List of 7 Upcoming 350-700cc Middle-Weight Bikes in India: Are You Hitting the Gym!

So, you’ve graduated from the 150-250cc class of bikes and now intend to join the big league. If such is the case with you, there had never been a more conducive time in this country than what you will see in the very near future. Bike manufacturers from far and wide have spread their wares and are awaiting eagerly your footfall.

ktm-duke-690 (1)

Before you let out a war-whoop and go about getting a middleweight, spare a thought about bikers in some of the “developed” countries with hog-tie requirements for riding a motorized bike. For instance, in the U.K., you can’t legally ride most of the middle weight bikes unless you have seen and survived 24 summers.

Thankfully, things are pretty pleasant here in India. If you have celebrated your 18th birthday, you can ride a puny gearless moped to a 1400cc superbike. How much of a luxury that is could be appreciated by talking to A-1/A2 or equivalent license holders in the U.K. and the U.S. etc.

So, before one of our legislators reads this article and sets about fixing something that isn’t broken, buy your big-bore and flash it for all its worth.

So, the next question you would ask is – What options will I have?

Here they are – List of all upcoming middle-weight motorcycles ranging from 350cc to 700cc:

1. Bajaj Pulsar SS400

Vital Stats

  • Price: Somewhere between INR 1.65-1.75 lakhs (estimated)
  • Engine: Four-stroke 373.2cc liquid cooled, single cylinder
  • Power: Expect 40-43PS
  • Six-speed gearbox
  • Discs, both wheel and optional ABS
  • Fully digital console
  • Launch:  2014 End


Well, we had to give it the top slot! Ever since Bajaj unveiled it at the Auto Expo in February, readers have been flocking on it like bees and why not, it is expected to be the most VFM (value for money) power monster India has ever seen!

The 373cc sportsbike under development at Bajaj is called the 400SS; the SS, of course, stands for supersports. The engine in 400SS is the same as what KTM has in its RC 390. If the 400SS is a ‘supersports’, as Bajaj would like us to believe, why Bajaj should steal the pie meant for friend and partner KTM?

The major difference between these siblings, as could be made out from pictures, is the riding positions. The 400SS has a more relaxed geometry, whereas the RC 390 will ask you to hunker down and gel in with the bike more like a MotoGP rider.

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2. Bajaj Pulsar CS400

Vital Stats

  • Price: Somewhere between INR 1.65-1.75 lakhs (estimated)
  • Engine: Four-stroke 373.2cc liquid cooled, single cylinder
  • Power: Expect 40-43PS
  • Six-speed gearbox
  • Discs, both wheel and optional ABS
  • Fully digital console
  • Launch:  2015

Bajaj-Pulsar-400CS-Cruiser-Sports-Pics (12)

The mind boggles trying to categorize appropriately some of the Bajaj-KTM offsprings. The Pulsar 400CS or the ‘cruiser-sports’ is somewhere between a naked and a sportsbike; something akin to a damsel in her bodice. Not as naked as the 390 Duke, but something in a state of undress just before going buck naked.

A lot of our readers have called it a better-looker against the overdone Pulsar SS400. We agree on the part that it looks awesomely beautiful and will be a first-of-its kind in the Indian market.

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3. KTM RC390

Vital Stats:

  • Price: About INR 2.3-2.4 lakhs (estimated)
  • Power: about 43 PS of power
  • Great power-to-weight ratio
  • Ultra-lightweight robot-welded steel frame
  • Shorter wheelbase for more agility
  • USD front forks
  • Dual headlights
  • Discs, both wheels, disengageable ABS as standard
  • Launch mid-2014

2014-KTM-RC125-RC200-RC390-Pic (12)

If you’ve been itching to get your hands on a MotoGP machine and you think that you are being thwarted to become the official rider for Team Honda, Team Yamaha, and others, fret not; Get one of the RCs from KTM. As of now, this is the closest you will ever come to a MotoGP-style road-legal machine and it is coming the earliest!

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4. Honda CBR650F

Vital Stats:

  • INR 5.20-5.50 lakhs (estimated)
  • In-line four with 649cc; power 88.2 PS
  • Six-speed gearbox and chain final drive
  • Four-into-one exhaust
  • Dual discs up front, single rear; ABS optional
  • LCD multi-meter with clock, trip meter, and fuel gauge
  • Launch in 2015


This is a surprise addition based on the official confirmation from Honda at the Auto Expo 2014. Acclaimed Honda quality in sportbike styling with nimble handling, good comfort, and versatility. The bike is fully faired like a supersports and good as a weekday commuter, for weekend sport riding, long trips, short hauls, solo or with a passenger. ‘Bang-for-buck’ is what Honda is calling the CBR650F.

5. Honda CBR500R (Unconfirmed)

  • INR 4.0 lakhs (estimated)
  • CBR500R is parallel twin liquid-cooled 471cc good for about 48 PS
  • Supersports styling
  • Single discs both wheels; twin piston up front, single rear
  • Optional ABS
  • Honda Pro-Link rear suspension with nine-stage preload
  • Launch, but with a capital ‘IF’, next year!


Whether Honda plans to bring in the popular CBR500R to India is not yet confirmed. It is one of the most sought-after middle weight sportsbike in the world and shares its stable with a naked as well as an adventure-tourer (dual-sports) variant. The CB500X, if introduced, would prove a fitting intro for most of us Indians into the world of dual-sport adventure biking.

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6. Hero Hastur 620

  • Price: Your guess is as good as mine (INR 4.0 lakhs?)
  • Liquid-cooled 620cc parallel twin; 80 PS
  • Top speed of 240 kmph with 0-100kmph in 3.8 seconds (claimed)
  • Six-Speed constant mesh gearbox
  • Kerb Weight 160 kg
  • Launch expected sometime in 2016-17

Hero-Hastur-Pics-Gallery (9)

Had we written this article before the Auto Expo, we would have been bewildered if someone would have said something as ‘rocket-science’ as this!

The Hastur concept was showcased at the Hero stall during the Expo 2014. The bike did garner quite a lot of eyeballs and it would be interesting to learn what Hero intends to do with all the queries and accolades it got via the naked Hastur. It is expected to be launched sometime in 2016-17!

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7. KTM Duke 690/690 R

Vital Stats

  • Price: INR 4.00-4.50 lakhs (pure enthusiastic guesstimate)
  • Liquid-cooled 690cc single with 68 PS (70.1 PS for 690 R) of usable power
  • Ride-by-wire technology for digitally accurate fuel injection
  • Six-speed claw shift
  • Disengageable dual-circuit ABS
  • Disc brakes with 4-piston calliper fore and aft
  • Launch sometime 2015


If you thought riding a big-bore single-cylinder bike would be as pleasurable as riding an oversized soil compactor, you would be forgiven for your prejudice. The naked Duke 690 with its finely-tuned balancer shaft is claimed to eliminate all vibration and its detrimental effect on the life of the big 690cc single cylinder and we believe, it will be the most fun to ride KTM in India!

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So, there you have it! It’s not an exhaustive list by any means as more middle weight contenders are awaited and will be coming to us during this course. Meanwhile wear a helmet while riding and make your girlfriend riding pillion with you wear one as well. Ride safe; for there are people back home awaiting your safe return.

And do not forget to tell us, which one have you put your fingers on!