TVS Registers ‘RAIDER’ Brand Name; Is it an ADV…?

TVS Raider name filed for patent by the company in a latest development; could this be an entry level or mid capacity Adventure model…?

TVS is on a spree! It is bettering its current products extensively – the latest case was the introduction of ride modes on its Apache 200 – and at the same time it is planning a whole lot of new 2-wheelers for the market.

After ‘Ronin‘, ‘Zepplin‘ and ‘Fiero‘, the Chennai based maker has also filed for another trademark – RAIDER. Now, obviously there is nothing in the document which could hint at what this could be but just going by the feel of the name – is TVS working on an Adventure motorcycle?

tvs raider

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It is well understood that it is just a matter of time before TVS ventures in this Adventure space considering the popularity and traction it is garnering all around the world and specially in India. So, will this be the first ADV from the Apache maker? Because, if this would have been a sportster or a streetfighter, it would have gone to the ‘Apache’ brand. But since this is a new branding we expect it to be something different. And what better than an ‘ADV’, if that is the case…

TVS Zepplin Cruiser is Closer Than Expected: New Hint Emerges

Not much can be said about the motorcycle at this point including its displacement. But we remember TVS’ boss saying that it is working on another product on the 310 platform. So, is the Raider TVS’ G310 GS..?