Apache RR 310: Ten Things You May NOT Know

We list some Apache 310 features or their details which are untold and you may not know about them…

The whole internet is abuzz with a lot of stuff on TVS Apache 310, which is easily the launch of this year! You know about the motorcycle’s specs, how it rides on the track and how does it look like, along with its features but there are a few things you may NOT know about.

We stumbled upon a few of them and collected some more and are listing them in this article. If you have anything else to add, do let us know in the comments section and we will update the article.

Apache 310 Features (Untold)

-Piston : Apache 310 comes with a Lite KS cast piston with Nanofriks coating and TVS claims that it helps in reducing friction.

-Gearbox : The 6-speed ‘track tuned’ gearbox gets negative back rack gears which, according to TVS, help in precise shifts and quick launches. We agree that the gearbox was extremely slick during low-rpm shifts and we did not face any issues while changing gears at high-revs.

-Fuel Injection : Like Dominar 400, Apache 310 comes with a closed-loop electronic fuel injection.

-Clutch : It is a wet multi plate – 8 plate design.

-Headlamps : It comes with 30 watt Bi-LED projector headlamps.

-Tyres : Apache 310 comes equipped with (Michelin Pilot Street radial) tyres which are ‘H’ rated which means they are safe upto speeds of 210 kmph.

-Wind-Tunnel Testing : TVS says they have extensively tested Apache 310 in a wind-tunnel to achieve the best-in-class coefficient of drag of 0.520.

-Cooling : Apache 310 comes with Liquid-cooled-Oil-coolant technology which keeps the engine cooler in prolonged high-revving distances. TVS also informs that the motorcycle gets patented cooling duct which will provide MOST comfortable ride in city traffic.

-Braking : Dual-channel ABS is sourced from Continental (KTM/Bajaj uses Bosch sourced ABS systems). It is a light weight unit and comes with Active-speed sensor. TVS also claims that in all the three cases – only front brake, only rear brake and front + rear brake, Apache 310 has the shortest stopping distance from 100-0 kmph against all its competitors (competitors are not specified).

Apache 310 Features

-Safety : In terms of safety, Apache 310 comes with a side stand interlock, speed reduction during over-temperature and sealed/waterproof switches and connectors.

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Recently, TVS also revealed the prices of the motorcycle in all the states and in most of them, they are 10k higher than the announced price tag. You can read about it here. Bookings are open and deliveries will commence from 25th December.

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Also, you can check out Apache 310’s exhaust note here.