Closer to its expected launch, Apache 310 spy pics are coming in thick and fast and are revealing a big change…

The most interesting part for a larger section of motorcycle enthusiasts from the TVS-BMW deal is the prospect of getting affordable sporty motorcycles with BMW’s technology. That has been the single biggest reason for a lot of interest in the Akula – TVS’ version on the G310R platform!

Through an online filing, it has been almost been confirmed that the production name of the motorcycle could be Apache RR 310S! And we now have truckloads of Apache 310 spy pics surfacing every other day on the internet.

After spy pics (credit Rushlane) of the biggest Apache being benchmarked against the RC390, a test mule disguised in matte black with red coloured stripes courtesy Motoroids.comwe have another spy pic coming in from an Auto enthusiast Dheeraj The Moto Guy.

And if you notice the latest series of pics, you will probably understand that TVS is trying to make the motorcycle feasible for a wider set of audience by making the seating upright from an aggressive position it started with.

The above test mule gets a single-side mounted rear tyre hugger (similar to Pulsar NS200), and look at that round rod type unit under the pillion seat – is it the grab rail? But more importantly notice the relatively upright posture of the rider.

Earlier, a video showed a 2017 Duke 390 rider chasing two Apache 310s (probably somewhere in Chennai going by the sign boards) where the spotter says that upon seeing him the Akula riders sped up and the whole sequence has been filmed by the action cam at around 120 kmph. But what you will like here is the overall street presence of Apache 310S (and specifically the low-set front headlamps, which we have been mentioning time and again).

It is not known what two different settings is TVS testing on the motorcycle or if we will have two different versions on offer.

Apache 310 Spy Pics

Also visible in this video are the LED DRLs which will probably be given an eyebrow look.

Few weeks back, a spy video Rushlane shared showcased the upcoming Apache 310 along with BMW G310R (Indian launch plans of which have been dropped) at some fuel station.

#Akula spotted again :)via Ajith Rav

Posted by RushLane on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Undisguised pics of the motorcycle have already been leaked earlier which reveal it completely.

From the concept Akula to the near-production Apache 310, the motorcycle has gone through a few changes specially at the rear which has been completely revamped. The hollow rear cowl and tail of the concept has been replaced by a flowing riser among other bits. The split seat has a resemblance with the R15 and the (Akrapovic-like) exhaust has also given way to a G310R-like round unit.

We are more curios to understand the tune Akula will come in. While Bajaj has reduced the output of the KTM sourced engine on their Dominar 400, it remains to be seen how low will TVS go!

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For starters, Apache 310 will be powered by a single cylinder mill borrowed from the G310R. Premium features include upside down front forks, aerodynamic fairing and radial calipers.

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Apache 310 Launch

Apache 310, according to the communication we had with TVS, is expected to be launched around within these months.

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  • Faired version of G310R. Could be on the heavier side.

  • Reeto

    TVS must make sure that the pillion seat is realistic, unlike the R15 v2 and RC series.

  • Akula launch in the end of August. Price around 2.4L.
    G310R will be around 2.8L.

  • retipser jay

    What is the point of joint venture and then launching sub-versions to’s all business and economies of scale where the quality gets compromised. BMW G310 is a complete BMW bike ,Akula is a TVS bike .

  • Biker2k

    Whats the point in having a r15 like pillion seat and that ugly tyre hugger(man i hate tyre huggers and lengthy mudguard, they are godly ugly for any bike).

  • Biker2k

    The pillion seat does not make any sense what soever in many upcomming bikes. Also dont put a tyre hugger in any bike, as it looks outright ugly.

  • trevor philips

    looks like the retarded brother of r15 , whats the use of that pillion seat when the stance ain’t sporty