TVS Future Plans: A New Bike Every Quarter; Bigger Apache?

South based TVS Motors has been a competent force in the Indian Motorcycle market, until recently! Failure to refresh its existing line up and lack of a comprehensive product portfolio lead the company lose its market position to Honda. Now TVS is gearing up to mend this slowdown and regain its market share and revenue.


At the launch of  their flagship 110cc new automatic scooter ‘Jupiter’, TVS Motor Company Chairman and Managing Director, Venu Srinivasan gave a fore look of their resurgence by stating “Every quarter from now, you can expect there will be a new bike from TVS”.

This aptly puts the company’s strategy of refreshing it older models and filling the gaps in product portfolio with regular releases to regain its lost market share.

January 2014 will see an upgraded version of their highly popular Scooty – ‘Scooty Zest‘. With the babelicious bike growing older it is an appropriate time to refresh their oldest work horse. We expect Scooty to come with their latest body balance technology, refreshed styling and borrow few goodies from Wego and Jupiter.

TVS expects its market share to increase to 16% in the scooter segment from the existing 13.5% by next year.

TVS-Jupiter-110-Scooter (6)

2014 being a year for performance motorbikes, a lot is expected from the home grown manufacturer. The ground for TVS in bike segment is shrinking with Yamaha and Honda getting aggressive and 2014 will be the right time to consolidate its place and grow further.

With a lot of performance bikes lined up for release failing a quick response can cost TVS further. Mr. Srinivasan said that the sales of their earlier launched 125 cc Phoenix have touched 10,000 units but there was no word on either the developments in their alliance with BMW or the higher displacement Apache, which has been awaited for eons of years now.

We hope TVS will come with some really luring products in 2014 and with an alliance with BMW, our expectations have just risen two fold!

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-by Saravana Priyan