Updated RADEON Coming This Festive To Fight New Splendor: Rumor

2022 Radeon launch expected around Sep-Nov. It will don a new teched-out avatar to fight the new Splendor+ XTEC and will get many new features…

So, the recent launch of the Hero Splendor+ XTEC is a big step forward for the popular commuter segment of our country. 

The features and tech that the upper segment have been enjoying for a while now, have started to make their way into the segment which moves lakhs of vehicles per year. The new features combined with the bulletproof reputation and reliability of the Splendor name, makes for a great offering for customers and a great adversary for the competition. 

2022 Hero Splendor+ XTEC – Raised the benchmark of the segment

However, according to some whispers, TVS is not going to take-on the challenge lying down. The Chennai based maker is preparing their own version of teched-out Radeon which is rumored to make its debut in the upcoming festive months. 

The best way to understand how capable TVS is when it comes to adding the latest technology to their offerings at an affordable price, look no further than the TVS Raider 125 motorcycle and the NTorq 125 XT scooter. 

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Where the new Splendor+ XTEC has raised the segment benchmark by adding features like Fully-digital instrumentation, USB charging port, Bluetooth connectivity, LED DRLs and more, TVS is definitely expected to be one-up in this department.

We expect the new Radeon to get a new suffix added to its name, something on the lines of ‘XT’ or ‘SmartXonnect’ indicating the addition of their proprietary Bluetooth connectivity features to the bike. 

The new Radeon could get a new LCD fully-digital instrumentation similar to the Raider which offers a large suite of information to the rider. Other features expected to make it to the new bike consist of LED lightings, Intelligo start-stop technology, USB charging etc. 

As mentioned earlier, the new variant of TVS Radeon will make its appearance in the upcoming festive season. It will slot itself as the top variant of the Radeon and will directly take on the Splendor+ XTEC. 

We predict it will ask a premium of Rs. 3,000 – Rs. 3,500/- over the current price of Rs. 74,966/- (ex-showroom, Delhi). 

To better understand the prowess of TVS when it comes to added features and tech, checkout our ride review of the TVS Raider below –