The trouble with going full Monty with MotoGP-speced road-legal supersports is that you won’t enjoy it for long. Obviously, when you spend a sizeable numbers of the hard earned, you expect it to be a long-term investment. The MotoGP kinda bikes though high on bike lovers’ to do list happen to be very uncomfortable bikes to ride.


The fully-committed air-cleaving riding position is good when the ride is fast but short; and you know that the road up ahead won’t pop-up surprises in the form of other motorists or pedestrian or an occasional animal, hence the dearth of MotoGP-geometry supersports in the market. What you can have though is the second best.

If you have been saving up for a proper start into the big league, the bike market in the country is about to explode with supersports (well almost!) and nakeds. Here is a list of the upcoming (200-300cc) 250cc lightweights you can buy or just feast your eyes upon.

By the way, there is one for everyone!

1. Hero HX250R

  • Expected ex-showroom price around 1.6 Lakhs
  • 250cc single generating about 31 PS
  • 6-speed, 1-down, 5-up
  • Dry weight 139 kg
  • Discs, both wheels; optional ABS
  • Launch Early 2015


Unveiled at the Expo 2014, the fully-faired sports is expected around the end of this year or more probably around the first half of 2015.  The riding position is committed but not overly.

All Details & pics of HX250R including a preview

2. Bajaj Pulsar 200SS

  • Expected price: INR 1.2-1.3 lakhs
  • 199.5cc, 4-valve, single with about 25 PS
  • 6-speed, 1-down, 5-up
  • Discs, both wheels; optional ABS
  • Launch by June-July 2014


*Picture of Pulsar 400SS

The 200SS is all set to become Bajaj’s first ever full-faired motorcycle ever! It will look exactly like the Pulsar 400SS which was displayed at the Expo 2014. From the spyshots, it does appear to be a good daily commute with a not-so-aggressive riding posture.

All Details & pics of Pulsar 200SS

3. Mahindra Mojo 300

  • Expected to be around INR 2.0 Lakhs
  • 292cc cc liquid-cooled single, 26 PS
  • Constant mesh, 6 speed gearbox
  • 160 kg kerb
  • Discs both wheels; no ABS
  • Launch June/July 2014

New-Mahindra-Mojo-pics (6)

A copy of production-ready Mojo had a prominent place at the Mahindra 2-Wheelers stall at the Expo 2014. In its newer looks, Mojo looks muscular and would make for a relaxed intermediate distance tourer. Would you be impressed if you are told that Mojo drinks the unleaded through the Ducati Energia electronic fuel injection system? It really does.

All Details & pics of Mojo

4. Bajaj Pulsar 200NS with Fuel Injection

  • Expected Price: Rs 1 Lakh
  • 199.5cc 4-valve, single with about 24 PS
  • 6-speed, 1-down, 5-up; ABS optional (expected)
  • Discs, both wheels

Pulsar-200NS-Pic-Review (16)

Bajaj has been spotted testing the upcoming Pulsar 200SS along with the Pulsar 200NS. The 200NS did get an update around December last but it was limited to new graphics. It is rumoured that Bajaj may introduce new fuel injection unit and ABS in the new iteration.

[Edit]: The Pulsar 200NS FI has been launched in some international markets like Turkey silently. The only issue is that it produces exactly the same power and torque but we believe it will have crispier throttle response and slightly better fuel efficiency. We expect Bajaj to launch it in India very soon. (More Details)

5. Honda CBR300R

  • Expected to be under INR 2.5 lakhs
  • 286cc single will produce about 30.8 PS
  • 6-speed gearbox
  • Kerb weight 164 kg
  • Discs both wheel; ABS standard
  • Expected Launch in 2015


Much anticipated entry-level sports bike designed to replace or be sold along with the CBR250R. News of production getting delayed was broadcast last month. Reason remains unspecified.

All Details & Pics of CBR300R

6. KTM RC200

  • Expected price INR 1.6 lakhs
  • Liquid-cooled single 199.5cc good for 24 PS
  • 6-speed, claw shifted gearbox
  • Kerb weight 137.5 kg
  • Disc brakes both wheels with disengageable ABS
  • Launch second half of 2014

2014-KTM-RC125-RC200-RC390-Pic (14)

Want a close clone of MotoGP bike and sore wrists and back be damned? Go for one of the RCs from KTM stable. The 200cc RC is the smallest supersports KTM you can go for now.

All Details & Pics of RC200

7. Hyosung GD250N

  • Expected to be around INR 2.0 lakhs
  • Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, 249cc single good for 28.4 PS
  • Six-speed gearbox
  • Kerb weight 145 Kg
  • Disc both wheels; ; no ABS
  • Launch delayed, will come by second half of 2014

DSK-Hyosung-GD250N-pics (7)

A street-naked – Hyosung style. The bike will be assembled from CKD here in the country and is one of those bike which will always manage to elicit remark; favourable or otherwise.

[Update]: According to the latest info launch of GD250N has been delayed and will be launched sometime towards the second half of this year

All Details & Pics of GD250N

8. Ninja 250 RR Mono

  • Expected to be INR 2.0 Lakhs lakhs
  • Liquid-cooled single 249cc producing 28 PS
  • 6 speed, return shift gearbox
  • Kerb weight 151 kg (ABS version weighs 152 kg)
  • Discs both wheel; ABS optional
  • Launch unknown


Single cylinder 250cc supersports for ahem…developing markets; read India, South-East Asia. The 250 Mono is also known as 250SL in some markets. The twin-cylinder Ninja 250 is far more desirable but more expensive option.

All Details & Pics of Ninja 250RR Mono

9. Kawasaki Z250

  • Expected to be INR 2.60-2.75 lakhs
  • Liquid-cooled, parallel-twin 249cc with 32 PS
  • Slick 6-speed gearbox out of the Ninja 250R
  • Kerb 168 kg
  • Disc both wheels
  • Launch Second half of 2014

Kawasaki-Z250-Pics (1)

This twin-cylinder naked is one naked that has the grunt to carry its sharp looks handsomely. The smaller sibling to Z800 and Z1000 could be a good first step into serious biking. And for the starters, consider this as the non-faired Ninja250!

[Update]: According to the latest info, launch of Z250 has been delayed and it will be launched sometime towards the second half of this year.

All Details & Pics of Ninja Z250

10. UM Renegade Commando & Sport

  • Expected to be between Rs 75,000 to 1.5 Lakhs
  • Single Cylinder 225cc 18bhp & 15.5Nm
  • Disc upfront
  • Launch Oct-Nov 2014


The most affordable of the lot and possibly your only options in terms of cruisers, Renegade twins will mark the debut of United Motorcycles in India.

All Details of United Motorcycles

11. Hyosung GD250R:

  • Price: 2.2 Lakh estimated
  • Single Cylinder 249cc 28.4bhp 25Nm
  • Launch claimed in July 2014

According to a latest speculative bit, in addition to the GD250N, Hyosung will also launch its faired sibling GD250R in India and the surprising claim is that it will come earlier.


GD250R is the same bike as GD250N with a fairing and altered seating posture. It produces 28.4bhp of power and 25Nm of torque from its 249cc single cylinder liquid cooled engine.

More Details and Pics

12. Yamaha R25:

When we drafted this article we specifically left out the much awaited R25 because we did not have a concrete info and Yamaha, time and again, kept on trolling everyone. But now, the most awaited 250cc motorcycle is here and has been launched in Indonesia.


It looks gorgeous and produces 36PS of power and 22.6Nm of torque from its 249cc inline twin cylinder engine.It has been priced at around Rs 2.7Lakhs in Indonesia and in India it is expected to cost somewhere close to Rs 3 Lakhs.

All Details & Comparos of R25

So, you see there are a lot of options coming your way right from 18 odd bhps till about 36bhps, prices starting from around a lakh rupees till 3 odd lakhs. We have specifically left out Yamaha R25 in this list since we really do not have an update on the bike and frankly speaking, we have waited for a long time living in speculations and false promises.

So, do share with us which one will you choose!

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  1. Every bike in the list is ground breaking and long-long awaited. Its going to be tough for consumers to choose between them.
    I think Yamaha are still feeling smug about the success of their FZ16 & S and R15 and are now busy applying new paints on them. I hope they wont join the party late…

    • If honda or yamaha introduce 200cc bike then pulsars will be history but
      as you said they are still busy partying for fz success.

  2. the two Pulsar 400s steal the show, thanks to the low price… As long as Bajaj don’t try to save money by putting a rear drum brake, those two should sell like crazy in the recently-started-earning, young Indian market… luking fwd to it…

  3. Wohhhh every bikes are very nice.
    But when i research in 2013 Duke 200 and Bajaj pulsar 200 NS were top bikes in INDIA but people always choose pulsar why ??
    Because of 30k more and u will get Duke ,
    again why ?? for what 30k because of Orange color, Many persons said like this to me.
    And In my point of view NS best because its city bike and bajaj knows very well about Indian Market.
    Here again comparison will require with Ktm RC 200, Bajaj Pulsar 200 SS and HERO HX250 let them launched first i am tired now to check everyday 🙁
    Can’t wait now 🙁
    What is the price of Maestro 😛

  4. For most of us we need a bike to commute from point A to point B and some weekend trips. So, we don’t need a fully focused bike like R25 or Ninja 300 or RC 200 etc. These bikes are for enthusiasts who love to do racing on tracks. These bikes are pure performance bike mainly for racing on tracks and highway cruising. We indians love powerful and comfortable commuter bikes so that we can zoom in city traffic and Bajaj knows this pretty well. That’s why we can see lots of pulsars on Indian roads. So, IMO comparing pulsars with yamaha, kawasaki or KTM is not the right way. Both are different breeds. One is powerful commuter for commuting from point A to point B and the other is pure track machine.

  5. we comment about hxr250/kr after launching.All yama ha bikes above 200 to 300cc have worst buffelow hones handle and not suitable for long drives.we/many people want speed commuter type bike at resonable price arround 90000 to 1.1lakh .Many people want these 225 to 250cc bikes to reach distinations of 100 to 150 kms with variable speed from 80 to 110kmph.they dont want sporty looks or sports bikes.why dont the manufactures fix 100 cc bikes handles to these 225 to 250cc bikes.Kr is example up to 2014.Now its sales are down because of handle and uncomfertable for long drives.


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