad vibration
      unicorn – good mileage, more comfortable -not really a stylish one
      unicorn dazzler- same as unicorn with style and good look but not macho
      fz16- macho, style, good looking., but less mileage

  • Hussain

    @satyabrata behera

    Suzuki GS150R is equipped with balance driven gear that reduces vibrations and that is the reason why the bike is vibefree even at speed of 85+. In Unicorn, I agree the sound changes after 80+ but there are no vibrations and the bike is very stable even at 100kph speed. If you are feeling the vibrations it may be due to the improper tuning of the rpm. If your bike is running at higher rpm than is actually required, it results in sound change and vibrations that is the reason why hero honda hunk and CBZ extreme has vibrations even though it has the same unicorn engine. In GS150R, 6th gear adds to hassle free ride at higher speeds.

    The top end performance of Suzuki GS150R is slightly better than Unicorn due to sixth gear.

    The handling and cornering ability of Unicorn is better than Suzuki GS150R due to monoshock suspension.

    Both are good and suitable for city as well as highways.

    Unicorn has already been proven an all rounder with ultra refined engine, smooth performance, excellent handling, comfort and most important reliability. On the other hand suzuki GS150R seems to be a promising package as good as Unicorn with extra goodies but yet to be proven on a long run.

    As you have taken ride on both the bikes, go for what suits you better as both are good. On one hand you have a proven good product and on the other hand a good product to be proven.

    If you are not in a hurry to buy, I recommend you to wait as honda is planning to launch another 150CC bike shortly which will be a sporty version of Unicorn as is CBF stunner to shine.It will have six gears along with all the goodies like digital instrumentation and a fatter rear tyre. It will be available only after mid 2009.

  • Shenoy

    I am keen in buying a FZ16 is it really that bad.

    I know there would be no competition to Unicorn.

    but still is it that un comperable.

  • Hussain

    I agree with Satyabrata that Unicorn’s sound changes slightly after 80+ but there are no vibrations even at the speed of 100kph. If you are getting the vibrations than the rpm settings might not have been tuned properly on your unicorn. I suggest you have it corrected at an authorized honda service centre. Suzuki GS150R engine is very smooth but less smoother and refined compared to Honda Unicorn. The pickup of GS150R is more than Unicorn but handling and cornering confidently at high speed is possible only in Unicorn due to monoshock suspension.

    Unicorn lacks digital instrumentation and GS150R lacks monosuspension. Honda Unicorn has been already proven to be an excellent allrounder commuter bike. Suzuki GS150R seems to be a very promising bike nearly as good as unicorn but needs to be proven on a long run. Buying either of them is surely not going to dissappoint you.

    Bikeindia guys has done a road test of these bikes. Do read it to have a better understanding.

    Here is the link to bikeindia roadtest review:

  • Hussain

    @ Shenoy

    How did you get the idea that FZ16 is bad? It is from the stable of Yamaha known as one of the best handling and performance bike manufacturer. FZ16 is the best 150CC bike for city riding with very good pickup. It is very much flickable in the traffic. It has got excellent handling and cornering ability. The only negatives are it has got very small pillion seat, really uncomfortable for the pillion (specially ladies). It is suitable only for city riding not on highways due to uncomfortable ride. It performs superbly till 60-65 kmph speed and after that the performance drops. The mileage is less compared to other bikes in the same segment. If you ride mostly in city and that too single and can compromise mileage for great looks then go for it. Else consider Honda Unicorn or Suzuki GS150R.


    hussain!! thankzzz for the advice, but I wanna ask you one more help i.e. which engine is better Unicorn or GS150R since both are japanese…..

    at the end of the day all turns upto the engine longeivity and performance at higher revs… please guide…


    Dear Sir,
    M planing to but a bike but bit confused to buy which one. As I am married guy, so need a gud & stable bike which performance & handelling is better. My 1st choice is Yamaha FZ-16, but i have a question regarding it. I all all of it, but one thing that makes me to think is the Chain of the Bike. It is not covered, why is it so . As in India most of the Women wear Suit & Saree. If they are onto this FZ there would have a problem of getting their Saree or Suit or Dupatta to get Stuck on the Chain While Driving & this can create a Major Problem. Is their any solution to cover the chain on Yamaha FZ-16. My other Choices are Unicorn & Hunk & Karizma. But I m still stuck to FZ. Please Guide me to buy the best 1 for City Ride. & please think solution for The Open Chain thats onto FZ & ho can i cover if i buy that. If its covered then I Would buy it by today. Please Guide……….

  • Hussain

    As I mentioned earlier, Honda Unicorn has already been proven a successful allrounder bike whearas Suzuki GS150R seems to be a promising and attractive bike very close to unicorn. One of my friend owns a first generation unicorn and it performs and handles the same as a new unicorn even after 5 years. The engine is as smooth as earlier. GS150R seems to be a very good package with extra goodies like digital instrumentation and an additional 6th gear. We can comment on its durability and reliability only once it hits the road and becomes older. As long as engine refinement and handling is concerned, I found unicorn superior to GS150R.
    I recommend you to wait for few months as Honda is planning to launch new Unicorn variants with special features along with another 150CC bike with more power to compete with 150CC sports segement bikes. By that time we will come to know more about GS150R as well.

  • Sam Manickaraj

    I’m planing to buy fz16 tell me the advantages and disadvantages about the bike

  • Hussain

    @ VIKAS

    First let me tell you that FZ16 is not a family bike. It is more a sports bike. The pillion seat is too small for ladies. Even a well built guy will feel uncomfortable on this bike as a pillion. The bike is more suitable for a solo ride. I believe FZ16 comes with a saree guard. If not, I recommend you to fix it. The naked chain will not cause any problem if you have the saree guard fitted. If you ride mostly in city and that too solo and can compromise on mileage for looks blindly go for FZ16 as it is the best city bike a.k.a “Lord of the Streets”. If you want an allrounder bike that will delight you in city as well as highway and can serve as a family bike go for Honda Unicorn or Suzuki GS150R.


    FZ16 is the best 150CC bike for city riding with very good pickup. It is very much flickable in the traffic. It has got excellent handling and cornering ability. The only negatives are it has got very small pillion seat, really uncomfortable for the pillion (specially ladies). It is suitable only for city riding not on highways due to uncomfortable ride. It performs superbly till 60-65 kmph speed and after that the performance drops. The mileage is less compared to other bikes in the same segment. If you ride mostly in city and that too single and can compromise mileage for great looks then go for it.

  • nadir

    hai hussain , i have a very hard time deciding wether i should go for fz16 or unicorn. some people say unicorn is better cause it is much powerful than fz16. even the milage and engine in better . will u tell me the diffrence between fz16 and unicorn. i would even like to know wether fz16 or unicorn will win in a drag race.pleaseeeeee

  • sukhi

    hai hussain ,things which i want to know about fz16 is that 1.)wat exactly is its average?
    2.)wat exactly do u mean by “performance drops after 60-65kmph”?.
    thank you

  • Ashwin

    Oye! Yamaha R 15 and FZ 16 is the best bikes available. And I own one R15.

    There is no competition against R15.


  • Ashwin

    So Let Suzuki GS/RS/XS/XX or anyone come none can beet Yamaha, and a after decades time Yamaha is back as No.1

  • Kapil sharma

    Sir, I wanna purchase a bike in range Rs650000-80000

    But I am little bit confuse between yamaha fz-16 and Tvs Apache 160 RTR fi …… plz suggest me …

    • Shah

      U can buy an FZ 16 or GS 150r. Because the disadvantage of FZ is u can’t ride it on highways. The GS 150r is a bit heavy at the corners. Never go for apache because u have more maintenance and also less mileage. Rest depends on you. Whichever u want go for it….!!!!!


  • dharmesh

    hi all ,

    shenoy u have mentioned that honda is going to launch new 1500c bike wen it is going to be launched any idea ?

    and from were u got this info

  • Nik

    Sir i want to know the
    1) mileage of honda unicorn and yamaha fz 16. Which gives a better mileage ?.
    2) sir since i am lean which bike will suit me i personally feel yamaha fz 16 lighter than unicorn am i right ? Please reply as soon as possible thank you

  • jadoo

    In respect of 3 Bikes, I think lot has been written about Unicorn and GS 150 R, so I need not elaborate on these 2 Bikes, since I agree with most of the views. Both are wonderful bikes and GS 150 R wins with its equipment level. Centre Shock is a boon for high speed cornering. But considering the average commuter, it may not be as advantageous within the City, as on the Highway.

    All the 3 Bikes are supposed to be premium 150CC Bikes, so the margin of comparison betweeen them is very thin.

    But lots of misconceptions are there in respect of Yamaha FZ 16. So let me clear few doubts of some of our members:-

    1. The Pillion Seat – It is not as bad as it has been projected. No doubt for Women who sit sideways it may be uncomfortable if they are obese. But not for the women who sit just like the driver. ( Putting legs on each side ).
    2. There is a plus point for Women in FZ 16 – It runs on 17” Wheels and the Rear Tyre is a Low profile one, so the Bike sits low on the road. So Women can easily sit on the Bike. Comparatively, in Unicorn and GS 150 R, they’ve to climb onto the side footrest and on to the Bike.
    3. FZ 16 doesn’t have a complete Open Chain just like Pulsar 200 or 220. But it has been covered on the top, so only the bottom is open. So there are very few chances of saree or dupatta being stuck. The Bike comes with a Saree Guard but most of the owners remove it as soon as they go home for aesthetic look.
    4. The Bike is at least 10% lighter than other 150 CC Bikes, but feels more stable than others. It is lighter because there is extensive use of premium items such as alloy and lighter tyre.
    5. For the people who’ve driven RX 100, this Bike is the closest you can go back to those hooligan days with off course more confidence because of the stability of this Bike. Take a Point – you can never compare the performance of a 2 Stroke.
    6. The Performance is so good that you can forgive a mileage drop of about 10-15% compared to other 150’s.
    7. You cannot compare this Bike with Unicorn and GS 150 R since these bikes are targeted at commuters and FZ is for Commuter cum enthusiast.
    8. And last but not the least – You cannot enjoy driving this Bike Sedately. You’ve to drive like a hooligan to know the true potential of this Bike. This may be the reason for the low mileage or else it’ll give 45 kpl in Bangalore City.

  • Hussain

    Hi Guys.

    I have almost covered everything in my comparision and the comments section. I missed the mileage part so here it is.

    Mileage figures (After the engine is properly tuned – second servicing)

    Unicorn – 56 to 58 kmpl (City), 60 to 64 kmpl (highway) [Smooth acceleration, Correct gear, minimal use of brake and clutch and speed limit 60kmph (max).

    FZ16 – 42 to 45 kmpl (City), 49 – 52 kmpl (highway) [Smooth acceleration, Correct gear, minimal use of brake and clutch and speed limit 60kmph (max).

    Suzuki GS150R – Suzuki is claiming 55-60kmpl. One of my friend who got his bike 2 days back is getting a mileage of 49kmpl. It will surely improve after one or two services. Will see as the time passes.

  • bhushan

    Hussain i like ur review my fz gives me avrage about 55 and 58 riding under 4000rpm i got it from my every day riding about to 40-45km/day on bad roads .

  • bhushan

    i think i would give me 60-65kmpl on highway

  • addy

    hussain you idiot you did’nt told me which is better……….

  • Preetam

    daksh: hmmm, as far as i see it, the FZ 16 has really dropped a few marks down..
    when the bike was initially launched, i saw alteast 1-2 of those each day.. but now.. there just arnt any more adding upto the pile..
    i see more of unicorns, pulsars (yes, they are still selling), and HELL LOTTA HUNK!!!
    the HH Hunk sales are growing like hell… maybe u can compare the Hunk in this section too?

    I have seen so many person who have purchased HH Hunk, just a couple of months ago and are coming for selling their bikes for FZ 16. I am a second hand bike broker, and getting so many Pulsar and Hunk and so many other 150 – 150+ C.C. bikes, all are expecting for YAMAHA FZ.

  • rakesh sharma


  • maneesh

    honda is gona launch a new bike which will be better than FZ in looks power milage it will be having fi engine

  • Ameya

    I own Suzuki gs 150 r and its awesome comfort for the rider as well as partner sitting on the rear side of the seat unlike in Yamah Fz16..Looks are just superb and no bike in 150cc can be compared to it especially Yamaha FZ 16…
    Pick-up and mileage is mind-Blowing and its gear shifting as well is so smooth that u fell riding a sport bike…Display meters are just eye catcher…The modes- Economic as well as Power are so amazing for any type of rider which are useful for mileage seeker as well as speed seeker….
    Its engine is just like a superbike which makes less vibrations…Its die-cast alloys just don’t leave the road…Its headlight and tail-light are extremely powerful….Its Unique speeding as well anti-vibration factor is its sixth gear..
    In my opinion, it has beaten all the other bikes like Yamaha FZ 16 , Hunk, Unicorn,Pulsar and others in various terms like styling, Fuel efficiency, speed , performance,etc….
    So all u buyers confused about purchasing a new bike I suggest Suzuki Gs 150 r…

  • TSA Zahir Hussain

    Hi All,

    Please let me know the SUZUKI GS 150 CC gear speed limit.
    Zahir Hussain

  • Ramesh

    Iam planning to buy suzuki Gs 150 r, pls let me know the millage and worthyness of the bikes ,

    Ameya: I own Suzuki gs 150 r and its awesome comfort for the rider as well as partner sitting on the rear side of the seat unlike in Yamah Fz16..Looks are just superb and no bike in 150cc can be compared to it especially Yamaha FZ 16…Pick-up and mileage is mind-Blowing and its gear shifting as well is so smooth that u fell riding a sport bike…Display meters are just eye catcher…The modes- Economic as well as Power are so amazing for any type of rider which are useful for mileage seeker as well as speed seeker….Its engine is just like a superbike which makes less vibrations…Its die-cast alloys just don’t leave the road…Its headlight and tail-light are extremely powerful….Its Unique speeding as well anti-vibration factor is its sixth gear..In my opinion, it has beaten all the other bikes like Yamaha FZ 16 , Hunk, Unicorn,Pulsar and others in various terms like styling, Fuel efficiency, speed , performance,etc….So all u buyers confused about purchasing a new bike I suggest Suzuki Gs 150 r…

  • Vinodh

    Hi All,

    m planning to buy a new bike. m ltl bit confused to chose the bikes, i would likes to go for fzs…wat guyz??

    Vinodh J

    • Shah

      The back seat of the Fz-s is a bit smaller than other bikes. Even i like Fz-s but it’s not there for highways 🙁 . I want 2 own a Gs 150r. It depends on you. Whichever u want go for it, don’t think……….. GOOD LUCK:)


    HI ALL,

  • Aaron Cardoz

    Vinodh: Hi All,m planning to buy a new bike. m ltl bit confused to chose the bikes, i would likes to go for fzs…wat guyz??Cheers,
    Vinodh J

    Hey Vinodh,

    I am a proud owner of the FZ 16. I have owned a pulsar 150 CC for 5 years and I have regularly riden my friends 180 CC classic and a ZMA too. So here is what I would like to tell you.
    1) Is this your first bike?
    2) Where do you ride your bike for 70% of the time?
    3) What are essential for you, top speed, pickup, handling or
    4) What is the color preference of your bike?
    5) What is the price range of your new bike?
    6) What segment of bikes are you looking for,
    Example are. 125-150cc, 150 cc, 150 and above.
    Or Commutter, Cruiser , Racer?

    1) If it is a new bike, any bike you purchase will be a new experience for you and you would not be able to compare the subtle differences in the technology and engineering of other bikes unless your have ridden them for a while. (TEST Rides of bikes which are given to hundreds of people to test ride don’t really tell you the true story)
    2) If you have owned a pulsar or a hero honda before you could try going in for a different bike, suzuki or yamaha for a different riding experience.

    3) The Yamaha FZ 16 is an awesome bike for so many reasons, but it too has its pros and cons.

    IF you could answer the questions asked above, i could share a few of my personal experiences which may or may not be helpful to you, but if it does help you, i would be glad.

    Aaron Cardoz

  • paarin


    i wanna buy bike in 150cc segment bt i m very confused btw honda unicorn and fz-16???

    can u ll can help me out….???

  • biswas

    i wanna have a bike with a good mileage and comfort. tell me which one is better “Honda Shine 125” or “XCD 135”? Are there any other bikes in this catagory?

  • shotgun

    I started my biking life with bullet 350 and it is still my favorite and a legendary bike.Now I have a Honda CD 100 of 1985 vintage and that plus the HONDA brand inspired me to go for a Honda bike again and this time I have gone for Unicorn.I do about 80Kms every day on four lane highway and very often I do it on differnent bike every day. Unicorn is the best bike for executives for whom the bike is associated with bread and butter.It is a combination of fun and business in the sense with all the goodies my friends have submitted now I wish to add that for all those 80Kms drive everyday I get an average of 68-72 Kmpl….My other friends have rightly suggested to go for a long test drive on the bikes you have shortlisted,,normally dealers do not permit you have long test drives, better borrow the bike from friends and see it for yourself of couse keeping the reviews of the bikes in mind.Wonderful,,, submissions from Mr. Hussain…he is very honest in making his reviews

  • Jagadeesh

    Dear Hussain,

    I own one Yamaha Gladiator-JA type ( i brought this without any ones advice). I have been using it for 2 years and i have noticed a lot of problems in it. Now i am planning to buy another bike..FZ 16 is in my mind. My friends suggest me to go for Karizma rather than FZ 16. which one do you suggest? I already had bad exp with yamaha. or DO yo feel Unicon is best?
    I am into sales and will be traveling most of the day mileage is not a big concern…I am not a racer…my average speed in city would be around 40-50 kmph. i wont travel much on High ways. Please consider my usage and suggest me the best one.

    Warm regards


  • faizul

    why all this bike is not sell in malaysia??
    i feel so sad becouse all this bike is too pretty and cute as a baby. please answer my comment.


    Hi guys i m in the state of owning new >150 cc bike , give me one choice are FZ16 RTR160 fi & 180 ,suzuki gs150 r ,unicorn hh hunk. kindly do suggest me in this friends

    • Shah

      What type of bike (Eg: Macho, comfortable) do u like?

  • Mayank

    go for rtr 180..

  • Jagjit

    DINESH: Hi guys i m in the state of owning new >150 cc bike , give me one choice are FZ16 RTR160 fi & 180 ,suzuki gs150 r ,unicorn hh hunk. kindly do suggest me in this friends

    RTR160 fi & 180 — TVS not good over engines

    suzuki gs150 r — can,nt say

    unicorn — excellent handling, long life engine, stable and good mileage. 100%
    My top speed on unicorn—130 KPH

  • Antony

    Who said TVS is not good over engines? The Apache RTR engines are none other than the Suzuki Fiero engines. The Suzuki Fiero engine is one of the most reliable 150 cc engines ever in India. TVS has improved upon it and mated it with 5 gears.

  • Muthu

    I am confused as whether to go for Unicorn or Suziki GS 150….please advice….

  • Vijay

    Go for GS150R It Rockssssss!!!!!!1

  • Venkat


    I bought GS150RR 1 month back.Before first service it was giving 54 KMPL in city(speed <60 KPH).One time I got 60 KMPL too.
    After 1st service it's giving 54(Speed no limit)in city.
    Economically this is a good byke.very smooth drive.

    I would suggest people to buy this under 150 segment.

  • Ankur

    Hi hussain u hv post earlier that soon honda is coming with new variant of unicorn along with new honda 150 cc bike. Actually i hv also readsame smewhere else. Nw i m still waiting for this bike. Do u hv any idea abt this. I m eagerly w8ing nd i can’t wait for more than 1 mnths nw.
    1 thing more it is abt 8 mnths when u hv post this article. Nw do u hv any more updates regarding Suzuki gs 150r …. i m asking this in regarding comparison with unicorn. I mean do u still think unicorn is better as i m reading many reviews supporting suzuki gs 150r for its performance.
    W8ing for ur reply.
    regards ankur

  • Tsa Zahir

    Hi All,

    I need to know the Speed limit for 2,3,4 & 5 gears in Suzuki GS150. Thanks for your post.

    Zahir Hussain


    I have Honda unicorn.I have drive 20, has superb pick,if you drive it by advance riding technology.
    I say you should buy only and only

  • Ankur

    hi hussain plz ans… nf if anyone else knows… u r most welcome

  • auf13

    in my country nobike like that has come..
    O can’t comment anything

  • Muthu

    Hello everybody….I owned FZ16 a month back and the bike is superb and no works to describe it…I juz love riding it each and every moment….

  • iam_the_maharishi

    I am actually planning to buy a new 150 CC bike but i am confused between FZ16 and Unicorn.

    Although FZ16’s reviews are good there is one problem which no one talks about. FZ16 is a bike which has only a electric starter and no kick start. This might look advantageous for now, but for the long term this can be a serious flaw. I have been using my electric starter on Kinectic Honda for the past 15 year but found that after every mumbai rains there used to be a contact problems in the starter and hence used to use kick start a lot. This is the only major flaw which i think will effect the sales of FZ16 over long term.

    I can understand that the new fuel injection bikes (like HH Karizma ZMR or the Yamaha R15) need only electric start due to fuel injection stuff, but why should FZ16 not have a kick start since its a normal carburretor style fuel injection?

    Please let me know if anyone agrees.

  • Muthu

    No company will not realease any bikes without considering these major issues. Starting problem is there in all 2 stroke bikes irrespective of with starter or without starter during rainy season. Forget about all this. I have bought FZ 16 and the bike rocks. Even if you drive in 80-100 you dont feel as though you are driving in that speed. And the stability of the bike excellent.Each and every part of FZ16 is designed after a through research. The milege i get is 40 in city.

  • Hemant

    I am still in confusion 2 get a new byk. whether it would be unicorn or FzS or suzuki Gs 150R,could u pltz help me in buying a new byk.

  • Darshan Ghumare

    I am planning to buy a bike, but confuse between RTR 180, GS180R & Unicorn.
    My height is 6 feet & the bike mileage should be around 50 kmpl.
    So please tell me which one you recommend?

  • vinay aradhya

    i own suzuki 150r..the gears r bit hard.i duno whtz d prblm.i get lot of sound while shifting the 1st n 2nd gear.plz suggest me.i got the byk 2days back

  • advaith

    Dear frnds,

    i bought gs150r last october,me also confused which one to buy,but after taking test ride all the bike ,i convinced with gsr ,dont belive my comments,test ride these bikes and get convinced by urself,i bet after test riding u will go for gs 150r

  • advaith

    dear vinay,
    i dont knw wht happening with ur bike ,me also owing gs 150 r,my gear shifting are smooth as butter

  • arjun

    Little bit confusing between honda unicorn and suziki 150 GS so pls guide me

  • Ravi Mathur

    Hey guys, please help me in selecting a 150cc bike, it should have good mileage, pick up and atractive like a sports model

  • Susheel

    Hi Guys,
    I am looking for a 150CC bike and as per the current market trends and feedback from users all around, i had planned to go for a Unicorn. I had been to the showroom and was told that there is a waiting period of 60 days which was indeed surprising and astonishing. This vehicle is surely in a lot of demand it seems. I then thought of giving a thought of Suzuki 150 GS and took a test drive. The initial thrust and pickup was good but the engine is nosier than the Unicorn. The feel and comfort is also pretty cool like Unicorn but somehow the turning dimension on quick and steep turns seems to be a bit uncomfortable and heavier. I think it is probably due to the weight of the vehicle. Morover, the looks, the digital meter and some other features are an added advantage to of this vehicle (Suzuki 150 GS).

    I am not a bit confused to chose between the two. Should i wait for 60 days for a Unicorn or go ahead with Suzuki. I will appreciate some valuable suggestions and guidance.



  • kamal

    hi friedz,
    i planned to buy suzuki gs150, but heard some comments abt foot rest, we have to use our foot while sharp turn because of the low height of foot rest… is it right?… plz suggest me any owners of gs150….

  • Samkiran

    Hello Everyone,

    I have gone through lot of websites and let me tell u this is the most honest comparison I have read. Great work, Hussain. I completely agree with the above comparison.
    We Indians are always taken away by the looks and believe that what looks good is the best and are not ready to listen to others and accept the truth. Most people have the habit to praise their owned product thus making it difficult for others to choose the right product. I suggest those looking for a new bike to take a test ride of the bikes you are shortlisting and take advice from a person or mechanic who has well knowledge and experience of the bikes rather than spending your hard-earned money on a different taste of bike. Do remember the purpose of buying the bike. Everyone has a different taste. Go for what you like rather than what others like. If it is purely for fun, racing, rash driving then please excuse japanese bikes. I have 30 years of bike riding experience and have come to the conclusion that these japanese bikes are like our life partners(wife), treat them well and they will serve you for life. If you treat them like a whore, u will what will happen.

  • Samkiran

    I too own gs150r since an year and let me tell u this is an amazing bike. The looks, feel of the bike, rock solid stability at high speeds is really great. I agree that it is not better than unicorn is all aspects. When compared to unicorn, the engine is noisy and taking sharp turns and cornering at high speeds is a bit scary. It is not due to the weight but weight-distribution. GS150R front portion is heavier than the rear whereas unicorn has perfect weight distribution. It is just 4-5kgs heavier than unicorn. But this bike is much better than any other bike in this segment. It is just next to unicorn. The comfort level, mid-range and top-end pickup is better than unicorn. The Mileage I am getting is between 50-55 in city and above 60 on highways. I am totally satisfied with the bike. Buying either of the bike will make u happier and satisfied. I recommend u to go for gs150r as the bike is more stylish and has everything what u want from a bike of such category. But as u are feeling it heavy, go for unicorn as it is the best handler in this segment.

  • Kishan

    Great comparison, Hussain. Mr Samkiran, I agree that unicorn handles better than gs150 but is now outdated. GS looks superb. A simple engine from Honda without any special technology even after six years is still the best in the market. To match it suzuki came with overdrive 6th gear, engine balancer technology, BS26 carburator with TPS, digital gizmos but is still not better than unicorn in all aspects. If Honda comes up with all these technologies imagine where it would be. But hats off to suzuki for its dareness to challenge unicorn and give us a bike almost equal to unicorn if not better. Currently GS150 is a better buy than unicorn as it looks fresh and has lot of features. Can’t say what will happen when honda launches Unicorn sports concept. If it has more power, 6th gear, rear disc brake and digital instrumentation than it will remain unmatched for another 6-7 years or more.

  • Wajid

    Superb comparison. I agree with all the points mentioned by Hussain. Still some idiots are confused which bike to choose. Intelligent and mature guys, go for Unicorn or GS150R. Youngsters go for FZ16 because it is fun to ride. Once you get married you need to get rid of FZ and buy either of the other two bikes.

    My vote goes to
    1. Honda Unicorn
    2. Suzuki GS150R
    3. Yamaha FZ16

  • Anish

    Hi Hussain
    I am a regular driver of and have Passion for it now i am using TVS apache 160 but wanna to have a new one. But confused between suzuki GS150R,pulsar 180,unicorn,CBZ extreme and FZ-16 . please provide your valuable suggestion.

  • Haynes Raja

    When I was planning to buy a bike in 150cc class I was waiting for unicorn… as Fz has no good space even for a family… Then I shifted to GS150R as it has everything in a better manner… My minimal average is 44 even as a little bit rash rider…. Its awesome when compared with others…

  • kamal

    hi friends,, i m looking for 150cc bikes, my choice is gs150 but i heard some comments about its engine i.e, more than 80speed the engine knocking sound will appear, is it right….. can anyone suggest me who have bought gs150….

  • Krishna.s

    i like for pulsar 180 cc

  • Muhammad Arif

    I want to buy Suzuki GS150r in pakistan, But How?

  • Ahmed

    Hey, Hussain. Hats off to you man. What a comparison! What an explanation! The best one I have read. But where r u, buddy?

    @ Muhammad Arif

    Bro, you can’t get gs150r in pakistan as currently it is specific to india. But I believe you have gs150 in pakistan. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • inderjeet

    i want to buy bike in 150 cc segment and i have read a lot of comparison between suzuki 150 and honda unicorn and even i am stuck up which bike to buy, i will be riding more in city and oftenly on highways budget is not problem so can u suggest me which one to buy for comfort driving and handling.

  • indresh

    frnds i m going to buy a new bike but i m too much confused in FZ16 and RTR 160. Plz give me ur valueble sugestions nd riding experince of these bikes.

  • Kishan


    Both GS150R and Unicorn are equally good but as you will be riding more in city than highways, I suggest you to go for Honda Unicorn as it has got best handling in the 150CC segment and has got more initial pickup than GS150R. Even though the bike is lengthy you can cut the traffic with ease and the power delivery is linear irrespective of straight or incline roads. Whereas GS150R has got least initial pickup and cutting through traffic requires expertise.

  • Rajeshwar

    Excellent writeup Hussain. I have read many reviews and comparisons but this seems to be the honest one. Short but sweet and covered almost everything in the comment section. GS150R is really an amazing bike as I have been using it since an year. The only con is engine is not as refined as honda and the annoying sound at speeds above 80kmph.

  • kavi

    i ride both fz and unicorn… i feel both the bikes r comfort but lagging in something wen they compared… unicorn is better for long trip, millage and two guys can sit comfortably for a long ride… fz is lagging in this…. but its better for city ride,initial pick up is good, single men can ride comfortably and more safe than unicorn…. if u r a single and don’t bother about millage choose fz…

  • Rahul

    Very true, Mr. Hussain. I totally agree.

    I own suzuki fiero and is now looking for an upgrade so decided to have a test drive. In my friends circle, I have both unicorn and gs150r. I reside at hyderabad and my family at siddipet. Every weekend I go to visit my family. Last time I took GS150R and this time Unicorn. Here are my observations:

    GS beats unicorn in looks department. Build quality is fantastic and the digital instrumentation is the coolest one I have seen. The initial pickup of GS dissappointed me in the city limits but once I enter the highway it amazed me with great acceleration and performance. The pickup is great after 60kmph and upto 85kmph. The engine is smooth but not throughout the revrange. It sounds quite like pulsar. After 85kmph it becomes very noisy. The bike is rock solid even at 90kmph speed. Handling is good but not great and is just like any other dual shockabsorber bike.

    Unicorn pickup is not great but good enough(decent) in the city limits with smooth power delivery. It becomes really fast after 40kmph. Handling is fantastic. It is just 3kgs less than GS but it handles like a feather. Engine refinement is amazing. At high speeds I can only hear other bikes sound or the wind. Everything about this bike is silent including the self start button.

    Comfort level is superb on both the bikes and I did not get any back or butt pain during my up and downs. I felt some wrist pain while on gs150r maybe due to handlegrips. Mileage figures are the same in both the bikes. I got 67kmpl on unicorn and 68kmpl on gs150r with similar style of driving. Yes, Unicorn has allround performance and GS topend performance. As the handling is way better in unicorn and as I ride mostly in crowded city I decided to go for Unicorn but not this outdated one. I am eagerly waiting for all new updated unicorn which is going to come by this june. Otherwise I like GS150R as well.

  • Waseem

    Excellent comparison, Hussain bhai. Each and every word is genuinely true.

    I own Honda Unicorn grand prix edition and has done 25000kms till date. I am getting 57kmpl in city riding and amazing 68-70kmpl on highways. I maintained my bike very well with regular servicing and avoiding rash driving. Even after 2 years it shines like a new bike. The color theme of grand prix edition is amazing and still people turn their heads to have a glance of it. Many are asking if it is a new unicorn. I feels like a celebrity on road. This bike handles like a feather. I can zigzag through traffic like a 100CC bike. True to its name Wing Rider. The max I tried was 110kmph on speedometer but couldn’t go any further as the road does not permit. The bike was rock solid and smooth at that speed. But the bike accelerates rapidly till 85kmph then it takes time to reach its top speed. Day by day the bike is becoming more and more smoother even the electric start is so silent that you can hardly hear it. I am just loving it. Few days back I test drive my friends gs150R which has done 9500kms. I found the bike quite similar to unicorn but it is noisy and the weight of the bike is felt even though it is just 3kgs more than unicorn. It sucks at low speeds and I have to change the gears often and quickly to feel the power at low revs. The acceleration at high speeds is amazing compared to unicorn but noisy again. After crossing 80-85kmph it makes lot of noise. It is more of a tourer than a city bike. I liked it as well. Comfort is same as unicorn for the rider but pillion may feel uncomfortable after long rides due to high seating stance and due to wind. I felt wrist pain after riding it for an hour whereas in uni no such thing. But surely it is more value for money bike than unicorn even though unicorn is better than GS150R in practical aspects.

  • Gomzie

    hi friends,
    May be newer Honda Unicorn will be launching before april 2010.
    I m continously tracking Honda website from last 2 months. Earlier they were showing atleast 5/6 color shades for Uni. A month ago there was 4 shades, and now only three shades available. (Black, Silver & Red). Thus the reading between the lines is that, Honda does not make available less running shades, and sale out its remaining stock for older model.
    Need another proof? Then take it.
    Somewhere on this site, I read that Uni does not qualify Bharatstage III norms, which are aplicable from 1 of april. So they are planing to directly alter the existing model.
    So if u r waiting for newer Uni (As shown in auto expo), may ur wait ends soon. Enjoy!!!

  • chethan

    HI GUYS,
    i read many of ur comments……
    well i also like many others have GS150 and Unicorn in mind and from dec 2009 i checked out the comments of all bikes and finally i am left with these 2 bikes.
    let me tell how would i use these….
    i might ride 30-40km per day and once in a month or 2 may take a long ride.
    now dont tell me 2 switch to some other lower cc engine….
    well i m most concerned will b on MILEAGE, MAINTAINCE COST after some 4 or 5 years and RELIABILITY OF ENGINE AND OTHER PARTS.
    About me: i m 70kgs and 5.8 and 24yrs old. so tell me which of the 2 suits me.

    also guys u r telling bout new unicorn. is it CB unicorn or unicorn sports(wen ll it b launched)

    plz clear my confusion guys….

  • chethan

    Hi hussain i read ur comments at mouthshut.
    well tell me one thing, as i read from other websites it changes its sound above 80kmph. is it true…
    And overall unicorn might be better than GS i think as told by u…..

  • Altaf

    I own orange color GS150R. My odometer reads 15500kms. This bike has got the majestic feel and solid built quality like international bikes other than that nothing special. It is like any other 150CC bike. This bike feels heavy at slow speeds mainly in the city and handling at low speeds is not upto the mark but at high speeds it performs superbly at is quite stable due to heavy weight. Mileage I am getting is just 48kmpl in city with speeds limits not more than 70kmph and never giving sudden throttle. The mileage I am getting is in economy mode. Upto 1 year it was ok and from then onwards it keeps on fluctuating never consistent. Previosly I was getting between 54-57kmpl but now it reduced to max 48kmpl. On pure highway I got just 58-60kmpl. When the bike was new I got 65-68kmpl at pure highways. I complained to service centre people they tuned it and after that it will improve for few days and again the same story. Now the SC guys are saying it may be due to improper runin of the bike. I took very good care of my bike since I bought it. Never gave sudden acceleration and occasionally touched 95kmph that too at highways. I bought the bike because of mileage and performance. The engine sometimes feels refined and smooth and many times rough and noisy. I don’t know what is the reason behind that. As the bike resembles pulsar and unicorn so does the nature the engine I believe. My friend who bought unicorn two months prior to me is still getting 58kmpl in the city limits. He has done 20000kms till date. Are the suzuki engines made to perform good till 2 years?

  • manoj

    Hi i want to buy a bike in 150 cc segment can any please tell what will the best bike for me. i need to goto office daily so my daily average would be 20km in city and in the weekends i’ll go out on trips so please suggest me bike which is comfortable. i previuosly owned HH passion. i thought of yamaha fazer but cant figure out why that bike has more cost than the rest. ny 1 plz suggest me bike which suits my requirements both in city and highways.

  • roji

    I like fz 16 bcoz of its great performents and good handling . I have a fz16. After my bikes 3rd service it is become very smoother than the other bikes . Its high end performenc is a bit less than unicorn but unicorns top speed is only 100 km/h.Fz’s top speed is 130 km/h. so i think fz is more better than other 150 cc bikes.its wider rear tyre give more comfort in higher speed.TOTALLY I LOVE U REALLY FZ 16………………………………………………

  • hi all,
    i dont see honda comin up wit a new unicorn model…the cb unicorn has already increased the price tag by 2000/- with its modification..and further modification means jump in price plp will go for higher cc bikes..
    cb unicorn apr-2010 qualifies for BS-3 and the only new bike here wud be the concept sports version..
    i was told tht a new 150cc honda bike wud b launched similar to Fazer but nobody is whispering abt that now let alone talkin

    and for plp who r in fix betn CB Uni and GS150, i wud say go for Uni for its pure smooth and wing ride…
    one more thng attractiv offers on bike only means poor sales thats wat suzuki is doin for GS 150R…

  • Roji, i think for ur reqts the only bike that comes to my mind is Unicorn, but i wud take a guess as to wat is scribblin ur mind ” the unicorn doesn’t hav tat x-factor to impress plp” like wat pulsar has..
    many plp hav tat doubt in thr mind but trust me Unicorn is one of a kind bike..the experience of the ride is noticiable when u test ride the vehicle for the very first time…
    i wont go deep into it bcoz everything u want is there already on this page regarding the bike…

  • Sundar

    Hi Friendz,

    I got my Suzuki GS150R on march 2010, intially everthing was good, but after 500 KMS engine sound starts to change and i checked with the service people they said its quiet normal 🙁 , mileage i am getting is 50 to 53 KMPL. if Suzuki is really concerned about their customer’s they have to do something with the engine noise. but other than this GS150 is really a BEAST.

  • landmark

    i think on 150cc bike by style,performance,mileage,comfort Honda unicorn iz the best bike,,,,,,,,

  • Selvam

    Pls dont buy HH bikes as they are not improvising the suspension in all bike models… Riding is very horrible by using HH bikes… Bajaj bikes suspension and riding quality is good compared to other company bikes… The engine noise & vibrations is coming in HH hunk while riding in 80kmph… The front & back suspension is so hard… Not even doing well… HH company wll not improve their suspension & engines & look even after they face a hard time in market now… If they are doing like this no one buy their company bikes after 5yrs…

  • James

    Unicorn has been a favourite of lots in india and other nearby countries. Fz is a bullshit. how can u take it on comparision.
    It dont have any ride quality. i am not if favour of honda or suzuki but this one is not a good choice.
    i expected a lot from the fz before its arrival. yamaha r15 is very good but the fz section sucks. what ever u say but overall unicorn is the perfect one.Reality is just reality.u cant ignore it.

  • Antony

    Many unicorn fans claim unicorn engine is smooth, unicorn engine is smooth….. stop that crap. I agree unicorn engine is smooth, but other bikes like gs150r and fz16 engines are also very smooth. The only difference is the sound. The sound of the bike is mainly due to the exhaust tone. Many bikers want to hear a loud exhaust tone, because it indicates how exactly the bike is behaving.

    Engine smoothness can be compared by the vibration you feel in the handles and footrests, not the exhaust sound. Hunk and dazzler have same unicorn engine, but hunk and dazzler are more louder because of the different type of exhaust. So, is unicorn engine in hunk and dazzler bad??

    Unicorn has smooth engine and silent exhaust tone. Gs150r and Fz16 also have smooth engines but grunty exhaust note. Gs150r is the only bike with engine balancer technology. Apache and Pulsar also have grunty exhaust tone. Apache and Pulsar had vibration issues before, but newer apache and pulsar have lesser vibration in handles and footrest. But Pulsar’s main drawback is its notchy gears. So, dont confuse silent exhaust sound with engine smoothness. For smoothness of engine, check for the vibtrations you feel in footrest and handles.

  • Muraleekrishna

    Dear Team,

    Currently i am having RX 135 (4Speed) 98 model. My average riding in a day is around 65 KM (All in city).

    Iam planning to buy a new bike in 150 CC segment but i got confused due to so many varity.

    Could anyone can help me to buy a new one which can be meet my expectation.

    1. Good Initial Pickup.(Almost same as RX 135)
    2. Good mileage.
    3. Riding Comfort.
    4. Safty.
    5. Good Mileage

    Thanks in advance.


  • harshvardhan

    the unicorn is best in a 15occ engine class because
    1.silent engine
    2.long lasting engine life
    3.easy average of 48km+ per leter
    4.good pick up better than apachee160rtr.

  • harshvardhan

    unicorns top speed is 125km\ph on a 13.1 bhp engine no other bike can go at this speed

    • Susuki GS150R’s top speed is 120km/ph and easly reached above this as well, it has 13.8bhp.

  • leo

    Wake up people unicorn dazzler is launched with an increased bhp i.e. 14 bhp very fast and realiable like the old unicorn but its expensive 74000rs. Its giving me average of 60 km in city. rear disc brake has made it a controllable horse at high speeds. Go testride and feel the difference. Enjoyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

  • Anil

    I think fz 16 in not good bike in that range. In that range pulsar 180 was come. Pulsar 180 is more comfortable at same mileage then fz 16. In 150cc range suzuki gs150r is the best bike. This bike is very comfortable, good mileage in city driving, beter pick up than unicorn. Its drawback is engine sound is noisy to rider, But unicorn is very smooth to rider. In 150cc segment hh hunk is totally value for money because looks very good, great style, greater initial pick up than other 150cc bikes. Comfortable wise i go for gs150r.

    • vijju

      pulsar and GS bkes are old fashion.for good look yamaha fz is gud.

  • Dilip BK

    Dear All,

    I did not read the above article by Hussain, cos I have read many artciles eariler related to bikes by other bike enthusiats.
    Well, I just want to share my own thougts about bikes, every automobile technoloy has thier individual beauty and performance, as likes of Bajaj’s TVS’s,Yamaha’s and Suzuki’s in Indian market, only matters with us only, we should follow the latest technologies and feel them.I had Pulsar180cc 2002 model,bought in 2006,It was my first bike and I was 2nd owner, I sold it in March 2009, but it was too good bike as of performance, power and road grips, no complaints, I use to ride the bike 32km up & down everyday. I still miss the bike and love it.After that Pulsar 180, I bought Suzuki GS150R in March 2009, After checking on all other 150cc+ bikes, I decided to go for GS150 even without test ride, cos I fall in love with the bike and its look, and something extra 6 speed, digi odometer…clock, P-mode & E-mode.So far I have no problem with the bike Ilove this bike, only problem with the bike is Turning,while taking turns we need to be careful we need long turn instead of short, as it has left side disc break and bit uncomfortable, and it doesn’t have side stand red signal, where Pulsar does, rest the bike is smooth mileage wise etc.
    People say, noise after 90KMPH above etc.. I had no problem reaching 117kmp on Bangalore Mysore Road a couple months agao with 2 heavy weights 70kg & 80kgs. well my suggestions to you all is keep fuel tank full always for smooth ride and good perfomance.
    Thank you all beleive in human technology and listen to your self before buying the

  • gowdhaman

    i’m totally confused in chosing between gs150r,unicorn.pulsar 150,apachi 160 and herohonda cbz extreme… ll please anyone help me out… looking for a bike for family…

  • firoz

    YAMAHA FZ-16/FZ-S is the best 153CC bike for good pickup with easy handling, driving comfort, very short radius turn make it more control rinding in city and highway. there is no comparison of this bike other.
    One who says rear seat is too small, it is not like that. I took test drive with my wife seating at rear seat and my 2 yr son seating on fuel tank. After feeling every comfort i decided to buy this one. My son also liked this bike too much.
    So my dear friend do not spoil the image of rear seat by seeing from distance, have a ride with family as i deed.

  • sharath

    gs 150 has brilliant overall performance…………………….it has speed style and mileage wat more do u expect 4m a bike its a dream come true……………………………………

  • Yogendra Kumar

    Hi Guys,
    My Height is 5’5″. Please Suggest Me a Bike in 150 cc segment that will suite me.Please reply soon.

  • Jayesh

    hey i have read many of the comments but im confused between unicorn and fz, if i want unicorn+looks what should i opt for.

  • Gautham

    Hi friends i’m an ardent fan of Honda (now). I’ll give you a clear picture of which bike is better. I & my friend has both CB Unicorn & Pulsar. CB Unicorn – Better comfort, mileage, durability. Pulsar- Comfort (not upto the mark), mileage (no), durability (not steady. I waited for more than three months for CB Unicorn and at last got the bike. I don’t regret for waiting since it is better than any other bike i have rode and i’m telling you this from my heart. I had CBZ, my brother had Hunk and my friends had Apache and GS150R. We all drove each others bike and came to a conclusion that all of them liked CB Unicorn. CB Unicorn has a uniform weight all around and the jerk is well-balanced even if the bike is in full throttle. We all went for long drive and everone loved to drive CB Unicorn. Once you pass the third gear you wont feel the engine sound, it’s so smooth, no wear & tear for long-term (Guaranteed). It is trendy too for youth’s and good value for money. I strongly recommend everyone to buy CB Unicorn especially the Pearl Black. There was once this saying that “Honda stays longer than your best friends” i agree to that quote now.

  • srinivas

    Hi All,

    Going through the comments from 2009, i am planning to buy GS150R
    but please clarify me knocking engine sound of GS150R is only at higher speeds i.e., above 80

  • Shah

    Hello everyone 🙂

    I’m really confused wid fz and gs150r.
    Plz tell me abt the knocking sound in gs150r. Are most gs150r owners unhappy??
    Rply fast……

    • Sajno

      Hi Friend

      I own a GS for past 1 year and I’m extremely happy with its performance.
      The knocking sound you are referring to is not at the higher speeds. If you reduce the slow speed of the bike lesser than that is required, the engine knocks before it shuts down. I’m not really aware of any other knocking sound in the bike.
      I’ve already covered 18000 Kms and the bike even with a pillion can easily cruise above 100kmph on high ways.

      I never ride my bike looking for mileage and my normal speed is around 80 kmph. Still it returns a mileage of 50+ every time.

      The 6th gear is a blessing on high ways, but it can confuse you to choose the right gear in cities.

      One additional feature I would like to have in this bike is a dual mono-shock and probably a bit sportier styling.

      Hope this information is helpful for you. The bike is taller and heavier than other Indian bikes. So please test drive it and see if it suits your size.

      All the best


    • vijju

      yamaha fz is gud bike.

  • harshavardhan

    yamaha FZ16 IS awesome

  • Krishna

    i always feel bad seeing people write paragraphs about Unicorn , but few lines about Suzuki gs 150 as both are very good in every aspect except the mono shock
    Even GS150R is heavy, it gives superior comfort and mileage than unicorn. We can not compare engine smoothness as every engine is unique and its design differs.
    Only problem with Suzuki is its marketing strategies are not up to the mark Honda does. Example is the Suzuki Access 125cc , no one had any idea about this bike , but when they enquired about the bike , showroom people told that the waiting period is 3 months or more.

  • Kirthi

    Hello Friends,

    I am having confusion between GS150 and Honda Dazzler , i read all of the comments about Unicorn but unicorn is old compare to all other bike and now Honda is released Dazzler with some advance upgrades compare to Unicorn like Rear disk brake , Semi digital display ,and it looks slightly like sports bike because of the front crawl and mono flexi bone ,but the major disadvantages are weight is lesser than the unicorn and it may wobble in high speeds, Kicker (The most important one in city traffic),and battery just 4 amps , so we cant able to use any additional horns security systems,and we can’t leave off the bike for more than a week because battery should be charged atleast once in a week ,but advantages better millage,semi digital display, tubeless tyres,front and back disks,light weight and height is less it will be easily turned in city traffic but with out kicker all points are seems to be ok ,

    And if we take about GS150 compare to dazzler 12 Kg more heavy in weight , height is more and looks very professional , disc size is small and braking is slightly lesser than the Honda dazzler milage is almost equal only suitable for high ways just OK for city,and initial pickup is lesser than Dazzler,due to the bigger body and length of the bike difficult to handle in city traffic and but advantages are Battery capacity is more so extra horns and some other devices can be fixed in bike without and doubt,weight is more so highly stable in high speed even in 120KMPH ,6 gears so stressless in high speed seat is comfort ,main thing kickstart its most required for now a day traffic,because every one have to save petrol and no to pollute air so in a long time city traffic people wish to switch off their bike so if battery is low then we will in a big struggle so kindly help me come over this confusion ,which is the best bike in this segment either GS or Dazzeee?????,
    Actually i am 5.6 height so if GS is ok will it match for me or not,and one more thing how is the headlight in GS because its most important in highways as well as city at night times

    Because i rode all of the bikes unicorn ,unicorn dazzler,hunk,cbz,pulsar 150 and 180,FZ but GS150 i didn’t get bike to ride on it , so in this above all bike Dazzler is good in all aspects as per me , so kindly GS owners help me GS is ok in all above aspects or not????

    Thanking U ,

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  • Akhil V Nair

    Ya th waitin period 4 th unicorn is really disgustin. I am waitin 4 th last 5 months. Nd m very much thrilled in receiving ma ride. Nd i hope th honda ll not make any further delay in th delivery of ma byk.plsss honda make it faster…….

  • Sandip

    Hello Kirthi,

    Just one suggestion! Don’t come to any conclusion until you test drive Suzuki GS150R. I got it around 45 days ago. Did 1050 km on it. Its is test drives by almost all my friends having all the models mentioned above + apache 160.

    There was only once opinion in each and every mind. Suzuki GS150R outperforms every bike in its segment considering price, feature, built quality and engine refinement. FZ16 is also good but does not look professional and not good for pillion rider. Unicorn is good but its outdated. GS150R is a complete package.

    Test drive it to believe each and every word mentioned in my opinion.

    Bye bye and take care. Drive safe!

  • sandeep

    hello frnd’s ,
    plez give ur most important advice , i wont to bay a bike, which have sports look .
    my daily run is 30+km so average also meter…
    plez give ur advice on

  • antony

    Many unicorn fans claim unicorn engine is smooth, unicorn engine is smooth….. stop that crap. I agree unicorn engine is smooth, but other bikes like gs150r and fz16 engines are also very smooth. The only difference is the sound. The sound of the bike is mainly due to the exhaust tone. Many bikers want to hear a loud exhaust tone, because it indicates how exactly the bike is behaving.

    If kawasaki ninja, suzuki hyabusa, harley davidson, or even our Bullet was silent, will anybody buy these? The sound of a bike is part of its character. If you want silent bike, go buy an electric scooter. To guage smoothness of a bike, check if you feel vibrations on footpegs, handlebars, and seat; not exhaust sound.

    Hunk and dazzler have same unicorn engine, but hunk and dazzler are more louder because of the different type of exhaust. So, is unicorn engine in hunk and dazzler bad??

    Unicorn has smooth engine and silent exhaust tone. Gs150r, hunk, and Fz16 also have smooth engines but grunty exhaust note. Gs150r is the only bike with engine balancer technology and 6th gear for vibe-free high speed riding. Unicorn and Gs150r are both smooth. Unicorn is more manuverable than gs150r in city riding, but Gs150r is more vibe-free than unicorn at speeds above 75 kmph.

    Apache and Pulsar also have grunty exhaust tone. Apache and Pulsar had vibration issues before, but newer Apache and pulsar have lesser vibration in handles and footrest. But Pulsar’s main drawback is its notchy gears. I especially like Apache 180 for its powerful and strong engine with decent mileage, plus clip-ons, rear disc, etc.

    So, dont confuse silent exhaust sound with engine smoothness. For smoothness of engine, check for the vibtrations you feel in footrest and handles, not sound.

  • Crazy Ishq

    Hi Macho’s:
    Its the first time i planned to get a bike. When i made a survey till date, i decided to get only HONDA cbUNICORN. It do stand worth when compared. None of the bike will be Perfect in all. Some performance will fail anywhere. This s the implementation fact. So am here which i give importance to *Engine * Style(Presence) *Mileage *Maintenance *Long term * Servicing friendly. But when i collected informations, i get upset about servicing is going bad with unicorn’s. But when i collected info about this, i get to know tat, It matters a lot where we get a bike. Bcoz, some unlucky frnz r there in which unicorn act bad at initial stage itself. Its bcoz of probs with bike where purchased. Cool. My thought am sharing here is: when bike transformed, some bikes get fault before riding it. So, i think it might be probs. If u ride hard at start, then its difficult to maintain a good stage for unicorn. So beware about the ride to be done & to maintain for speed & efficiency set. Bcoz at initial stage if engine set for some ranges by rash drives, it s difficult to undo performance. So when u get a bike choose for good place thru servicing feedback’s in that centres. And blindly u can go for UNICORN, if u dont expect a macho styles as FZ or some bikes contain. Uni hav d presence of style. But style not stands long right? And abt working & adv, its shared above. : )

  • Lakshmi Narayanan

    Hi guys am decide to buy a bike…..

    My option s Unicorn, CBZ Xtreme and FZ S.. please give ur reviews regard dis

    which one 2 choose?

    • vijju

      yamaha fz is good one to u

  • vijju

    i used yamaha fz 16 past two years.dis is very gud bike in this generation.sports look and smooth drive.thanku to yamaha for lunched dis bike

  • CK


    I used to ride a red CBZ which was advertised as Motorcycling Unplugged, during its India launch in 1998/99.
    See sample image here –

    Since I have little practical idea of new motorbike products released in India of late, which solid motorbike would be good to rent/buy one for say 6 months when I visit India? The make and model are not important but safety, reliability and comfort are, in an order of increasing importance. Prefer overall quality to be better than the HH CBZ of the late 90s.

    At the moment, I enjoy riding a 200+ cc Yamaha trail motorbike in the Australian countryside. I am close to 6 feet and of heavy build.

    I appreciate any advice/suggestions you may have to offer and look forward to the same.

    With thanks!

  • Dron

    Can u guys plz tell me why the front disk brake of GS is placed on the left side of the front Tyre ?? Does it make any difference from the conventional one ??

  • I think the best bike is tvs apache 180

  • Rossi

    FZ16 the right choice. looks good, feels good.

  • anjan

    planning to buy honda bike. my direct question. can i buy unicorn or trigger. please reply to my mail is urgent