Exclusive: BMW Takes a U-Turn, Drops G310R Indian Launch Plans for Now!

G310R India launch plans shelved for now…

BMW’s smallest motorcycle G310R, made in collaboration with TVS Motor, after all the hullabaloo, will NOT be launched in India anytime soon. This was revealed in a direct message we dropped to BMW’s official Twitter handle (screenshot on this page).

It must be remembered that BMW earlier officially announced that G310R would be launched in the first half of 2017 which will be followed by the adventure tourer sibling G310 GS. Check the following Twitter reply made by BMW Motorrad’s international handle back on 14th November 2016. Here is the link to this report.

Between all these months that have passed by BMW made a formal Indian entry and kickstarted operations in April this year (link to report) by setting its direct Indian subsidiary (previously, they used to sell motorcycles through importers).

Stage was all set for BMW to announce its arrival by introducing the mass market 300 cc motorcycles (which are already manufactured and exported from India by TVS) and take a one up lead against its rivals (in volumes). But the plans seems to have been shelved.

G310R India Launch

In a reply to our message BMW India’s official Twitter handle said that they do NOT have any plans of launching either the G310R or the G310 GS as of now! Here is the reply in their own words…

[mks_dropcap style=”rounded” size=”20″ bg_color=”#1fa1c1″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]”Dear Bike Advice, There are no plans to launch the said bikes as of now. Kindly stay tuned for news and updates on the same.
Team BMW Motorrad India”[/mks_dropcap]

and the screenshot…

G310R India Launch Plans

No reasons have been provided for this step but it appears that the company would want to establish its dealerships, settle down with its new venture and then think about going for volumes. So, for now as we see it, G310R (or the GS) is not being considered for India and it will not be available for domestic sales at least for this year and probably add another half of next as well!

But what is coming is this faired 300 cc motorcycle based on the same platform…