REJOICE: TVS BMW Working on a 500cc Bike; 300cc Coming Next Year

So, there is a lot cooking up between the thinktanks of Indian TVS and German BMW Motorrad who, last year announced their Joint Venture in India.


We have already known that a bigger Apache, most probably 250cc is already under works and it may just be a sole TVS product. And the first product coming from TVS-BMW’s joint stables would be a 300cc bike (details). But what is interesting is what follows it…

In a latest update at Economic Times, it is reported that TVS BMW are also working on a bigger capacity 500cc bike. The 300cc TVS BMW streetbike is expected to be launched by the second half of next year whereas the bigger 500cc may come a little later.

It is already known and understood that TVS-BMW JV will be making new bikes in the range of 250cc to 500cc. Currently, TVS doesn’t produce a product which is bigger than 180cc and BMW doesn’t manufacture anything under 650ccs. This middle-weight segment is growing at about 35% year on year and forms a fine little opportunity for anyone to break into.

TVS-Draken-250cc-pics (2)

In an earlier news bit it has become apparent that the 300cc TVS-BMW bike will be a streetbike with a single cylinder. However, there are no details on the 500cc motorcycle which is being talked here. How we wish it turns out to be a platform evolving a sportsbike, adventure tourer and an off-road maniac all at once…(wishes….we say!)

It is as interesting as it gets but there is a lot to be uncovered. Do not worry, though, we are at it!

Pictured here is TVS Draken Concept.

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