From 2.05 Lakh, Apache 310 prices now start at a reduced 1.99 Lakh in Kerala. This is an official confirmation from TVS… Though late but deliveries have commenced!

At the launch of Apache RR 310 on 6th December, TVS was very unclear about the pricing of the motorcycle. Upon being asked they announced the price and just said that it will start from 2.05 Lakh ex-showroom without mentioning the city/state precisely and they added “…it will vary from state to state“. In fact one journalist specifically asked “is it ex-showroom Delhi?” to which Mr KN Radhakrishnan, President and CEO, TVS Motor, said that “we will come back with statewise prices soon“.

After more than a week, they released Apache 310 prices across all the states it is being shipped to in the first phase. And out of the 20 odd states (including union territories), only four states carried the same announced 2.05 Lakh ex-showroom price tag. Rest all the 16 states had a higher price tag of Rs 2.15 Lakh ex-showroom! However…

Apache 310 Price Reduced: Reason

Recently, we noticed that Apache 310’s website showed a reduced Rs 1,99,999 ex-showroom price for Kerala’s Cochin and Calicut. We connected with TVS for a clarification and they confirmed the development and said…

“The ex-showroom price of TVS Apache RR310 is Rs 1.99 lakh in Kerala. The pricing in Kerala has been decided considering the nature of the market, state’s tax structure, customer preferences etc.”

One of our reader Joel Thomas has commented that it is because of the tax structure in Kerala. Here is it in his own words…

Hi I’m Joel from Kerala, The Road Tax here in Kerala is 20% for Motorcycles above 2 lakhs, 10% for bikes below 2 lakhs. 
So if the ex showroom price is 2.05 then on road price will be 2.46 lakhs
If price is 1.99 lakhs the on road price will be 2.19 lakhs.

All other cities continue with the older prices of 2.05 lakh and 2.15 lakhs.

Here is a look at the updated Apache 310 Prices across all states…

Apache 310 Prices

Andhra Pradesh 2.05 Lakh
Assam 2.15 Lakh
Chandigarh 2.15 Lakh
Chattisgarh 2.15 Lakh
Delhi 2.15 Lakh
Goa 2.15 Lakh
Gujarat 2.15 Lakh
Jharkhand 2.15 Lakh
Karnataka 2.15 Lakh
Kerala 1.99 Lakh
Maharashtra 2.05 Lakh
Odisa 2.15 Lakh
Pondicherry 2.15 Lakh
Punjab 2.15 Lakh
Rajasthan 2.15 Lakh
Tamil Nadu 2.05 Lakh
Telangana 2.15 Lakh
Uttar Pradesh 2.15 Lakh
Uttaranchal 2.15 Lakh
West Bengal 2.15 Lakh

*all prices ex-showroom in respective states…

Apache 310 Deliveries Commence

TVS promised that deliveries of the motorcycle will commence from 25th December 2017. They were delayed but it appears that certain dealerships have commenced delivering brand new Apaches to eagerly waiting motorcyclists.

Contrary to reports, what gets cleared is that TVS is shipping both the red and black colours for deliveries as can be ascertained by the following pics (taken from social media). Some earlier reports claimed that only black colour will be delivered for now and the red coloured Apache 310 will only be available from March!

Source: Guruvayoor Temple

Source: Cochin TVS

Source: Jwalak Pradeep

There is much higher preference for the red colour and people are opting it over the matte black! Moreover, check the following pic..

In the production models there is a Pulsar 200-like tyre hugger which does not look good. There was no such thing on the motorcycles we tested earlier.

Apache 310 Prices (On Road)

Bangalore Rs 2.66 Lakh
Chennai Rs 2.30 Lakh
Delhi Rs 2.38 Lakh
Noida Rs 2.45 Lakh

The above mentioned on road prices are collected from dealers or as mentioned by readers. They are indicative and may include other charges apart from road tax and insurance. Bookings can be made at a pre-payment of Rs 10,000 and waiting period varies from 1 month to 3 months in most of the cities. Some dealers are also offering small distance test rides to prospect customers.

TVS informs that they have started shipping the motorcycle to most of the first phase cities and gradually they will reach this list of dealerships.

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So what do you think – will Apache RR 310 affect KTM RC 390’s sales?

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Check out Apache RR 310’s launch story here and its exhaust note video here.

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  • Zeru

    Is it Maharashtra or Karnataka? I think its Karnataka because its nearest to Hosur plant and the other news a day or two back said Maharashtra was not in the initial list of dealerships.

    • Sanjay Natarajan

      TVS also has a plant in Mysore, so no transportation costs either.

    • Venkat

      I have seen in multiple reviews that it has vibrations post 6500 RPM. Better to wait for next batch probably..

  • retipser jay

    until if i see a genuine ownership review and the cost thereof,i will not consider the bike fornow. Great effort,nonetheless

  • Rathish Smith

    i think four southern states with price tag of 2.05 lakhs TN, KL, KA, and AP

    • Kishore Agarwal

      On-road price in Bangalore expected to be around 2.68 Lacs, as told to me by the concerned dealer here.

      • Rathish Smith

        so i suppose KA is not in the list

  • Ben

    Except for those gorgeous looks, RC is a better deal in my opinion.

    • Kishore Agarwal

      RC is definitely a better and more accomplished track tool. If someone wants an out and out corner carver(and does not give a damn about comfort n practicality), they should definitely put their money on RC390 over and above Apache 310.

      But if someone is looking for comfort and practicality, then the 2017 Duke 390 is also a very compelling option. You see in its new iteration, the Duke 390 has improved vastly on comfort, ride quality and refinement. So Duke 390 now is a much more comfortable bike than what it was earlier.
      Mind you, I am not ruling out Apache 310 here… it is a fantastic bike no doubt. Had it been priced a bit lower it would have been an easy choice for many people.
      But at this price, I would recommend anyone looking at Apache 310(for comfort n practicality) to give a good and hard look at Duke390 too. If one is not really looking into wind protection and aerodynamics they may find Duke 390 to be a better choice for themselves. Because the price difference is very slim between these bikes, especially in the states where Apache 310 is priced at 2.15 Lacs.

      • thehunted

        And what is your opinion about Yamaha R15? Don’t you think that is overpriced too? I am not sure Apache 310 is pitted against RC390, its a class of its own just like R15.

      • Kishore Agarwal

        Whether R15 is overpriced or not, is not very relevant right now. Yamaha is going to launch R15 V3 and we shall see how that is priced.
        I agree with you there is no direct comparison of Apache with RC390 for the simple reason both bikes are different in nature, and serve different purposes.
        Every bike in the premium segment is in a class of its own.
        Is Apache 310 in a class of its own? Definitely
        Is Duke 390 in a class of its own ? Definitely

        However what we need to understand is that for the end customer these classes are not mutually exclusive. So for a customer who has a budget of 2.5-3 Lacs, he can look at 2 different bikes from 2 different classes. Because of the simple reason that both these bikes can satisfy his requirements, albeit in different ways and for the second reason that both fall in his budget. Then the customer will compare the pros and cons of both the bikes even though being fully aware that the bikes are from different classes and chose the one which satisfy his requirements better and pleases him more.
        That is all I am saying here.

        Regarding Apache 310’s pricing, I am not saying it is grossly overpriced. All I am saying is that it would have been better had TVS stuck to the ex-showroom price of 2.05 Lacs all over India. That would have added to the excitement and feel good factor as in that case the on-road price would have been around 2.5 Lacs and not closer to 3 Lacs(2.7 Lacs on-road) as it has become now. Because at this price many customers would definitely think between both Apcahe 310 and Duke 390, even though both bikes are in classes of their own.

      • Ben

        You cannot explain better than this. Kudos!!

      • Vikas Jain

        Spot on explanation. People will compare Duke 390 with RR310 though they are poles apart.

      • Zeru

        Nice explanation. Good one..!

      • Aditya Hatkar

        If only they had not put up side down forks and used the same silencer as BMW, the price would have been lower. But as they are giving premium stuff, they are charging as per that. IF they would have charged 10 k over dominar 400, it would have been crazzzzzzzzzy! But also would have been right.

      • Vikas Jain

        Fairing adds the cost significantly, check out the price difference between Pulsar NS200 and RS200. Dominor is a totally different bike.

      • Ben


      • DurgaPrasad P

        Agreed, Apache 310 is a beautiful machine with premium feel. When coming to buying one – the price is so much close to RC390 which makes us think twice. Both are focusing on track with nearly less usable rear seats, and more over KTM has better technology with proven capability. At least an introductory price would have served well to establish a market, expected a competitive price with Dominar.

  • Bajoy Kamsi

    1. The first bikes made by any company are of best quality,so the price must not be considered
    2. The later models will have modifications to lower cost as company will get way to do that once people start using it and demands rise
    3. For starters who have doubt better to wait once reviews are out…also prices will stabilise as things get settled down
    4. Its a 50-50 situation for 90% people now

  • Sharon C

    Why in the GOD’s name, does TVS allow AP, KL,TN & EVEN MH to have 2.05lakhs as exshowrrom, But for KA it is 2.15 lakhs…?!!!! Please would love to see your explanation to this…? BLOODY, YOU GUYS MANUFACTURE THE BIKE EITHER AT HOSUR OR MYSORE, THAT WAY YOUR TRANSPORT CHARGES ARE ALMST ZERO, & INTURN YOU GUYS ASK ONLY US IN WHOLE OF SOUTH INDIA TO PAY 10K MORE THAN OTHER NEIGHBOURING STATES…??!!!! Wat sort of discrimination is this, dont you guys know we in karnataka are already paying a hell lot of taxes as road tax than any other state in INDIA and you guys do this to us…. I was so happy when i saw this bike launched & was proud of you guys, infact I was planning to trade my KTM DUKE 390 or my old PULSAR 200 DTSi, for your apache 310RR, but now seems like I have started hating you guys for such discrimination!! Will never every buy your products anymore guys… SHAME ON YOU GUYS.

    • Pranav

      Maybe that extra 10k is state government tax or something similar?

      • Vikas Jain

        State tax is added when you are buying the vehicle not to ex showroom, after GST every state will have same price for ex showroom

    • Vikas Jain

      100% true, Hosur is like 30 km from Bangalore and why 10k extra for that.

    • Bharath Kumar

      @@disqus_2zqrf1NzNh:disqus – Absolutely right, even i was furious on this but I just searched on google for “karnataka hikes tax on high end bikes” then the first article cleared my doubts. Karnataka is youth dominant state and the government is using this scenario moreover it also encourages people to opt for low end bikes to minimize accident in the state to a certain extend.

  • Price is justified considering the quality, fit and finish on par with Ninja.

  • Sarath Babu

    Dominar is better priced than Apache. Dominar is for family and Dominar is for long rides. It’s all rounder…..

  • Sarath Babu

    haaaaa haaaaaaa,,,,, this is called sooooooooooooooooooooooper pricingggggggggggg

  • abhishek singh

    Amongst all this , I am gonna add that this is a perfect opportunity for Bajaj to make a kill . The gulf between price of Apache 310 and RS 200 gives Bajaj ample opportunity to update the RS and earn much more . They can start with dual channel ABS and a more simple fairing . An upgrade in engine power would be great as well. In a nutshell if Bajaj can take a cue from TVS and reinvent the RS while keeping its cost still low , good times are ahead for everyone

  • Joel Thomas

    Hi I’m Joel from Kerala, The Road Tax here in Kerala is 20% for Motorcycles above 2 lakhs, 10% for bikes below 2 lakhs.
    So if the ex showroom price is 2.05 then on road price will be 2.46 lakhs
    If price is 1.99 lakhs the on road price will be 2.19 lakhs.