Apache 310 ADV Not Under Consideration

Apache 310 adventure version could have brought in new customers into the fold…

It is very well known that manufacturers try to extract the best out of a platform by introducing different forms of motorcycles which may cater to as wider an audience set as possible. With the jointly-developed platform, BMW has already carved out two different motorcycles – the street machine G310 R and the adventure tourer G310 GS.

It is natural to expect TVS to work on more models apart from the faired version – Apache 310, which is aimed only at the sports motorcycle lovers.

TVS defines ‘Premium motorcycles’ as the bikes ranging from 150 cc to 500 cc. They further divide it into three types – Sport (which includes naked and faired motorcycles), Touring (like the G310 GS) and Heritage (most of the Royal Enfields). Currently, they are playing only in the Sport segment with the naked Apache RTRs and the full faired Apache RR 310.

During various conversations and hints that different officials gave during the motorcycle’s launch and media ride interactions at the Chennai Race Track earlier this month, it became quite clear that they do not intend to make an adventure version of the motorcycle at the moment. In fact, no heritage machine on the same platform under TVS’ moniker is expected either.

Reasons could be aplenty – like some clause in the contract with BMW to prevent cannibalisation (though TVS tells us that they are free to use the platform whichever way they like, without any obligation to BMW), or they do not think that Indian audience has matured to ADV machines yet etc.

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It must be noted that TVS has not made any other Apache (150 to 200 cc) variant apart from the naked range in more than a decade of its life. If I remember correctly, there are some media reports which claim that they do not have any plans of a faired variant either.

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It will be interesting to see how TVS proceeds with its premium range after the Apache RR 310. They have set a target to sell 10,000 units in the first year and say that their complete focus, at present, is only on the faired sports motorcycle! They would want to develop an ecosystem around their biggest yet!

At the recently concluded Auto Expo, they showcased the Zeppelin concept – a power cruiser, however, they have not revealed anything about it – like if it will go to production; if yes, when? what powerplant will it use? etc.

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By the way, if let us suppose, some TVS official reads this piece – which motorcycle form on the 310 platform would you want to see next…?

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By the way here is the exhaust note of the motorcycle…