Rejoice – TVS Shared Incorrect Price of Apache 200 FI; It is Rs 1100 Lesser [Exclusive]

TVS miscommunicated Apache 200 FI price in the press release but in the end, it is good news for you. Read the price section to know more…

We rode it back in January 2016, just before the Auto Expo and it was significantly better than the carburetted Apache 200 and TVS did not have a reasonable (enough) answer of its massive delay in reaching dealerships in India. But now, almost two years later and probably after the nod from their numerologist, TVS officially announced the launch of the Apache 200 FI in India on November 6th through a press release!

TVS is calling it as Apache RTR 200 Fi4V and the motorcycle features Twin-Spray-Twin-Port EFI technology. The fuel injector is sourced from Bosch and is Closed-Loop. TVS claims that it has faster throttle response and we agree with that statement. The 200 FI, indeed, has a crispier throttle, is more eager to move forward and has better performance, on the road!

Apache 200 FI produces 21 PS of peak power at 8500 rpm, 0.5 PS more than the carb variant. At 18.1 Nm (@ 7000 rpm) both the models produce the same torque. Because of the introduction of FI and the increased power, Apache 200 FI can do a claimed top speed of 129 kmph, which is 2 kmph more than the carb trim. The FI is also 0.05 seconds faster than the carb variant in 0-60 kmph sprint (3.9 sec vs 3.95 sec).

Apache 200 FI gets a small visor at the front

Cosmetically, the Apache 200 FI gets a small visor (TVS calls it ‘Royal Crown Fly Screen’) over the headlamp and the ‘Fi4V’ badge on the rear cowl. They are offering it only in two colours for now – Pearl White and Matte Yellow.

Apache 200 FI Price

Apache 200 FI Rs 1,07,005 1,05,905
Apache 200 Carb Rs 93,205

*ex-showroom Delhi

Now, here is the interesting bit – TVS, in its official press release shared on November 6th announced the ex-showroom Delhi price as Rs 1,07,005. A couple of days back, while we were trying to get an update on Apache RR 310’s price (in all states), we noticed that on the official website Apache 200 FI’s price was mentioned as Rs 1,05,905 ex-Delhi, lower than the originally announced price.

We immediately connected with TVS for a clarification on this and to understand if there is some price drop. We, now, have an official confirmation that the figure mentioned on the website is the real and official price and that 1.07 figure was a miscommunication from TVS. So, essentially, Apache 200 FI costs Rs 1100 lesser than the originally announced price in November.

This means that TVS is charging Rs 13,800 12,700 extra for the fuel injected variant. Also, the motorcycle will NOT be available in every city going by TVS’ wordings and deliveries (in cities where it will be available) will commence shortly. Apache 200 FI is not available with the optional Pirelli tyres and Remoras are a standard fitment for now.

Apache 200 FI Price
It continues to be shod with TVS Remora tyres. Confirmation on Pirellis pending…

Also, in an earlier interaction TVS announced that both FI and ABS variants will be introduced shortly, however, there is no update on the ABS variant from the company in the official press note. Read our review of Apache 200 here.

This is the Apache 200 FI version we tested last year.

Apache 200 FI Exhaust Note & Walkaround Video

Apache 200 FI vs Apache 200 Carb Exhaust Comparison

Apart from this and the recently launched Apache RR 310, TVS will launch the new Apache 160 next.