TVS May Showcase ‘Sporty Motorcycle’ Concept on Feb 7: Two Reasons Why It Is Exciting

TVS Auto Expo 2018 Concept will reveal the next direction of the company…

TVS’ interest in performance motorcycles has given enthusiasts new options at very affordable prices. And Auto Expo has been their showcase point!

The majestic naked TVS Draken concept of the 2014 Auto Expo spawned the very agile Apache 200 and the brilliant Akula concept of the 2016 Auto Expo turned out to be Apache RR 310 in its production version.

TVS Auto Expo 2018 Concept

According to a report at Autocar, TVS will not launch anything at this year’s Auto Expo, however, they are likely to showcase a ‘sporty motorcycle‘ as a concept. What form will it sport can not be predicted at the moment as TVS has ensured nothing is leaked from the boardrooms.

This Draken concept of 2014 AE was a preview of the Apache 200…

Why this will be interesting is because at the recent introduction of Apache 310, TVS boffins indirectly cleared that they are not very interested in an adventure motorcycle (something which could have been easy considering the joint platform already spawns the G310 GS). The concept, if its exists, will reveal which design direction the company will move or what form will TVS target next.

TVS Akula of the 2016 Auto Expo spawned the latest sensation Apache RR 310

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History tells us that unlike rival manufacturers like Hero (which sit on futuristic concepts and after four years call them as outdated and shelf them out), TVS shows achievable concepts and they make sure they take them to production. Both Apache 200 and Apache RR 310 are beautiful motorcycles, very close to their concepts!

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And this gives us a big ray of hope and excitement levels will surely be high to get to know the next chapter TVS will venture into. Which segment do you think should TVS now move to?