Suzuki GS150R Test Drive

Well, I think I was the luckiest to have a test drive of the Suzuki GS150R bike. But a very short one. Since I knew the owner of the Showroom in Bangalore, he allowed me to have a test ride. But as usual Bangalore’s peak hour traffic was a hindrance to test it properly. I’d the test ride in the first week of November’08.

Suzuki GS150R Image

As many people have mentioned, it also feels like typical Unicorn. It’s silky smooth engine as well as the gears. I did check all the 6 gears but didn’t get a stretch to cross 60kmph speed. The gear lever is unique and it is returnable to the same position just like the other toe only operated gear levers. But for people who want to use heal and toe can also do it as per their convenience.

Suzuki GS150R Image

Suzuki GS150R is targeted at commuters and not sports enthusiasts. It is more of an all-rounder. I felt if they’d given a mono suspension, then all Unicorn lovers will switch over to this bike for its extras like digital Speedo and 6th gear.

The torque is good and you can cruise in 3rd gear in low speeds. The only drawback is its Kerb weight of 149 kgs which is heavier than Unicorn. But the weight can be an advantage while touring and cruising above 100 kmph.

The digital speedo gives all the information including time and which gear you’re riding as well as there is a light just like in TVS Scooty Pep, which glows if you’re over-riding the desired RPM. There are two modes economy and sports setting and as per your choice the light glows if you’ve crossed the ideal RPM. The tachometer looks excellent.

Suzuki GS150R Image

The electricals are good with the tail lamp being LED type. I can say Suzuki GS150R is Jack of all and Master of None. Even the mileage also should be good considering Suzuki’s past record. The bike is expected by the end of Jan or First week of Feb’ 09. And the regular test rides may start from Second week of Jan’09.

The above review was submitted by Jadoo, reader of I will also do a performance review by January when I get access to the bike. Stay tuned until then. – Deepak

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