2021 Apache 200 RIDE MODES: What Are the Differences Between Them…?

We discuss the three Apache 200 ride modes along with how the bike’s response changes between them in different terrains..

TVS Motor took everyone by surprise by launching the 2021 version of the Apache 200 4V. It introduced some features that are unheard of in this segment – most prominent of which were the three riding modes – Sport, Urban, and Rain. Initially they were offered only on the dual channel ABS variant, however, they have now percolated to the single channel trim as well.

While it is debatable if a 20 bhp motorcycle actually needs riding modes or not, it is certainly something that will provide starters much better control over their bikes. And then having an additional feature does no harm! The new Apache 200 behaves differently in different riding modes, and we will let you know the differences between them in this story…

Apache 200 Ride Modes

Urban Mode

As the name suggests, this riding mode has been designed for city rides. The company claims that the engine has been tuned to deliver optimum power, with optimized ABS for a quicker response. If you select this mode, the peak power output from the motor gets limited to 17.32 PS at 7,800 rpm and 16.51 Nm torque at 5,750 rpm.

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Rain Mode

We all agree that riding a motorcycle during rains is riskier than doing so in normal weather conditions and dry terrains. During rains, the roads are wet and slippery, which require us to be extra-cautious while riding.

The Rain Mode on the Apache 200 4V comes with ABS tuned to deliver maximum response with a strong lever pulsation feel, which triggers the ABS to come in early. This helps the rider gain better traction and control over the bike.

Apache 200 ride modes

Just like the Urban Mode, the motor delivers a peak power output of reduced 17.32 PS at 7,800 rpm and 16.51 Nm torque at 5,750 rpm in the rain-mode, as well. The motorcycle gets restricted to a claimed top speed of 105 kph in both rain and urban ride modes.

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Sport Mode

This is the full-blown mode and you can enjoy your ride to the fullest. This mode delivers maximum power output and sharp acceleration to take on the highways or the track (as the company claims).

Apache 200 ride modes

In the Sport Mode, the ABS is mapped for least intervention with the highest permissible slip percentage that will help you attain fastest lap times. Also, this is the ride mode that delivers the highest power output figures of 20.82 PS at 9,000 rpm and 17.25 Nm at 7,250 rpm. TVS claims a max top speed of 127 kph in this mode.

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While the 2021 Apache 200 Dual channel ABS costs Rs 1,33,070, the single channel variant sets you back by Rs 1,28,020 – both prices ex-showroom Delhi. You can check out their other features here.

­-Moin Ahmed